Is There a “Life Hack” for Carpal Tunnel?

Question by: Ella, Web Marketing Exec, Paterson, New Jersey

Answer By Doctors from First Hand Medical:

Great question Ella, There are “Life Hacks” in all aspects of life that make life better simply and easily.

A great example is like using the graphite from a pencil led to lubricate a zipper that is stuck.

In the medical field it is not quite as simple and easy, but there are suggestions from interesting sources for everything, including:

Life Hacks are simple solutions to lifes annoying obstacles that often slow us down
splinter removal with banana peel and tape
life hack for burns

So, as luck would have it, actually there is a “Life Hack” for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment. It was developed by Doctors working with patients and therefore it is a bit more sophisticated than some of the more home spun Life Hacks or Home Remedies you might typically find on the internet.

It is kind of like using a banana peel and tape to remove a splinter, because it replaces a risky surgical procedure with a simple home stretching regimen that you do during sleep with some unique stretch tape devices.

Doctors worked with patients and medical designers over several years to perfect the therapy and put it into a universal system that is easy and intuitive to use.

So, because it was developed base on firsthand experience by Doctors working with Patients, it has a high success rate. Over 97% of people can cure their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in complete remission in just six weeks of treatment at home.

the carpal tunnel life hack

It takes six weeks for most soft tissue injuries to heal, once the obstacles to healing are removed.

The gentle consistent stretching regimen provides 224 hours of treatment over the 6 weeks. There is no other way to achieve this type of gentle consistent stretching.

The Carpal Solution restores flexibility to the injured connective tissue around the Carpal Tunnel. It also opens up and unblocks the obstacles to normal circulation and allows full circulation and nutrient saturation for the injured tissue around the Carpal Tunnel Space.

With the Carpal Solution most people get rid of their worst symptoms in 2 – 4 weeks and complete remission in 6 weeks. Then CTS stays in remission for most for 2 – 7 years.

This remarkable “life hack” is done in the comfort and convenience of home and offers a natural treatment regimen that works.

It is called the Carpal Solution Treatment and is available through a Medical Device Company called First Hand Medical.

Here is what Medical Professionals have to say about the Carpal Solution. Watch Videos on Carpal Tunnel Treatment by clicking on the arrows in the photos below:

dr pollard discusses curing carpal tunnel
surgeon shares carpal tunnel treatment
dr cures carpal tunnel at home
Order the Carpal Solution Today.

First Hand Medical ships within 24 hours on business Days and within 48 hours on Weekends.

We are eager to help you take advantage of this simple “Life Hack”.

We actual prefer to call it a clinically proven medical treatment developed by Doctors. But it does fit the description of a “Life Hack” because it is so simple and easy compared to the traditional medical alternatives.

You customize the fit to your hand size when you put it on at night and set the tension, so that you get the optimum stretching regimen for your hand size and shape each night during sleep.

There is no downtime, no risks and no complications like you find with Carpal Tunnel Surgery and Steroid Injections. Even wrist splints are restrictive, cause muscle atrophy. Sometimes splints make it seem better for the first few weeks, but in the long run these devices make Carpal Tunnel worse. Immobilizing rigid hand braces and wrist splints should be avoided.

If you are suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms, order the Carpal Solution and end the misery. It is a “Life Hack” that has been clinically documented and proven to work for 97% of people. It will likely work for you too!

Order the Carpal Solution Today.

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