Is Burning Hand Pain A Symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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It seems a bit dramatic, to some, but many people do describe the nerve pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as an intense burning sensation, saying their hands feel like they are on fire. No pain in the human body can be as intense and unpredictable as nerve pain.

With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the Median Nerve gets pinched in the Carpal Tunnel. The pinching in the beginning usually causes hand numbness or loss of feeling at the tips of the fingers. One of the most classic symptoms is to have your hands wake you up at night tingling and aching when you fall into deep into REM sleep.

As Carpal Tunnel progresses other symptoms often present themselves. Some of these include what patients describe as shooting electrical shocks up their forearms. Some describe odd symptoms like itchy palms or an aching neck.

There are hundreds of possible combinations of symptoms, which can make it difficult for the average General Practice Doctor to make a solid diagnosis with confidence. You can rely on the following simple self-diagnosis approach in your efforts to clearly identify what your collection of symptoms might be.

Do not rule out or ignore any symptoms that follow the nerve path of the Median Nerve which runs from the tips of the fingers to the cortex of the brain and can affect any muscle, joint or other parts of the anatomy along this nerve path.

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Here are a few tips that can help you with your self-diagnosis:

carpal tunnel check listIf you have one ( 1 ) of the symptoms listed on our “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms” page above, then you have a 70 – 80% chance of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

two signs of carpal tunnelIf you have two ( 2 ) of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms listed on the “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms” page then you have a 80 -90% chance of having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

three signs of carpal tunnelIf you have three ( 3 ) or more of the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms listed on our “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms” page above then you have a greater than 95% surety that you have this chronic hand / wrist condition.

Thankfully, hands with burning pain as if they are on fire, is usually one of the last symptoms people get when they have been dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for several years. So, most people get it treated early and avert experiencing this type of excruciating pain. However, the thing about Carpal Tunnel is there are as many exceptions, as there are rules. So, some people get the burning pain right from the beginning. Nerve Pain can be very unpredictable.

Another example of the unpredictable nature of Carpal Tunnel is the pinching of the nerve at the base of the hand can cause symptoms like shoulder pain, elbow pain or even neck pain or itching palms. These symptoms often cause patients to doubt that they have CTS. But these symptoms, though not common, are fairly routine symptoms of this debilitating and frustrating hand condition.

So, whatever symptoms you are experiencing, what can be done to treat this annoying neuropathy before it becomes unbearable burning hand pain?

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes back even after a successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Second surgical procedures have a much lower success rate than first Carpal Tunnel Surgeries. Carpal Tunnel Surgery is not a permanent fix. So, it is better to treat this chronic hand condition with a natural treatment that is safe and can be repeated conveniently whenever it is needed without downtime and without risks or complications.

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