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Carpal Tunnel Causes – Over 15 Different Contributing Factors

What is the Black Patch on Keri Walsh’s Shoulder during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games Beach Volleyball Competition in Beijing, China? And what does it have to do with treating Carpal Tunnel

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Is Surgery a good option for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Arthritis?

If I am on blood thinners and have Carpal Tunnel is Surgery a good option?

What is the Six Week Carpal Tunnel Treatment Protocol?

How to Apply The Carpal Solution At Night Before Bed?  Watch Video

Who is at risk for developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Are there any Carpal Tunnel Guarantees?

Not An Immobilizing Brace?

How does the Carpal Solution Work?

When can I expect relief from CTS Symptoms?

What do I do if my CTS symptoms return?

Does Poor Blood Circulation in the Hand Contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Can the Carpal Solution help prevent routine hand pain from becoming chronic CTS?

What is the Carpal Solution made out of and is skin irritation an issue?

Does the Carpal Solution come in sizes?

Is there a Right Hand and Left Hand Version of the Carpal Solution?

How do I know that I have applied the appropriate tension?

What should I do if hand discomfort increases during the first few nights of Carpal Solution Therapy?

Will Insurance Cover The Cost of the Carpal Solution?

How easy is the Carpal Solution to use?

Why is an Alternative Medical Treatment Needed For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Can the Carpal Solution be worn during the daytime?

How is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnosed?

Where did the word Carpal come from?

Is there a natural treatment for carpal tunnel?

Can hand functionality be documented clinically while using the Carpal Solution?

Is there a preventative treatment for CTS?

You can get control your worst symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome within just a few days – sometimes it takes up to two weeks using Carpal Solution Therapy. Everyone responds somewhat differently because their are over 15 different contributing factors and most people have multiple issues contributing to their Carpal Tunnel Condition. Over the Six Week Protocol developed by Dr. Clyde Morgan working with his patients you can put your CTS symptoms in complete remission for up to two to three years. Take control of your hand health – Be Proactive – Take the Carpal Solution Challenge and try the Carpal Solution for three weeks with a full money back guarantee.

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You can learn more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the best options for treating it from a licensed Doctor and certified Sports Physician, Doctor Michael L. Pollard, DC, CCSP practices in East Brunswick, New Jersey in the USA. Several years after completing his education, Doctor Pollard found that the intense way he used his hands at work was bringing on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and threatening his career and his family’s well being. Click on the arrow below to hear Doctor Pollard answer Carpal Tunnel questions and tell his story of how to best control Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.