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If you live in any of the following countries or currency sectors you can click on the link for each below and print an order form for that country in your local currency that can be sent to First Hand Medical, 1944 East Rua Branco Drive Suite 233, Sandy, UT  84093-6907, USA with your credit card information or a bank draft or international money order in US dollars. It can also be faxed into us at FAX#: 00-1-617-812-0094. This order form will also help you know the price in your home currency even if you order on-line using our secure shopping cart.

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All Other Countries  – For all other countries you can use the International Order Form for the Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Treatment

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Our online shopping cart uses the latest 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption with a secure payment gateway for the highest level of internet shopping security and your convenience. 

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We also accept debit cards from Visa and Mastercard and Health Savings Account debit cards and credit cards.

PayPal Credit

We now also offer interest free credit for 6 months through PayPal to help you cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, no matter what your financial circumstances.

The Carpal Solution WHF Orthosis Device is reimbursed by most insurance companies at a rate of 80% to 100% depending on your coverage. Your receipt will come with all of the insurance codes and medical classifications you might need to get the full reimbursement allowable under your coverage.

If you have questions you can email our knowledgable staff at [email protected].

Paying By Money Order

If you would like to pay by money order,  print the order form, fill out the form specifying which hand and your mailing address and send with the money order or bank draft to First Hand Medical, 1944 East Rua Branco Drive Suite 233, Sandy, UT  84093-6907, USA.

When using your credit card for international transactions (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) online, you received the most favorable exchange rate when converting from US$ back to your home currency. It is the same exchange rate the large banks receive in converting from dollars to your local currency. It is a much better rate than the rate you might be able to get at a currency exchange office at an airport or border crossing.

Shipping Information

We currently ship to the US and Canada, and all areas of the United Kingdom.

Also we ship to all countries in the English speaking world including: Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

All countries of Europe Including: Germany, Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, The Czech Republic,etc. – see order form above for prices in Euros ( )

Also, The Phillipines, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, India (non-English speaking), Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico, Latin America and other destinations in Latin America, and can ship to most international destinations.

If you are from another country, or have other questions, please inquire directly by email or forward your phone number via emai: [email protected]

We can call you to receive your order verbally by phone, if you give a phone number and specify which country you are from and specify a convenient time, or you can request an Order Form in Your Own Currency and we will send it to you in your home country currency to place the order by fax or mail at your convenience. You can order with a credit card, debit card or send a international bank draft in US$ through the mail to First Hand Medical. Please specify which hand or both hands, and provide your return address inside the envelope if mailing an international bank draft or cashiers check. Again, please feel free to email your phone number and best contact times and we will call you back usually within 24 hours.

The Carpal Solution is a much better option than waiting for elective surgery with a 50/50 prognosis offered by the British National Health Service. or the Australian National Health system or the US Healthcare System where they rush to a surgical solution as if there is no other answer with economic incentives that are tipped severely to the advantage of the surgeon which is leading to economic crisis within the private health insurance system with premiums escalating and patients opting out. Surgery is just not necessary in most cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Alternative Medicine offers better options like the Carpal Solution Gentle Consistent Stretching Therapy.

Online Security

Our online shopping cart utilizes the highest level of encryption technology available for state-of-the-art internet security and secure transactions. Our system has never been penetrated in over three years. You can order confidently online on the First Hand Medical Shopping Cart, without worries or delay you can order anytime day or night and your order goes directly to our shipping department for rapid dispatch of your order to almost anywhere in the world.

Online orders are done to the highest level of security on the internet as verified by the McAfee Secure Symbol and the GeoTurst Symbol above and is more secure than any other transaction you might do, because no people see all the information – the most confidential information is conveyed electronically directly to the banking system with no people involved. Only the shipping information goes to our shipping department. Faxes are also fully secure. Mail is as secure as your local postal delivery system.

Please do not email personal financial information as this is not considered secure in an email format unless encrypted and then unencrypted which can be cumbersome. For your protection, your personal financial information is not stored in our offices and so you will have to provide it each time you place an order.

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