10 Tips For Musicians To Treat Carpal Tunnel At Home

Are you a musician and do you suffer from pain in the wrists or hands from continuous rehearsals and performances? You may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Learn 10 tips to treat Carpal Tunnel at home right now.

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Carpal Tunnel Interrupts 10,000 Hours To Greatness

How many hours has carpal tunnel interrupted your journey to 10,000 hours of greatness? Listen to professionals talk about their journey to elite performance and how carpal tunnel slowed them down.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Weight Lifting and CrossFit Training

How can you keep your fitness level at its peek and still avoid carpal tunnel? Find out these 7 steps every cross fit trainer and weight lifter should know.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not a disease

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not a disease, it is a “Syndrome”. The means it is a collection of symptoms caused by a pinching of the nerve within the Carpal Tunnel at the base of the hand. There is no permanent Fix or Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome represents the leading cause of lost time at work in the United States.

US HealthWorks have found the Carpal Solution Therapy is a key to quickly catch and treat the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before they become a lost time injury at work.

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Chiropractors And Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractors suffer from a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to the intense way they use their hands making adjustments of patients. We have hundreds of Chiropractic doctors who depend on the Carpal Solution Stretching Hand Therapy.

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