What is the best Non-Surgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel?

Avoiding Surgery should be the objective of every Patient with Carpal Tunnel, because Symptoms come back even after Invasive Surgery.

Article Authored by: Doctor Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH – Clinical Professor and Expert in Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine

Question from Martha
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Answers by Doctors at First Hand Medical:

Patients are often bombarded by many different treatment options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some on the internet and some by Medical Clinics and some by well meaning, but ill-informed friends.

It can be really confusing and frustrating for a patient to know what to do without some guidance from experienced medical professionals that can be trusted. At First Hand Medical, we are doctors with over 100 years combined medical experience and have helped over 100,000 people get natural healing of their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms without resorting to Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

what is the best non surgical treatment for carpal tunnel

Your instincts to avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery are well founded. Carpal Tunnel Surgery has a success rate based on patient surveys of less than 60% for the first surgical procedure.

But the story does not stop there. Over 90% of people have to have a second Carpal Tunnel Surgery and the second surgery has only a 35 – 40% success rate.

Knowing what the prognosis is on the Conventional Treatments for Carpal Tunnel help you to understand which is the best first line of treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Convention medical go-to treatments for Carpal Tunnel like Steroid Injections or Surgery have too many complications and result in too much downtime and repeat exposure to high risks with revision surgery or second surgeries or permanent loss of cartilage with steroid injections. Understanding the risks of what can go wrong with these invasive procedures will help you to make the right decision in treating your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms with the best treatment option. That would be an option with minimal risks and a high success rate and no downtime.

You can read technical papers with research performed by leading Orthopedic Surgeons here:

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Rehabilitation post-surgery can be long and painful, with rehab requiring more than a year to get back basic hand wrist functionality.

So, what is the best non-surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment?

It is really pretty simple. The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment was developed by Doctors to be just that.

The best first line treatment option for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So, you might ask:

“Why is the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment the best non-surgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel?”

Let me answer that for you:

First, it is a simple stretching treatment that jump starts your body’s natural healing processes. The pressure exerted on the nerve from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also restricts blood flow and shuts down the body’s natural healing process. With the natural healing processes block, Carpal Tunnel becomes a chronic painful and torturous condition that can rob the patient of sleep and make it impossible to be productive at work. The mental anguish can be unbearable when CTS intensifies. If you have the early symptoms, it is important not to wait. Some women I have treated, say their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms were worse than child birth. That might seem hard to believe, but nerve pain can be intense and unbearable when it is unrelenting, day after day, after day.

the carpal solution jump starts your body's natural healing

So, the Carpal Solution relies on your body’s natural healing. It unblocks the healing pathways and allows full blood circulation which disperses inflammation and helps get stuck lymphatic fluid moving in the lymph system by allowing the patient to move their hand during the day. Movement is good for natural healing. This is one of the reasons the immobilizing rigid braces and wrist splints and not effective and actually do more damage than good for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel in the long run. Sometimes people get some relief from immobilizing their hand and wrist in the beginning, but this is a false positive. In the long run rigid braces and wrist splints make Carpal Tunnel worse because they impinge continuous pressure on soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel Injuring it further and by preventing movement necessary to transport lymphatic fluid.

The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment also restores flexibility to injured soft tissue which allows it to move freely and protect the Median Nerve like it did before you had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When the syndrome becomes chronic the tissue that was once soft becomes hard and inflexible causing further impingement on the Median Nerve and often extreme discomfort.

So, the key is natural healing by restoring full blood circulation and restoring flexibility to the injured soft tissue through over 220 hours of gentle consistent stretching.

Second, The Carpal Solution works for over 97% of people. So, it has a high success rate. The Carpal Solution has a 4.8 out of 5 Stars rating on Facebook Reviews with over 120 reviews logged by real users.

The bottom line is the Carpal Solution works for people. It comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. That is better than what you will get from the Surgeon. Over 100,000 people have put their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms behind them with the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment. You can do the same in the comfort of home with no downtime, no risks, no complications and no expensive surgical procedures. You can also watch videos of real people from all over the world telling their Carpal Tunnel Journey here.

The Carpal Solution has a 4.8 out of 5 Stars rating on Facebook Reviews

Third, The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment is simple to use in the comfort and convenience of home. No one needs to know you are being in treated for a chronic hand condition. Not your friends, not your employer, not your mother-in-law. It is private, easy and convenient. You get better at home during sleep. It is like Camelot where all the routine maintenance issues are solved when King Arthur is sleeping in his castle blissfully unaware of the work being done.
The Carpal Solution gives you peace of mind and is affordable. Most patients say, once there are cured, that it was the best medical expenditure they have ever spent

The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment is simple to use in the comfort and convenience of home

Fourth, Even though it is relatively inexpensive and guaranteed, it is also reimbursed by health insurance. So, the out-of-pocket cost to you is minimal. Most people say the cost is irrelevant if they get better and put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome behind them. Just the same, it is nice to know you have little financial risk when you purchase the Carpal Solution. Only the cost of shipping the product.

Neurologists say The Carpal Solution is the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Fifth, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a chronic condition that comes back even after surgery for most, so when dealing with a Chronic Condition that reoccurs, it is important to have a treatment that is cost effective, easy to use, is convenient, has no downtime and no risks of complications. The Carpal Solution meets all of those criteria well. Surgery, on the other hand, gets riskier with every procedure due to scar tissue formation from the previous surgery. Medical Text Books strongly recommend that third surgeries not be performed due to the low success rate and high rate of serious complications.

On the contrary, a patient can use the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment as much as they might need to, with confidence knowing they have a “Go To Treatment” they can depend upon whenever and wherever they might need Carpal Tunnel Relief.

A proven nonsurgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the best place to start when treating this chronic hand condition because it comes back even after surgery. Repeat Surgical procedures for the same condition are generally a bad idea across medicine. With you hands, it can be even worse because the tolerances and space between bones and tissue are so tight and compact. Scar tissue can wreak havoc in such tight spaces. Get started today with the Best Nonsurgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment – The Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment. We are confident it will become your “Go To Non Surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment”

a carpal tunnel stretching treatment developed by doctors
220 hours of doctor developed targeted stretching with the 6 week package

What does The Carpal Solution Treatment Cost? Click Here.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 100,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Watch Professionals Discuss Their Experiences Using The Carpal Solution Therapy Pack.

dr robin cures carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
dr pollard discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
dr perrone discusses curing carpal tunnel
active person discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves

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