Are You Dropping Things?   Common Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

One of the first signals people have that they are getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is that they start dropping things accidentally on a regular basis. This can get very frustrating to people as they break important items like smart phones or spill coffee on equipment or co-workers.

Most people do not realize that this is an early symptom of Carpal Tunnel and that it can be treated proactively in the convenience of home during sleep.

a common symptom of carpal tunnel is the reduction of fine motor skills in the hands
many with carpal tunnel find it difficult to unscrew a lid on a jar or open a door

CTS is a nerve disorder and affects people that have in very different ways.   For some people this chronic syndrome disturbs their sleep with numb tingling hands and pain in their wrists. For others it slows them down when typing on a computer as they lose their fine motor skills in their hands.

Still others find it difficult to unscrew a lid on a jar or open a door, or pump gas.   Many find it uncomfortable to hold a phone and as they lose sensitivity in their hands and fingers they start dropping things and losing important things that they drop without even knowing it, like keys.

This loss of feeling and sensitivity in the hands and fingers make people look clumsy and unproductive. It can affect important relationships with co-workers, family or even affect your impression on a first date.

The key thing to understand is that you now know that it is likely Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that you can easily and quickly get these symptoms under control, before they get worse and before they affect your image, relationships and your self-confidence.   After all, you are probably not the clumsy type, right?

a loss of feeling and sensitivity in the hands and fingers can make you look clumsy and unproductive
dont risk damaging your valuable devices due to carpal tunnel

If you have any of the above symptoms and believe you might have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You should go through the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Page on this website and if you have one of the symptoms listed by the Doctors, you have a 65% chance of having this potentially miserable condition. If you have two or more of the symptoms listed by the doctors on this website, you then have a 85% likelihood of having CTS.

There is no need to lose confidence and entertain self-doubt.   If you are dropping things and losing keys, you can get back to your old self without resorting to risky surgical procedures or undergoing injections with steroids.

The Carpal Solution Therapy was developed by doctors working with patients.

It is clinically documented and is patented medical technology.

The Carpal Solution is FDA registered and has been used now by over 67,000 people with a 97% success rate – and it comes with a money-back-guarantee.

The Doctors backing First Hand Medical have made it easy for you to self-diagnose and treat your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms in the comfort of home.

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There is no need to suffer silently with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome worrying about the consequences or cost of surgery or steroid injections.

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You should also review the symptoms with your doctor, at the next opportunity. But there is no need to wait suffering for your next doctor’s visit.

You can get started today relieving your symptoms, because there are no risks associated with using the natural Carpal Tunnel Stretching device known as the Carpal Solution Therapy.   Don’t Let Carpal Tunnel Slow you down.   Get back to your old confident self with the Carpal Solution Therapy.

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The Carpal Solution Is not a stiff restrictive wrist brace

The Carpal Solution is not a stiff restrictive wrist brace.

Worn during sleep, the Carpal Solution gently stretches and reshapes soft tissue in and around the Carpal Tunnel and eliminates hand pain, numbness and sleep interruption.

It allows people to get back to their active life styles conveniently without surgery – eliminating long rehabs and potential high risk complications such as infection, nerve damage, permanent loss of grip strength (which is common), wrist weakness and scarring.

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The answer is clear.
You need to try a treatment with no risk, no recovery time and a higher success rate before you consider surgery.

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The carpal solution promise

Watch videos of people who cured their carpal tunnel with The Carpal Solution.

surgeon discusses carpal tunnel cures

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