Do You Have Numb Hands or Tingling Hands?

If you are suffering numb or tingling hands, you may be experiencing the initial stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

As the condition progresses, it can become very painful and even dangerous.

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Carpal Tunnel, contrary to its moniker, is generally a collection of symptoms brought on by overuse and sometimes poor ergonomics at a work station. Many computer users, for instance, get carpal tunnel syndrome from intense hand and wrist activity over a period of years.

However, “The popular view in the media that Carpal Tunnel suffering is limited to computer office workers could not be more wrong!” said Dr. Morgan. “People across all walks of life suffer from the debilitating symptoms of CTS – from golfers to knitting hobbyists – from butchers to bakers and even musicians and gardeners suffer a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

Anyone who uses their hands in a routine way or someone who might have a contributing metabolic condition should not be surprised to learn that the cumulative effective of their intense hand work over many years results in this repetitive stress disorder.

What does the numbness and tingling in your fingers, hands and forearms signify?

It’s important to work with your physician to get a diagnosis and identify the possible contributing factors.

For most people, these indicators suggest the presence of nerve impingement, associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Your family physician can help you narrow the possibilities quickly and the better informed you are before you meet with your doctor the more productive a session you will have.

The information on this website will help you identify the symptoms that are specific to CTS. Your doctor can help you identify any potential metabolic conditions that may be contributing to CTS.

While chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can lead to irreparable nerve damage over many years, if neglected, it is rare today to find such a result, because of the effective treatments available to control this condition.

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How can I get relief from numb hands?

The good news is that with Carpal Solution Therapy, relief from numb hands can be achieved in a relatively short and convenient Six Week Medical Protocol. This unique therapy was developed by a physician working with his patients who suffered with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There is no need to wait to see your doctor, if you have the symptoms listed on this site, you can get started today with a safe all natural therapy that works. Your doctor will be able to help you confirm the diagnosis when you see him and assure that there are no metabolic issues to be concerned with that should be dealt with in addition to wearing the Carpal Solution.

Most people feel relief from numb hands and their worst symptoms with Carpal Solution Therapy in a few days, but for some it can take up to two weeks to start feeling relief. They have the peace of mind and confidence, knowing that once the relief beings they can achieve complete remission of this chronic syndrome in just 6 weeks in the comfort and convenience of home. Once the symptoms disappear, it is human nature to forget we ever had the condition, but like antibiotics, it is important to follow the full 6 week protocol or the symptoms will be back sooner than expected.

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“I recommend it to anyone with CTS, it is the only treatment that works consistently.”

“Any one with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should try the Carpal Solution first ! The Carpal Solution worked for me! “

“After just four days of wearing the Carpal Solution, 80% of my symptoms were gone. It was the answer to my prayers!”

Some common symptoms of hand numbness or tingling sensations in the hands and fingers reported by CTS suffers when visiting our doctors:

  • Numbness in Palm of Hand
  • Tingling Hands or Tingling Fingers
  • Routine Dropping of Fork at Dinner
  • Dropping Coffee or Drinking Cup
  • Loss of Grip Strength in Palm
  • No Accuracy with instruments or tools
  • Inability to button button
  • Inability to find key hole or turn key
  • Inability to curl hair or blow dry
  • Difficulty putting on make up
  • Numbness in Thumb of hand
  • Numb Feeling in Middle Finger
  • Numb Feeling in Part of Ring Finger
  • Loss of Feeling in Index Finger
  • No Sensation in Index Finger
  • Missing Sensation in Thumb
  • Loss of Feeling in Thumb
  • Loss of Sensation in Middle Finger
  • Loss of Feeling or Numbness in digits
  • Numbness in Index Finger of hand

If you have a combination of these specific symptoms, it is highly probable that you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

These symptoms of numbness, missing feeling sensation and loss of fine motor skills can be extremely frustrating. We do not realize how much we depend on the feeling in our hands until it is gone. The miracle of the human body escapes us when everything is working well. When the muscles, ligaments and soft tissue in your hands and forearms experience trauma due to accumulating and sometimes subtle repetitive stress patterns, they get inflamed and thus put pressure on the nerve running through the carpal tunnel at the base of the hand where it meets the wrist.

When pressure on the Median Nerve is removed, the symptoms go away and so does the threat of permanent nerve damage.

numb hands and tingling hands are signs of carpal tunnel

The Median Nerve, runs right through the narrow passage known as the Carpal Tunnel at the base of the hand just beyond the wrists. The numbness and loss of feeling sensation is the body’s way of declaring itself injured and needing attention. CTS sufferers who persist in aggravating their conditions without therapy often move on to more severe symptoms, such as loss of grip strength, chronic pain, and ultimately loss of hand and forearm strength altogether and often leads to pain in the elbow, shoulder and neck following the nerve path back up to the brain. Some people even report pain radiating to the thoracic cavity.

Read what people have to say about The Carpal Solution

“The fact that The Carpal Solution relieved my worst symptoms in the first week is nothing short of Remarkable ! I was convinced that risky expensive Carpal Tunnel Surgery and extended rehab was my only option. The downtime alone was going to cost me tens of thousands of dollars in lost income. The Carpal Solution is so good, I cannot adequately express how I feel.” James Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

There is a bright ray of hope for people suffering from CTS.

CTS sufferers will tell you that the syndrome can prove excruciating, if only due to its chronic nature. The fact that it often returns even after invasive procedures like steroid injections or risky surgery and long rehabilitation periods can be especially frustrating. The fact that the numb sensations in the hand can return is why it is so important to chose an all natural therapy without complications, risks or downtime. There is a bright ray of hope for people suffering from CTS.

The Carpal Solution  is a unique, innovative, and clinically tested soft tissue training brace, which is sometimes referred to as a wrist brace, but more often as an Orthosis Device by the American Medical Association and Health Insurance Companies.

This remarkable all natural therapy has demonstrated remarkable success with a diverse range of chronic carpal tunnel syndrome cases. Over 97% of CTS sufferers find they can control their condition with this all natural therapy. If you are in the 3% for whom it is not effective, then you can always resort to more invasive, expensive and risky procedures, like surgery, after trying the all natural and clinically proven 6 week Carpal Solution Protocol.

One of the reasons people cite most frequently for depending on the Carpal Solution, is that they can go back to it as often as needed without any fear of complications, downtime or inconvenience. Since it works to jump start your body’s natural healing ability you can use the Carpal Solution with confidence.

It is also so convenient.

You simply treat yourself at night during sleep in the privacy and convenience of your own home. You are going to like the way you feel in the morning after a sound nights sleep awaking without numb tingling hands.

Most people find that their symptoms go into remission for a year to two years after completing the Carpal Solution Six Week Protocol.

The length of your remission period will depend on your hand use patterns and possible contributing metabolic factors. There is no more worry about loosing the use of your hands.

You now know you have a reliable natural therapy that works without complications or downtime when you are using the Carpal Solution.. Most people keep some of the unique soft tissue training braces on hand, so if they have flareups – they can quickly get them under control before they become more chronic.


Diane is a professional musician. Listen to hear talk about how The Carpal Solution helped her continue her musical career.

What does Randy Merrel – The world’s most famous boot maker, leading pedorthist, and Co-founder of Merrel Footwear, know about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?Plenty!

He is a biomechanical / orthotic expert and depends on the Carpal Solution Therapy to treat his own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In 1981, Backpacker Magazine named his custom boots “The most comfortable and functional boots in North America”.

As you might imagine he uses his hands intensely at work. He also recommends the Carpal Solution to his clients. This is a medical professional who knows something about orthotic devices and treating repetitive stress disorders. Watch the video below with his recommendation on The Carpal Tunnel Solution.


Randy Merrell is a famous hiking boot maker. Learn how he used The Carpal Solution to treat his own carpal tunnel syndrome.

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