carpal-chiropractorChiropractors suffer from a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to the intense way they use their hands making adjustments of patients.   We have hundreds of Chiropractic doctors who depend on the Carpal Solution Stretching Hand Therapy to keep their hands healthy and their wrists free from soreness.   Many Chiropractors recommend the Carpal Solution Therapy to their patients as well.   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is reaching epidemic proportions with over 20 million sufferers in North America and growing at over 10% per year. It represents a great area to focus on to expand one’s clinic and practice.


Most patients prefer the Carpal Solution over restrictive braces because it is comfortable and is a proactive therapeutic decompression and stretching device that actually relieves their symptoms in weeks by relieving pressure on the median nerve, restoring flexibility, enhancing circulation, dispersing swollen fluid, and enabling natural healing.


Carpal Solution Therapy is non-invasive with no complications associated with conventional CTS treatments or oral pain anti-inflammatory meds. It is the perfect complement to chiropractic adjustments and interferential current therapy.   Interferential current therapy is used by many chiropractic doctors and sports medicine specialist to help accelerate healing and dispersion of swelling.   The consistent stretching applied by the Carpal Solution Therapy each night is the most powerful therapy one can apply to heal the hand and wrist from the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Chiropractors rely on it to save their practice and heal their patients. You should rely on the Carpal Solution too.