Do Carpal Tunnel Bracelets Relieve Pain?

Will Copper Bracelets or Magnetic Bracelets Help Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

My doctor said the pain in my hand and the numbness in my fingers is probably Carpal Tunnel and I should see a surgeon. I don’t want to have carpal tunnel surgery. I have friends at work who had the surgery with mixed reviews. I am looking for an alternative treatment that might work to relieve my carpal tunnel symptoms. I was wondering, Do Copper Bracelets help Carpal Tunnel? A friend recommended trying a Magnetic Carpal Tunnel Bracelet for wrist pain relief over Copper Carpal Tunnel Bracelets.

The marketing of these products is confusing to me. They only talk about pain relief. I have more than just pain. My carpal tunnel symptoms include: numbness in my fingertips and itching palms and loss of grip strength. I am constantly dropping my iPhone. Do Metallic Carpal Tunnel Bracelets address the pain only or also my other symptoms? Are any of these Carpal Tunnel Bracelets worth trying? Will either bracelet might they relieve all of my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms? Should I try both a magnetic bracelet and a copper bracelet at the same time? Is there a possibility of synergy between the two types of bracelets?

I am confused on this and need some solid medical advice on how to avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Thanks in advance!

Berkeley, California

carpal tunnel bracelets do they work?

Answers from Doctors at First Hand Medical

Your instincts to find a natural method to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a good approach. However, it is important to use logic and science to select the best natural method to begin treatment of CTS. Let’s examine the various Carpal Tunnel Bracelet options as a possible best first treatment option.

Wearing copper bracelets as a remedy for joint pain has been popular in folklore for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptian Medical Papyrus dating back to beyond 2200 BC suggest copper as a remedy to sterilize wounds and drinking water. In Ancient Greece the use of copper jewelry was recorded to ease aches and pains. Today, Pharmacies and Drug Stores even offer copper bracelets and magnetic bracelets. There are ad campaigns “As Seen On TV” promoting the medical value of these metallic bracelets.

Given all of the promotion by large corporations, it does add an element of presumed legitimacy to the ancient lore of assumed medicinal benefits. It does make a thinking person somewhat curious as to whether or not these metallic bracelets offer any real medical benefit or could it be that this phenomenon is really just folklore and wishful thinking passed down through the ages and seized by determined marketing people who believe the claims and are trying to profit from them?

Let’s consider each type of Carpal Tunnel Bracelet separately and look at the claimed benefits, the proposed mechanism of action, the proponent’s justification for their claims and weigh the claims against the scientific medical evidence and studies.

This systematic logical approach grounded in science should help clarify your dilemma and clear up the confusion about Carpal Tunnel Bracelets altogether.

We can also offer advice on some natural alternative treatment options that you should consider which are developed by Doctors with patented medical technology, backed by clinical studies and substantiated patient reviews.

What is the Claimed Mechanism of Action for Copper Bracelets to Help Carpal Tunnel?

Proponents of Copper Bracelets claim a lot of peripheral evidence of why “Copper Bracelets Help Carpal Tunnel” and the arguments go like this:

1- Copper can be used to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms, which is true. However, micro-organisms have no contributing aspect to the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

So, arguing that copper inhibits bacterial growth is irrelevant to the discussion of the onset or curing or Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. This argument can be dismissed out of hand for Carpal Tunnel Treatment.

2- Copper is an essential trace mineral in the human body. As such, it is thought to support nerve function and facilitates the body’s use of iron. This is also true.

Do Copper Bracelets help carpal tunnel syndrome Doctors Answers

Copper is an important Trace Nutrient – What is the Best Method to Assure You Get Sufficient Copper?

While Copper is an important trace nutrient and can help control microorganisms, the connection with how this helps with pain relief of a chronic syndrome like Carpal Tunnel is weak at best.

A deficiency in copper can lead to nerve misfunction and numbness, but this would not be limited to a patient’s hands, if a person were deficient in copper it would likely affect other parts of the body like the feet. If a patient were deficient in trace elements of copper then there might be a way to make a connection to how copper rubbing on the skin might help address a trace element deficiency in a patient’s diet.

However, Copper is found as a trace nutrient in a wide cross-section of common foods that most people eat regularly. Common foods people eat that contain copper include:

• Nuts of all kinds
• Sesame Seeds
• Sunflower Seeds
• Chocolate
• Potatoes
• Green Vegetables

• Avocados
• All types of Beans
• Peas
• Shellfish
• Beef Liver
• Shiitake Mushrooms
• Spirulina (Green Algae)

There are many common food with copper as a trace nutrient most people get enough

So, if you are eating a diet that includes any of these foods on a regular basis, it is unlikely that you are deficient in trace copper as a nutrient.

If you think you might be deficient in copper as a trace nutrient, it is best to be tested to validate that you are deficient, before you begin taking action to correct the issue. If you get too much trace copper in you body, it can create copper toxicity with stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting in the mild form and heart malfunction, kidney failure, liver damage, brain dysfunction and even death when copper toxicity is severe. So, it is always good to get a simple blood test from your Doctor before you try to correct a perceived dietary deficiency when considering trace metal nutrients.

Also, there are much more precise methods in medicine for dealing with a trace nutrient deficiency, over wearing a Carpal Tunnel Bracelet. Precision is important when managing trace nutrient deficiencies.

Also, some people might be tempted to think, “I would rather wear a copper bracelet than include the above list of foods in my diet.” It would be a mistake to consider this option. The above list of common foods contains so many other essential nutrients other than copper, replacing these foods with copper wrist jewelry would not be smart for your overall health.

A Third Mechanistic Path Claimed for “How Carpal Tunnel Bracelets Relieve Pain?”:

carpal tunnel fact check alert

The problem with this line of thinking is: It is a big jump from a scientific point of view – “Inducing the body to re-grow cartilage with trace amounts of copper?” There is no scientific documentation or basis for this claim of which we are aware. The proponents of this process offer no evidence that it is true. They simply assert it as a fact and assume a deficiency of trace copper. An obvious question looms: If there is no copper nutrient deficiency, how would adding more copper suddenly induce regrowth of cartilage.

Cartilage growth and maintenance has more to do with the availability of Collagen as a basic nutrient in our diets than with copper deficiencies.

While the ancient references to the use of Copper Bracelets for the Treatment of Pain, dating back thousands of years, is impressive, old references to historic remedies rarely prove to be the most effective medical treatments today. Collectively, in the medical community, using information technology and the latest scientific instruments, we have learned a lot about disease pathways, mechanisms and medical efficacy of all types of treatments in the last century. If we cannot improve on treatments from three thousand years ago, our record of progress in medicine would be poor indeed. Ancient references are interesting historically, but don’t carry much weight as viable medical treatment options today.

The peripheral evidence the proponents of Copper Bracelets for carpal tunnel treatment offer is impressive and interesting, but not convincing from a rigorous medical or scientific point of view. It appears they are following a pattern we often encounter when there is a lack of scientific evidence. Proponents of a treatment regimen draw on impressive peripheral evidence to prove their point rather than solid scientific evidence, clinical studies or statistically significant patient reviews.

The rigorous medical studies on the use of Copper Bracelets as a treatment to relieve carpal tunnel pain or joint pain, reveal that there is no statistically significant scientific evidence to support a claim:

“That the wearing of a Carpal Tunnel Bracelet made of Copper helps Carpal Tunnel Pain”

Furthermore, there are no clinical studies documenting that Copper Bracelets help Carpal Tunnel in the medical literature at present. It is also safe to conclude that wearing a copper bracelet will not improve the other symptoms of Carpal Tunnel you mentioned such as hand numbness, itching palms, loss of grip strength, or dropping objects. These are all common carpal tunnel symptoms.

So, in summary, “Do Copper Bracelets help Carpal Tunnel?”

The right answer is there is a chance that it could help, if a person is deficient in copper, but there are better ways to deal with a trace copper nutrient deficiency in this modern time, over wearing a copper bracelet. Also, a copper deficiency should be identified with simple blood test before any action is taken to correct it.

The medical literature dismisses the peripheral arguments of the proponents of “Carpal Tunnel Bracelets” and recommend relying on alternative carpal tunnel treatments that are backed with more rigorous medical reviews, better explained mechanistic pathways of operation, scientific evidence in clinical studies and statistically significant patient reviews. In essence, there are better ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

So, it can be safely concluded, that Copper Tunnel Bracelets could do more harm than good, if relied upon for treating a chronic cyclical condition with serious consequences like, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Doctor advising patient surgery is a last resort for carpal tunnel syndrome downtime risks complications

There is no scientific evidence that Copper Bracelets help carpal tunnel. It would be best to spend your time and resources on natural treatment options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that offer better documented results, clinical support, validated patient reviews and support of medical doctors.

Do Magnetic Bracelets Help Carpal Tunnel?

magnetic bracelets and carpal tunnel
magnetic bracelet stainless steel for pain relief and medicinal purposes

The use of Magnetic Bracelets also has been recorded in ancient records dating as far back as 1200 BC in China. Also, the use of lodestones with natural magnetic properties has been recorded in documents in ancient Egypt and Greece. These were thought to be effective in treating certain ailments. Lodestones are even mentioned in biblical references.

The invisible power of magnetic force has always had a mysterious draw on human curiosity for thousands of years. We have all marveled when we have first seen the hidden mysterious magnetic force exhibited by moving iron filings or powering a compass.

Skeptics believe that profiters are seeking to exploit this natural human curiosity by making unsubstantiated claims of natural healing for chronic medical conditions, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They make comparisons to traveling snake oil salesman in the 19th Century.

Proponents claim that employing a magnetic field with a Carpal Tunnel Bracelet on the wrist focuses the magnetic power near the carpal tunnel and somehow improves or repairs the body’s natural healing process.

Many of these Carpal Tunnel Bracelets are quite attractive and generate interesting conversation, and really do very little harm, so some would say why not try them and see if these devices help.

In modern medicine we seek to document claims with scientific studies to clearly identify the statistical significance of the medicinal benefits such as pain relief.

There have been multiple rigorous studies to try to determine if there is a statistically significant health benefit or pain relief associated with patients wearing any type of static magnetic bracelet or copper bracelets for patients with all kinds of ailments.

The conclusion of the research studies is that Static or Permanent Magnets (like those employed in Magnetic Bracelets) do not relieve pain of any form – Not for arthritis and not for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain.

The scientific references are listed at the conclusion of this article.

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Interestingly, on the other hand, it has been found in scientific studies that powerful electromagnets can be effective in treating certain types of pain. Electromagnets are created using strong electrical current to create a powerful pulsing magnetic field.

In 2013, the U.S. FDA approved a device utilizing powerful pulsing electromagnets to treat migraine pain in a process called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). It is thought that TMS may be helpful in the treatment of other painful conditions. Unfortunately, it is impossible to impart this type of strong pulsating electromagnetic field from a metallic magnetized bracelet.

So, if you like the look of a Copper Bracelet or a Magnetic Bracelet as a jewelry fashion statement and they make you feel good about yourself, there is really no reason not to wear these metallic bracelets of copper or of the magnetic variety.

However, you should not use copper bracelets nor magnetic jewelry as a replacement for proven modern medical procedures with documented outcomes in clinical studies.

If a person uses a pacemaker or an insulin pump, a magnet on or near one’s body can interfere with the effective operation of these medical necessities. In such cases, a person should definitely avoid the use of any magnetic jewelry, including magnetic bracelets.

Does the combination of a Copper Bracelet with Magnetic Inserts Offer any Synergistic Effect?

Some proponents of Carpal Tunnel Bracelets suggest combining Copper Bracelets with Magnetic Inserts made of Iron, Nickle or Cobalt will have synergistic benefits. Copper itself cannot be magnetized. It won’t hold a magnetic charge.

From a pragmatic medical perspective, it can be safely concluded that combining two ineffective carpal tunnel bracelet materials, will not change the fact that they have no medical efficacy. In other words, if neither one works alone, it is highly likely that combining the two metals is not going to have any statistically significant medicinal benefit either.

Is There a Better Alternative Treatment for Natural Healing than Carpal Tunnel Bracelets?

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