Can Carpal Tunnel Contribute to High Blood Pressure?

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So much of your overall health is dependent on getting a good night of sleep each night. It is during sleep that our bodies regenerate, heal, grow and replenish. Growth hormones are released and cells repair and replace themselves during stage 3 sleep.   Finally, the brain rejuvenates during REM sleep.

Unfortunately, one of the classic symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is chronic sleep interruption. Every time your body drops into REM Sleep it goes into a sort of semi-paralysis. People wake up with their hands aching and numb and tingling due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Does Contribute to High Blood Pressure. Here is why.

Often people think to themselves, “I must have turned over on my arm and cut off the blood circulation to my hand.”

The reality is this is one of the most common symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it causes your hands to go numb, tingle and ache waking you up just as you fall into REM sleep.

People with chronic Carpal Tunnel are often sleep deprived and in particular, REM Sleep Deprived.

One Sleep Expert Said, “If you do not get any REM sleep for several months, you will go insane.”

This causes increased stress and irritability during the day.   People with chronic sleep loss are on edge and are easily set off causing more stress and conflict.

It is cyclical in nature. The less sleep you get the more stress you feel and the more irritable you are. This leads to conflict which in turn creates more stress, worry and sleep disturbances from things other than Carpal Tunnel Hand Numbness or Tinging or Dull Achiness.

Chronic sleep loss has been linked directly to an increase in blood pressure and is thought to be one of the primary underlying causes of High Blood Pressure.

Of course high blood pressure leads to heart disease, stroke and loss of stamina and endurance. It can severely limit a persons ability to exercise which leads to even higher levels of Blood Pressure. It is a vicious cycle.

the vicious cycle of chronic sleep loss with carpal tunnel syndrome

This vicious cycle leads to high blood pressure, which reduces stamina and leads to chronic life threatening conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, diabetes, erectile disfunction and an early death.

This is why we say chronic sleep loss is the most dangerous aspect or symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Chronic sleep deprivation from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not something that you want to ignore or sit around hoping idly that it will just go away. Because unless it is treated correctly under the direction of Doctors with experience, it will only get worse.

Anxiety, stress and sleep loss make all nerve conditions like Carpal Tunnel worse.

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