Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options Reviewed by Doctors

carpal tunnel treatments reviewed by doctorsPeople suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are eager to find an effective cure and most want answers to the following questions:

  • “What are my Treatment options?”
  • “How effective are the various options?”
  • “How much downtime is involved?”
  • “What are the risks and potential complications?”
  • What are the expenses involved?” and finally,
  • “How does the treatment work?”

Often a person is looking for a quick and easy permanent fix to this frustrating and often chronic condition.   The truth is there is no permanent cure for Carpal Tunnel. Carpal Tunnel Symptoms return even after a successful surgery.   So, what are the best options?

Since the condition is reoccurring, it is important to find a therapeutic approach that is has a high success rate with minimal risks, minimal time commitment and can be applied when needed at a reasonable cost.   There are a host of options that are being promoted in the medical community and online. We will review most of them here in order of which best fits the above criteria or is most commonly encountered and explain why.   One thing to keep in mind is that people have widely varying responses to the various treatment options, so it is important to keep the range of possibilities and time frames in mind when reviewing these treatments.

Applying the Carpal Solution before SleepThe Carpal Solution Therapy

– The best first line treatment option for CTS is called the Carpal Solution Passive Stretching Therapy. Some people call it the Carpal Tunnel Solution. It works for a high percentage of people, approximately 97%. It is a natural passive stretching therapy applied by a disposable stretching device which is worn during sleep.   It was developed by Doctors working with Patients. The therapy is safe and effective.

The Carpal Solution comes in a Six Week Therapy package.   Some people (about 20%) see relief of their worst symptoms within a few days of starting….. Read More

hand brace for treatment of carpal tunnelRigid Hand Braces or Wrist Splints – are the most commonly used devices for Carpal Tunnel care and are easily found in pharmacies and drug stores. They are also readily available online at a low prices. These devices are designed to immobilize the hand and wrist and prevent movement. Immobilization can limit some of the pain and discomfort associated with movement initially, but in the long run it makes CTS worse for most people.

Immobilization is an effective way to treat a broken bone or a sprained joint over a short six week period, but it is not an effective treatment option for a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Rigid immobilizing braces and wrist splints will cause muscle atrophy, muscle imbalance, and can injure the soft tissue of the hand…… Read Morewoman scared of injections for carpal tunnel

Corticosteroid Injections – are a Carpal Tunnel Treatment option that should be considered under certain circumstances.   Corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones that are naturally produced by all vertebrates (animals with backbones including humans) in low concentrations. Analogues of these steroids can be synthesized in laboratories in highly concentrated forms. It is the laboratory synthesized steroids that are used in medicine, since the laboratory is the only cost effective way to concentrate these compounds.

These compounds are powerful medications and should be used judiciously. Even though they are produced naturally by the human body at low concentrations, when used as an anti-inflammatory agent, the dosage is hundreds up to a thousand times greater than the amounts which are produced by the body naturally.

There are numerous potential side effects associated with these natural steroids including….. Read More

medication for carpal tunnelOral Pain Medication – is often recommended by doctors as a stop-gap in hopes of offering some immediate relief to the suffering patient, but for a chronic condition like CTS, Oral Pain Medication presents many pitfalls.   First and foremost, Oral Pain Medication is not very effective in treating this frustrating hand condition.   While it can take the edge off the most intense pain, it will not eliminate the symptoms and there are so many side effects.

There are many different types of oral pain meds, all with their own set of potential complications and long-term issues when used for chronic pain like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The most common type of oral pain med is…..   Read More