Carpal Tunnel Causes

People often wonder, “Why do I have Carpal Tunnel?” There are over 15 different factors that can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Usually people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Symptoms experience multiple contributing factors at once that combine to cause the intense hand pain, hand numbness and hand dysfunction. So, Why do I have Carpal Tunnel is not always a simple answer.

Working on a computer intensely all day was creating intense hand pain and I would wake up with numb tingling hands on a regular basis. My doctor diagnosed me with a combination of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and mild arthritis. I was on the verge of quitting my job and finding a job where I would not have to use my hands so much. That would have meant some big sacrifices in income for our family. My husband found the Carpal Solution on the internet one night. After reading all about it, I decided to give it a try, before a career change.
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These contributing factors can be subtle in the beginning and range from slight inflammation of soft tissue around the
Carpal Tunnel due to repetitive stress injuries associated with hand and wrist use patterns, edema from forceful trauma of any type, a person’s specific anatomical configuration, to metabolic factors.

Often people are amazed that they are affected by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when others doing the same type of activity have no problem. They think to themselves. “What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?”

There can be multiple factors. It is good to know what the potential causes might be so that they can be addressed. One of the reasons some people are affected when others doing the same thing are not is because each person’s anatomy and metabolic make up is unique. The way that our bones, ligaments, tendons, flexor tendon sheath, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and connecting soft tissue combine to form the space in the Carpal Tunnel is somewhat unique for each person. Each person also brings unique metabolic conditions that can affect the on set of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and the speed of response to all types of CTS therapy.

Swollen soft tissue from any cause will contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Some of the multiple metabolic issues that are known at this time to contribute to CTS are listed in the table below: You may want to print out the list at the bottom of this page and bring it along with you when you visit your doctor to review the list and confirm that you do not have metabolic contributing factors.

Even mild cases or early stage conditions that have not been diagnosed can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is why it is so important to get a physician’s diagnosis with blood work and screening for any of these type of conditions during a personal visit to identify any possible contributing factors and seek treatment accordingly.

Women often experience their first episode with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when they are pregnant. Twenty percent of pregnant women are reported in the medical literature to experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is often brought on by hormonal changes and water retention issues.

Sometimes it goes away after pregnancy and other times the pain and numbness continues for months or years after pregnancy. CTS symptoms also can flare up unexpectedly on an irregular basis.

Because Carpal Tunnel Syndrome almost always involves swollen soft tissue and physical stress no matter whatever the other causes might be, The Carpal Solution is effective in relieving symptoms in over 95% of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers. Physicians and insurers generally agree that patients should exhaust all clinically documented conservative treatment options before considering surgery. The Carpal Solution is an effective conservative treatment that people can depend upon.

Also, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is cyclic in nature. When you have over done it with repetitive use of your hands and cumulative effect piles up, your natural healing in the hand and wrist shuts down. The Carpal Solution helps your body get back to its natural healing and breaks the cycle of pain and inflammation with gentle consistent stretching. People love the Carpal Solution because it is all natural and has no complications or risks associated with invasive procedures and steroid injections.

Most CTS sufferers also experience psychological stress due to the physical limitations, chronic pain, sleep loss and worry over invasive treatment procedures and disruption to their lives. Having an effective, non-invasive, all natural treatment option that they can use repeatedly as needed without worry, like the Carpal Solution, usually relieves a lot of mental anguish as well. People have the peace of mind knowing they are being proactive with a proven medical device to control their symptoms without complications. It is the Solution you have been look for!

There is no need to continue the suffering or worrying, order the Carpal Solution today and put your CTS Symptoms behind you!

Carpal Tunnel Causes and Contributing Metabolic Factors

  • Obesity Can Contribute to The Cause of CTS

  • Hypothyroidism Can Initiate the Onset of CTS
  • Renal Dysfunction is reported to Cause CTS
  • Gout Can Contribute to Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Compels Carpal Tunnel
  • Diabetes Over Time May Cause Carpal Tunnel
  • Hemodialysis Evokes Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
  • Hormonal Imbalances Are Reported Causes
  • Pyschological Disorders Can Contribute to Causes
  • Onset of Menopause Can Initiate or Cause CTS
  • Anxiety Is Sometimes a Contributing Factor
  • Abnormal Growths like Ganglion Cysts Contribute
  • Depression Can Effect Carpal Tunnel Condition
  • Fibromyalgia Is Often a Contributing Inducement
  • Acromegaly Is Reported to Be a Genisis for CTS
  • Amyloidosis Is Known to Effect this Condition
  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica Can Bring On CTS
  • Water Retention During Pregnancy is a Factor
  • Oral Contraceptive-related Edema May Have Effect
  • Lupus Is Listed as Having Impact on the Syndrome
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome May be a Contributing Factor
  • Any Autoimmune Disorder Can Bring On CTS
  • Addison’s Disease Might Impact the Syndrome
  • Tuberculosis Will Contribute to Carpal Tunnel

Ergonomic equipment and posture at your work station can also play an important role in how much pressure is put on your hands, wrists and forearms as you work. You can reduce repetitive stress at work by employing good ergonomic principles and equipment. Ergonomic solutions can be difficult and expensive to learn and implement. Most patients are so happy to have a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that works. You will be too, so get started with the Carpal Solution Therapy today.So, “What causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?” is not a simple question, but fortunately there is a simple way to start getting control of your worst symptoms within a week or two and complete remission over the Six Carpal Solution Protocol while you wait for your appointment with your Doctor to do the necessary blood work to narrow down the possible contributing factors. You will probably want to print out this section and bring it with you to the Doctor’s office. It will be helpful to you and your doctor to have a comprehensive list of the possible contributing factors for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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