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Brooke Shields Suffered From Carpal Tunnel

Brooke Shields

The actress Brooke Shields, known for her roles in films such as Endless Love and The Blue Lagoon, posted a picture to her 90,000 fans on Twitter in 2015, sharing the news that she had just undergone surgery on both hands for her CTS.

You can read more about our doctor’s opinions on surgery on both hands here.

jessica alba Suffered From Carpal Tunnel

Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live,  that she believed she was having a stroke one night when she woke up with numbness in her arm.

A trip to the emergency room and the subsequent MRI found that she had carpal tunnel syndrome. Jessica believes that the carpal tunnel symptoms are a result of the many hours she spends on her computer running her eco-friendly baby product company, The Honest Company.

matthew perry Suffered From Carpal Tunnel

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry is an avid gamer, in fact he is known to be a huge fan of the latest video game hit, ‘Fallout’.

The sitcom star explained to the ladies of The View, he once played Fallout so much that he developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Any gamer who puts in hundreds of hours with their favorite game increases their chances of developing CTS dramatically. Read more about our opinions on Carpal Tunnel and gaming here.

david price suffered from carpal tunnel

Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price

Early 2018, Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price had to miss the start of the season due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Coincidentally, there was also rumor that his Carpal Tunnel pain was brought on to his love of another new video game ‘Fortnite’. So, once again intense video game usage and carpal Tunnel are directly linked.

Keith Emerson suffered from Carpal Tunnel

Keith Emerson

The keyboardist best known for his work with the prog-rock group Emerson, Lake and Palmer had publicly admitted to struggling with nerve damage in his hands — a common result of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This nerve damage was rumored to have had a large negative impact on his renowned dexterity on the keyboard. So much so that this loss of performance was said to have had an impact on his anxiety. Tragically, Emerson took his own life in 2016 and is greatly missed.

the duke of edinburgh suffered from carpal tunnel

The Duke of Edinburgh

In 2010, the Duke of Edinburgh underwent surgery on his wrist to treat his Carpal Tunnel pain. Royal aides were unable to say how long the Duke had been suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but it is rumored that this could be due to the physical demands placed on the wrists during carriage driving competitions.

To do so in his 80s is no doubt impressive and a testament to the Duke’s character and determination.

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Randy Merrell is not a celebrity in the conventional sense, but is a famed custom boot maker who founded one of the leading outdoor footwear lines for men, women and kids with over $50 million in worldwide annual revenue. Mr. Merrell had a bad case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from making thousands of custom boots for mountaineers and backpacking enthusiasts. As a trained Medical Orthotic Expert for the feet, he knew he did not want to risk surgery and repeat surgery. Watch Randy tell his Carpal Tunnel Experience and explain how he was able to put Carpal Tunnel in complete remission using the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment. Randy said, he can’t believe he suffered for so many years when there was an easy Natural Solution to Carpal Tunnel that works and is readily available on line or with a phone quick phone call to First Hand Medical.

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What can You DO TO TREAT YOUR Carpal Tunnel pain?

There are many options available either online or from your medical professional. All come with varying success rates and risks. From surgery to natural remedies, it’s important to choose the option that is right for you. If you are looking for the most affordable treatment with the lowest risk, your first choice should be The Carpal Solution.

pianist cures carpal tunnel pain

The Carpal Solution is a unique new therapy developed by a physician specializing in CTS treatment. The Carpal Solution offers relief from your worst CTS pain and hand tingling or numbness in days with treatment in the privacy of one’s own home and complete remission within 6 weeks. It is different from other over-the-counter CTS treatments.

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dr perrone discusses curing carpal tunnel
active person discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves

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