Pregnancy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

doctors advice on pregnancy and carpal tunnel syndrome

It is ironic that just as a woman needs her hands the most to prepare for the birth and care for a new born child, her hand use is often inhibited by hand pain and numbness of the fingers and thumb associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Up to Twenty percent of pregnant women will experience this debilitating syndrome at some point during their pregnancy.

Women often experience their first episode with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when they are pregnant due to hormonal changes and water retention which are common during pregnancy. Although the nagging Carpal Tunnel Symptoms can appear at any time, they usually occur during the second half of pregnancy.

Sometimes Carpal Tunnel Symptoms go into remission after pregnancy and other times the pain and numbness continues for months or even years.

The most common symptoms are hand pain, hand numbness, tingling sensations in the fingers, hand and thumbs and pain shooting up the forearm. It can even translate to shoulder and neck pain following the nerve path back to the brain. Often these symptoms are most intense at night and result in routine sleep disturbance. The last thing an expecting mother needs is another cause of routine sleep interruption. Restful sleep is an important element of good health for all of us, but it is especially important for an expectant mother and the developing baby.

The Carpal Solution allowed me to get ready for my baby

Some of the conventional approaches to treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are just not viable options during pregnancy. Exposing a fetus to intensive use of systemic oral pain medication is not a good idea for an expecting mother and localized steroid injections are out of the question.

What is needed is a conservative, non-invasive treatment that relieves the pain, improves restful sleep, allows a return to full activity and does not result in any systemic interference with the developing baby. However, most conservative braces compress the carpal tunnel area further and restrict movement significantly which results in muscle atrophy. Hand muscle atrophy can be just as serious as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and will contribute to aggravate CTS.

Dr. Morgan explained, “The Carpal Solution is a proven, but relatively new treatment developed over five years ago that is just getting traction with the medical community. It is an ideal therapy for the expecting mother suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

“First, The Carpal Solution decompresses the soft tissue in and around the Carpal Tunnel relieving pressure on the median nerve which causes the most annoying and painful symptoms of CTS. Second, Carpal Solution therapy also improves blood circulation by relieving external pressure on key arteries that supply the hand with nutrients and oxygen needed for cellular regeneration and healing at the most basic level. Third, The Carpal Solution does not interfere with activity during the day so there is no threat of muscle atrophy as long as the hands are used.”

 “Thank you for making such a simple yet wonderfully effective device as the Carpal Solution
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The Carpal Solution allowed me to get ready for my baby

Dr. Morgan continued, “Finally, it is essential to protect the developing baby in the expecting mother’s womb. With Carpal Solution therapy you can control your Carpal Tunnel symptoms without resorting to anti-inflammatory pain medication, immobilizing splints or localized cortisone (steroid) injections which is the standard progression with conventional healthcare delivery. The expecting mother can safely and effectively treat her hand pain and numbness at the source, in the privacy of her own bedroom, without any negative impact on the baby or herself.”

Dr. Morgan concluded, “The mother to be can then get back to her critical task of preparing for the new born baby in the final months of pregnancy when the symptoms typically worsen. The worst of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms are relieved within a week using Carpal Solution Therapy.”

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CTS symptoms also can flare up unexpectedly after pregnancy on an irregular basis due to the many contributing factors of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Pregnancy appears to trigger a susceptibility to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Because of the regular unexpected flare-ups that can occur after pregnancy, most mothers are relieved to have a reliable therapy that works without the side effects. Your physician will be able to help you diagnosis your symptoms, identify other contributing factors and monitor progress as you apply The Carpal Solution.

It is especially important for expecting mothers to have a physician diagnosis, evaluate and identify any complications during pregnancy.

Watch videos of people who cured their carpal tunnel with The Carpal Solution.

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Neurologists are experts on the central nervous system. These neurology experts say that the Carpal Solution is the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but most patients will just call the Carpal Solution a “Carpal Tunnel Cure”. The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. It will likely work for you too.

It is the only treatment for Carpal Tunnel that comes with a Money Back Guarantee and it is reimbursed by health insurance. Not only are there no risks of complications with the Carpal Solution Therapy, as you find with carpal tunnel surgery, but also First Hand Medical has eliminated any financial risk of trying the Carpal Solution.

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