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Carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers often try to find Carpal Tunnel hand exercises, wrist and forearm stretching routines, and physical therapy for the upper extremities for the first step in trying to control their hand numbness and painful wrist symptoms.

The instinct to find a home remedy or all natural therapy to control their CTS symptoms is the right mind set for treating a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Since it is usually caused by a combination of factors such a repetitive use of the hands or a metabolic condition, such as a thyroid condition; it makes no sense to perform an invasive procedure, such as surgery, because the symptoms will return within a short time even after surgery.

So, it is better to pursue a proven home exercise and stretching regimen that you can rely on to keep your hands healthy on a daily basis.

However, many sufferers find it difficult to take ten to fifteen minutes segments out of their busy lives five times a day for Carpal Tunnel stretching and exercise in the disciplined way required to prevent carpal tunnel symptoms. Stretching is actually more beneficial with CTS than hand and wrist exercises. In fact exercising injured, inflamed tissue can actually do more damage than good. Also, some people find that their syndrome has already progressed to the point where doing intensive exercises or manual stretching several times a day, can be too painful and frustrating, even though it may likely be helpful.

Carpal Solution Therapy offers CTS sufferers a better way to achieve natural stretching exercise needed without the downtime and without the pain. You can learn more by clicking on the arrow on the picture below this will show a YouTube video on Carpal Tunnel Stretching Using the comfortable Carpal Solution taping system.

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It requires tremendous discipline and is often very difficult to achieve the right kind of stretching exercises, even if you can make the time. Yoga instructors, hand therapist and physical therapist work with adherents to help them learn disciplined Carpal Tunnel stretching exercises. However, most find it difficult to maintain the regimen and take the time out of a busy life to stretch sufficiently in a way that will achieve consistent gentle flexing for the time required to achieve control over their carpal tunnel condition. Stretching once a day for 15 to 20 minutes is just not enough to overcome the combined effect of repetitive stress activities and inflammation that accumulates from day to day activities to cause CTS.

The Carpal Solution offers CTS suffers a convenient method to achieve the gentle carpal tunnel stretching exercises needed without any downtime or complications. It is often referred to as a passive carpal tunnel stretching brace. This passive stretching is achieved during sleep so there is no downtime from a busy life. Many people wonder how could a simple brace worn during sleep provide the therapy needed to control such a chronic, painful and debilitating syndrome? You can learn more detail about how the Carpal Solution Works here.

Simply stated, the Carpal Solution provides a gentle long stretch in the right places for eight hours per night while the hand is completely relaxed and in the restful restorative mode during sleep. You put the comfortable stretching orthotic device on your hand before retiring to bed and wear it through the night.

While you sleep the Carpal Solution Hand Wrist Orthosis accomplishes the necessary stretching of your soft tissue at the base of your hand and retrains the soft tissue over the Six Week protocol so that it increases flexibility, enhances blood circulation and relieves pressure on the Median Nerve. Once the pressure is gone from the nerve, Carpal Tunnel goes into remission and will often stay in remission for years following the six week passive exercise program.

The Carpal Solution alternative to surgery is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

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Carpal Tunnel is a cyclical nerve condition where once the cycle is started, it requires a concerted, consistent and disciplined effort over Six Weeks to break the cycle and dissipate the inflammation and decompress the soft tissue compaction that results in pressure on the Median Nerve. The Six Week Protocol with the Carpal Solution provides just what is needed for the majority of people to break the cycle and return their body to it natural healing process.

Once the cycle is broken your body can keep the syndrome at bay until you over-stress your hands and wrist again and push it over the edge. Often people will go a year or two without any symptoms after completing the Six Week Carpal Solution Stretching Protocol. Sometimes it comes back quicker.

But the thing people love about the Carpal Solution is even when they have flare-ups, they are confident that they can get them under control without any downtime or complications. They can stay active and not miss a beat. The Carpal Solution is a life saver for the busy professional.

It seems that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often flares up when you are under a combination of physical and psychological stress and can least afford the downtime for more invasive procedures like steroid injections, nerve conductivity studies, or Risky Transverse Carpal Release Surgery. Worrying about the consequences and the downtime makes the nerve condition even worse.

Get peace of mind today with reliable all natural Carpal Solution Therapy.

Carpal Tunnel Strain, if left untreated, can lead to a wide variety of chronic and potentially debilitating symptoms, including numbness and tingling in the hands, loss of grip strength, pain in the arms, neck, shoulders, and thoracic cavity, and most serious, chronic sleep loss.

If you are suffering from CTS symptoms from work related activity, it may behoove you to explore ways to alter your workstation to make it more ergonomic. For instance, if you are a computer user, typically, your keyboard should be at an easy reach, your feet should be on the floor, and your back should be straight but not rigid. Physicians counsel that CTS sufferers should avoid resting their hands on armchairs or wrist guards while they type to avoid compressing the median nerve.

Together with your physician and/or hand therapist, you can develop a powerful regimen of hand strengthening and forearm stretching exercises.

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You can perform actions known as nerve glides in the midst of typing or repetitive work. Nerve glides can sooth overactive tissue and allow you to get more done. You can also do a number of wrist lifts, finger stretches, and grip strength exercises to improve muscle coordination, flexibility, and endurance.

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Finally, and–at least according to thousands of CTS sufferers–most importantly, you can utilize the Carpal Solution Therapy. This intuitive, unique soft wrist brace has brought fast relief from CTS pain to tens of thousands of people in less than two weeks. Here at, you can read up on how the Carpal Solution works and get any other questions you have about the condition answered.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 81,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

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