Carpal Tunnel Treatment Developed By Doctors

Article Authored by Doctor Joseph E. Scherger, MD MPH

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find a carpal tunnel treatment developed by doctors
  • Based On Clinical Experience With Patients
  • Safe to Use
  • Patented Medical Technology
  • Registered with the FDA
  • 97% Success Rate
  • This Treatment is Clinically Documented
  • Over 100,000 People have used it to Avoid Surgery

You Can Trust This Carpal Tunnel Treatment To Provide The Relief You Need.

How Does This Carpal Tunnel Treatment Work?

  • Provides 224 hours of gentle stretching during sleep over 6 Weeks
  • Stretching in 3 target areas around Carpal Tunnel for 8 hours each night
  • Restores Flexibility to Injured Soft Tissue
  • Restores Blood Circulation to promote natural healing
  • Disperses lymphatic fluid and eliminates swelling
  • Jump starts your body’s natural healing processes
carpal tunnel treatment for right hand
the carpal solution will get you back to work and help you have a good night

It Will Get You Back to Work


Help You Have a Good Night’s Sleep

How Soon Can I Expect Relief?

  • Some people get better within the first few days of treatment (20%)
  • Worst symptoms under control within 2 – 3 weeks for most.
  • Complete Remission within 6 Weeks
  • Symptoms don’t come back for 2 – 7 years
  • The Carpal Solution Treatment Works for 97% of People
  • Patients call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure”
the carpal solution offers relief from carpal tunnel

The Carpal Solution Has Been Used by
Over 100,000 People to Put Carpal Tunnel in Remission.

With a 97% Success Rate, It Will Likely Work For You Too!

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Diane is a professional musician in Los Angeles.

She depends on The Carpal Solution to perform, write and produce her musical magic.

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The Carpal Solution Saves You Time and Money

This treatment will enable you to earn more money by increasing your productivity at work and allowing you to work more hours. You can work faster and without worry.

You can start your treatment right away. There is no need to wait for the Doctor’s Busy Schedules.

Get back to your normal self in 2 to 3 weeks and Complete Remission in 6 weeks.

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“The Carpal Solution Saved My Career As A Graphic Designer”

Rachel – Portland, Oregon

The Carpal Solution

saves money over traditional

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options.

CTS Comes Back Even After

Invasive Carpal Tunnel Surgery

That’s Right, Surgery Is Not A Permanent Fix. For 85% of People, CTS Returns within 6 months to 8 years after Surgery.

surgery for cts can be dangerous

Surgery is a Last Resort

Treatment Option.

Even with Insurance, Surgery Costs The Patient Well Over a $1000.

  • With Copays.
  • Lost earnings.
  • Lost Career Opportunities.
  • Long Rehab Periods.
  • Repeated Trips to Clinics.
  • Permanent Loss of Grip Strength
  • Permanent Tenderness At The Incision.
  • Repeat Surgical Procedures
  • 1st Surgeries 50 – 60% Success Rate
  • 2nd Surgeries 35 -40% Success Rate
  • 3rd Surgeries Not Recommended

Steroid Injections Are For Emergencies Only.

  • Only works for 50 – 60% of people
  • Relieves symptoms for 2 – 3 months then it comes back
  • No more than 2 injections in a life time for any one joint
  •  Some people report it is very uncomfortable
  • Extended exposer can lead to joint deterioration
  • Poor Choice of Long-Term Treatment for a Chronic Condition
injections for carpal tunnel

Immobilizing Braces and Splints are NOT a

good treatment choice for CTS

These Wrist Supports help a little in the beginning for most people, but in the long run they make Carpal Tunnel Symptoms worse

They injure soft tissue in the hand and wrist causing the tissue to lose flexibility and they restrict blood circulation.

Splints & Braces lead to:

  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Weak Wrists
  • Weak Grip Strength
  • Loss of Flexibility in Soft Tissue
  • Restricted Blood Circulation

Rigid Hand Braces & Wrist Splints are cheap and found in every pharmacy on earth, but these immobilizing braces do not provide effective treatment for Carpal Tunnel.

Day Time Stretching is Not Enough.

  • Helpful in moderation, but time consuming
  • Many people find stretching to be uncomfortable
  • Unpleasant to spend hours each day stretching hands
  • Few people have enough time and discipline
  • Not a practical solo method for serious treatment
  •  Stretching too much, too soon, can make CTS worse.

The Carpal Solution is The Smart Treatment Option for People Suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

It provides 224 hours of gentle targeted stretching treatment developed by Doctors.

There is no other way to duplicate this consistent gentle treatment for CTS.

the carpal solution treatment

You wear these remarkable stretch braces every night

for 2 weeks and every other night for 4 weeks.

You Get Treated While You Sleep.

Now That is Convenient!

Order The Six Week Treatment Protocol Now

“The Carpal Solution Provides Powerful Economic Value Because It Works Quickly to Make Me Productive.”

man finds carpal tunnel treatment

“It offers the best value for money of any product I have ever purchased.”

Daniel – Entrepreneur
Memphis, Tennessee

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