Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and / or Elbow Pain Could Be Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel – Get The Facts

People are often confused when they have pain, tingling or numbness in their one place when the injury or nerve being pinched is in another location of the body. Nerves issues are like that. They are somewhat unpredictable and confusing and as such can be difficult to diagnose even for a Doctor.

Numb hands and carpal tunnel there is a cure

“Pinched Nerves” can happen in any joint of the body, but one of the most common pinched nerves is the Median Nerve.

The Median Nerve runs from the tips of the fingers through the wrist, forearm, elbow, humorous, shoulder, and neck.  When there is nerve trouble, it almost always results from the Median Nerve being pinched in the Carpal Tunnel at the base of the hand.

This pinching of the Median Nerve can affect every muscle and joint between the tips of the fingers and the cortex of the brain.

This phenomenon is what is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Not only will Carpal Tunnel affect the hand, fingers and wrist which are the joints and muscles near the Carpal Tunnel, but often patients report that they are experiencing Neck Pain or Shoulder Pain or both and find it difficult to believe that this discomfort can be resulting from pinching of the nerve in the hand.

Sometimes a pinched nerve in the neck can cause Carpal Tunnel-like symptoms, but this is rare, usually it is the reverse where the Median Nerve is being pinched in the base of the hand is causing pain in the shoulder, elbow or even the neck.

Check out what the Doctors say about Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

if you have neck pain it could be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have one or more of these symptoms you have a 75% chance of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you have two or more, the probably you have this condition is 95% plus.   You should always get your self-diagnosis confirmed by a Doctor. But there is no need to wait to get started getting your annoying symptoms under control. There is a safe natural treatment developed by Doctors that will allow you to treat yourself in the comfort of home.   It is called the Carpal Solution Therapy and it works for 97% of patients.

So, if you are experiencing pain in any of these parts of your body, do not be surprised if it is being caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   The good news is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated quickly and easily in the comfort of home with a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that was developed by Doctors and works for over 97% of patients.

neck pain and shoulder pain could be a symptom of carpal tunnel
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dr perrone discusses curing carpal tunnel

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