Carpal Tunnel Treatment at Home – What Actually Works?

I am looking for a way that is sanctioned by Doctors for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at home.   Please provide the best steps for treatment of Carpal Tunnel without surgery and without expensive treatments. I don’t have insurance. Can you recommend a Carpal Tunnel Treatment I can do at home that actually works?

Mt. Vernon, Washington

Carpal Tunnel Answers from Doctors At First Hand Medical

Great question and instincts Tara.

Home remedies don’t always have the best track record, but the treatments used at home that are developed by Doctors usually work for a high percentage of people.

Doctors develop concepts based on first hand experience with patients and have the ability to test the home treatment with potentially hundreds of patients to fine tune and validate the protocols and directions with a wide variety of people.

There are some good tests you can apply to any home remedy for health issues:

Doctors have written over 250 articles on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the Treatment Options That Work

1. Generally, you want to look for medical home treatment options that have clinical studies, are back by supporting articles written by Doctors that provide insights and have credibility when you read them.

2. There should be a phone number available and credible people who answer, who speak good English and that can provide you with solid information about the ailment, say Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and how the home remedy is applied and how and why it works.  Trust your instincts. If it sounds legit, it probably is. Also, if you have questions down the line, you will be able to call the same number to get resolution.

3. There should also be an online mechanism to ask written questions, with knowledgeable experts providing the answers on a timely basis.

4. There should be a money back guarantee. If a company stands behind their product offering that is always a good sign. You won’t find a guarantee typically from a surgeon or physical therapy clinic.

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5. There Should be Facebook Reviews or other social media reviews from real people, not from anonymous forums with no accountability. Any overall social media review rating with a 4.4 out of 5 stars is considered excellent.

Any overall social media review rating with a 4.4 out of 5 stars is considered excellent.

6. There should be 3 to 7 minute videos clips of real users from different parts of the country and in different languages telling their experience in detail. You can’t fake a detailed review for 3 to 7 minutes. When you listen to the people, you will be able to tell if their story is legit.

7. Videos of Independent clinicians, medical professionals that can validate that their patients have had a good experience using the home treatment.

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Patients say, “The Carpal Solution is my Carpal Tunnel Cure. It is great to have a natural treatment that I can use at home with no risks, no downtime and no worries about surgery that has a low success rate.”

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Medical Professionals from Neurologists to Chiropractors and from Occupational Therapist to Wellness and Natural Healing Experts say the Carpal Solution is the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is safe, inexpensive, has no downtime and no risks and it works for a high percentage of people. It has a 97% success rate.   That is as good as it gets for a medical product.

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You can use the Carpal Solution with confidence because it has a money back guarantee and is reimbursed by health insurance and backed by Medical Experts. You can’t go wrong with this Home Remedy.

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