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People get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome everywhere. Unfortunately there is not a location on earth where people don’t get Carpal Tunnel.   However, the good news is you can diagnose and treat yourself in the comfort of home wherever home is for you.   There is no need to wait. Of course, it is always good to confirm your diagnosis with your doctor.

the carpal solution cures people all over the worldHowever, you can start getting control of your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms right away with the Carpal Solution Therapy right in the comfort and convenience of home, without any down time and without any risks. The Carpal Solution Therapy is safe and jump-starts your body’s natural healing process. Most people get relief of their worst symptoms within a few weeks and complete remission within the full Six Week Protocol. It was developed by Doctors and works for 97% of people.

Young woman making Ok sign over white backgroundWe have put together an index of all the locations referenced on this website of the “Where” people are when they treated their Carpal Tunnel condition. The fact is we have had people treat their Carpal Tunnel successfully with the Carpal Solution from every corner of the world, thanks to the power and reach of the internet.   The internet empowers people to get the facts and about their condition from medical professionals and make the best decisions for treating their hand condition.

We can help you wherever you might be and whatever language you might speak.

People have successfully eliminated their symptoms of CTS using the Carpal Solution Therapy: from Anchorage, Alaska, USA to Johannesburg, South Africa; from Stockholm, Sweden to Melbourne, Australia; from Singapore to Miami, Florida, USA; from Hong Kong, China to New York City; from Mumbai, India to London, England.

The Carpal Solution Therapy is convenient and easy to use at home while you sleep.

Here is the list of locations with the links:

Convenience 3d Word Collage Fast Friendly ServiceAmarillo, Texas, USA – Guitarist and Electric Keyboard Musician Scott Nelson

Austin, Texas, USA – Woman gets Carpal Tunnel Relief and overcomes Depression

Dallas, Texas, USA – Patti a Mortgage Broker uses the Computer a lot and got rid of her pain on the fourth night of treatment

Boca Raton, Florida, USA – Marla a Hairstylist and Salon Owner Stops Carpal Tunnel

San Francisco, California, USA – Albert a Tennis Professional and Tennis Instructor saved his career with the Carpal Solution.

New York, New York, USA – Ben a classical guitar musician got his symptoms under control and can perform at will.

Staten Island, New York, USA – Denise a Chef in a commercial kitchen prepares food for 1000 of people on a daily basis.

Henderson, Nevada, USA – Dr. Marielaina Perone, a Dentist, saved her career from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA – Ralph is an auto mechanic, who runs his own shop.  The Carpal Solution is the best medical product I have every used.  It saved my business and I am grateful.

East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA – Doctor Michael L. Pollard, DC, CCSP specializes in Sports Medicine.

Woman relaxing after carpal tunnelNewark, New Jersey, USA – Jann is a Sales Professional who found his hands were waking him up every night.

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA – Jean S. is a concert flutist and suffered with Carpal Tunnel until she found the Carpal Solution.

Bethesda, Maryland, USA – Ray suffered with Carpal Tunnel in both hands and woke up many times each night.

Northport, Alabama, USA – Bret Golson is a Musician and Pastor who suffered with Carpal Tunnel.

Winchester, Massachusetts, USA – Ceil an Organist felt relief after just three nights – she had worn rigid braces for the previous six years and it only got worse.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Jim is a Airline Pilot, he tried all the conventional treatments – only the Carpal Solution worked.

Burlington, Massachusetts, USA – Samantha is a homemaker and craft hobbyist after a good night of sleep she did not feel cranky.

woman finds carpal tunnel cureMarblehead, Massachusetts, USA – Sally is an Architect/Designer relies on the Carpal Solution to do her work.

St. Louis, Missouri, USA – Connie a seamstress and quilter got relief of her Carpal Tunnel and her trigger finger.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA – Bill a customer service manager got relief of his trigger finger.

San Diego, California, USA – Ted a Waiter in a restaurant also plays the bass and does pottery has new hope for the future.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA – Linda is a Cashier and has CTS in both hands. The left had got better in 14 days.

Wausau, Wisconsin, USA – Billy is a factory worker for 3M the Carpal Solution cured his “dead fingers”

Des Moines, Iowa, USA – Jan is a sales professional – after three weeks both her hands were feeling better – so pleased

Chicago, Illinois, USA – James is a lawyer saved his career and earning power with the Carpal Solution Therapy.

Shawnee, Kansas, USA – Doctor Michelle Robin, founder of Your Wellness Connection, uses it as a preventative treatment.

Artlington Heights, Illinois, USA – Sherri, a busy new mother, got the relief she needed to care for her newborn.

woman goes back to work after carpal tunnel cureChicago, Illinois, USA – Rebecca, a professional who depends on the computer saved her career and earning power.

Seattle, Washington, USA – Denise a sign language volunteer & computer worker – “best medical product ever purchased”

Wooster, Ohio, USA – Dave a UPS driver near Cleveland – “I got my life back with the Carpal Solution!”

Alexandria, Virginia, USA – Whitney had tried everything to end her “pins and needles” in both hands then she found her “Carpal Tunnel Solution!” “It is an Absolute Miracle!”

Phoenix, Arizona – Jake a drummer in a jazz band says the Carpal Solution rocks! Saved my career!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA – Major Chappell, a Major in the military got significant relief in the first treatment.

woman finds carpal tunnel cureAnn Arbor, Michigan, USA – Michelle a purchasing agent works on two computers and suffers from arthritis got control of CTS.

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA – Janie a needlework hobbyist and graphics artist within a week was sleeping through the night.

Santa Barbara, California, USA – Roberto a classical guitar instrumentalist and song writer tells his experience.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – Joe a carpenter finally found a product that worked to control his Carpal Tunnel.

San Jose, California, USA – Nancy a motorcycle rider is grateful for the Carpal Solution.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA – Ken is a computer worker was able to cancel his scheduled surgery.

Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA – Sandy is a mother and a guitar player

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – Sarah a cellists in a community orchestra found the Carpal Solution was her solution.

Wilmington, Delaware, USA – George a musical instrument repair specialist depends on the Carpal Solution to work.

fisherman finds carpal tunnel cureDallas, Texas, USA – Debbie runs a professional cleaning company and saved her career and business with the Carpal Solution.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA – Karen a works on the computer and knits is so glad she found the Carpal Solution.

North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA – Anne began feeling better in just a few days from her worst symptoms of CTS.

Minnieapolis, Minnesota, USA – Barbara a Special Education Case Manager avoided a second surgery with the Carpal Solution.

North Charleston, South Carolina, USA – Ryan, a senior got relief of forearm pain and sleep soundly for the first time in years.

The Oilfield Worker finds carpal tunnel cureFranklinton, Louisiana, USA – Ester is a patient advocate, enjoys gardening and cooking, It is like a miracle!

Fairfax, Virginia, USA – a Woman found her Left hand was virtually useless until her husband found the Carpal Solution.

Vernal, Utah, USA – Randy Merrell is a custom boot maker Medical Pedorthist and founder of Merrell Footwear.

San Luis Obispo, California, USA – Kathy a surgical nurse tells her experiences with Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Shawnee, Kansas, USA– Michelle an artist, jewelry maker and busy mother of twins got control of her Carpal Tunnel

Los Angeles, California, USA – Diane is a Music Director, Pianist and Composer who had tried everything until she found the Carpal Solution Therapy

Morgantown, West Virginia, USA – Sharon is a nurse who was able to return to work thanks to the Carpal Solution Therapy.

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – John an Insurance Agent got relief after the first night of treatment.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA – Terri a bookkeeper for an accounting group was able to keep working without pain

Centennial, Colorado, USA – Karen was able to get ready in the morning with no pain for the first time in years. So Grateful!

Lancashire, England, United Kingdom – Pippa was pregnant and got Carpal Tunnel Relief in the United Kingdom

singapore cures carpal tunnelSingapore – A hotel manager in Singapore cures her carpal tunnel at home and was able to keep up with her busy schedule.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A dental hygienist in Kuala Lumpur depended on her hands for her work. The Carpal Solution kept her active and able to help people.

construction worker finds carpal tunnel cureIt does not matter where you might be, whether it is a fishing camp in Alaska or an oil rig platform in the North Sea, if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you can avail yourself of a treatment, that Neurologists call: “The Best First Line of Defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

You can treat yourself during sleep wherever you might be with no risks and no potential complications. The Carpal Solution is safe and relies on your body’s natural healing processes to achieve complete recovery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Give us a call at 1-800-798-5210 or email us at: [email protected] . We can help you!

We would like to share your story from your location.

For most people we only give first names, unless they are professionals like musicians, dentist, or custom boot makers who want to be known. If you would like to share, drop us a line at: [email protected]

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