What is the Success Rate for the Carpal Solution Therapy?

People often are surprised to learn of the high success rate patients experience with the Carpal Solution Six Week Therapy.   However, when you understand the anatomy and the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is makes sense that consistent gentle stretching therapy applied passively during sleep really works for most people.   After all, the Carpal Solution Therapy was developed by Doctors.   It is clinically documented patented medical technology and it is registered with the FDA.

The success rate is 97%.   In other words, the Carpal Solution works for 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Each person responds differently to the therapy, nerve disorders are like that. So, it is important to follow the full six week protocol developed by the doctors working with patients.   This gives you the best chance of avoiding the risks, potential complications, and long rehabilitation periods associated with Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedures.   Also, Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not a permanent fix, so, subjecting yourself to the risks and downtime of surgery does not really make sense for a syndrome that comes back.

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Some people start seeing relief of their worst symptoms within the first day or two and they are almost in disbelief that the Carpal Solution Therapy could start working that quickly (about 15 to 20%).

Most people start feeling relief of their worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms within two to three weeks about 60 to 70% of people.

Still there are others that do not start feeling relief until the 5th week of therapy (about 10 -15% of people). Once you start feeling relief, it means you are breaking the cycle and you will get completely better if you continue with the Therapy.   If you have not started feeling relief by the fourth week, you can call First Hand Medical and extend your warrantee.

At the beginning no one knows how long it might take to start feeling the benefits of this remarkable natural therapy. So, it is important to follow the full protocol with confidence, patience and optimism, knowing that it works for 97% of people.   It will likely work for you too!

One of the reasons this therapy is so successful, is because it is so easy to do. As a result, patient compliance is high.   There is no downtime, no restrictive braces, no uncomfortable wrist splints, no injections and there are no risks – Just natural stretching therapy for eight hours during sleep.

This is why Neurologists call the Carpal Solution Therapy, “The Best First Line of Defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Most patients are surprised when they start feeling better, once their symptoms are in complete remission they call the Carpal Solution, their Carpal Tunnel Cure.

Because The Carpal Solution has such a high success rate, First Hand Medical offers a money back guarantee. That would not be economically viable, if the Carpal Solution did not deliver results with a 97% success rate.

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The Carpal Solution has been used by over 81,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

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