Carpal Tunnel Pain Worse After Carpal Tunnel Surgery
What Treatment Can I Do Now?

Based on patient Surveys, carpal tunnel surgery has the success rate of only 50 to 60%. As surgeries go, this tends to be lower than most patients would expect. Patient surveys reveal that patients expect surgical outcomes to be satisfactory at least 95% of the time before they will confidently submit to a surgical procedure.

So what can patients expect when carpal tunnel surgery is not successful? Well there’s quite a range of possibilities. Many continue to have the same symptoms post-surgery as they had before the Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure. Some patients report persistent numbness and tingling post-surgery.

What Treatment can I do when Surgery FailsNeurologists Recommend The Carpal Solution as the Best First Line Treatment even after a failed surgical Procedure

Others describe loss of grip strength and permanent tenderness at the point of incision even after a year of rehabilitation.

About 5 – 10% of people report that their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms get worse after surgery than they were before surgery.

So the question looms from concerned patients:

What can be done for the thousands of people who have carpal tunnel surgery and continue to have symptoms and carpal tunnel pain post-surgery?

Essentially this would be called a failed carpal tunnel surgery. So again, these questions are commonly posed by patients:

What can be done after a failed carpal tunnel surgery?

Where can a patient turn for help after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

The good news is there are natural treatments that can be done with high levels of success after a failed carpal tunnel surgical procedure.

Neurologists (The nerve experts in medicine) recommend The best first line treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome after a failed surgery is the Carpal Solution treatment.

Patients must wait at least two months after a surgical procedure to utilize the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment. This is to make sure that complete healing has taken place in the soft tissue surrounding the carpal tunnel post-surgery, before this effective stretching therapy is undertaken.

The Carpal Solution Treatment is the best first line treatment before Carpal Tunnel Surgery too according to Neurologists.

Most people, over 97% will be able to avoid the risks and complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery altogether.

Shelly is in elementary education teacher who’s Doctor recommended carpel tunnel surgery five years ago. She followed the Doctor’s recommendation and Surgery did not go well. She was left with persistent numbness and worse carpal tunnel pain than she had prior to surgery. Here you can read Shelly’s carpal tunnel journey. It will likely help you gain confidence that there is an answer, even after a failed carpal tunnel surgical procedure.

My Doctor recommended Carpal Tunnel Surgery But Surgery Made my Carpal Tunnel Pain Worse

I had carpal tunnel surgery done on my left hand 5 years ago. It didn’t work. I was in more pain after surgery than I was before surgery. I was looking for something, anything that could help my condition online when I came across The Carpal Tunnel Solution. I thought, “What the heck? I May as well try it.”

My right hand was also suffering with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, and my Doctor told me I needed to have surgery on it as well. Once surgery on my left hand proved useless, I was not about to submit to surgery on my right hand.

When I ordered, the employee said The Carpal Solution might not work as well on the left hand since I had surgery on it already. She was wrong.

I went forward and treated both my hands with the Carpal Solution Treatment. My left hand and right hand are now pain free. The Carpal Solution worked just as well on my hand that had a failed surgery.

At first, I used the devices every night, but after 7 weeks of using them, I could cut down to 1 or 2 nights a week. The Carpal Solution Treatment is amazing! It is the best medical treatment I have ever tried.

I’ve given away some of the Carpal Solution Night time Taping Devices to my friends who also suffer with Carpal Tunnel hand pain and the annoying finger numbness, and they too have found the Carpal Solution to be a healing cure as well.

The Carpal Solution Treatment cured both my hands

I totally recommend the Carpal Solution for anyone suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. I wish I would’ve found this Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment before I underwent surgery…I wasted a lot of money, time out of work, and experienced a lot of extra pain with surgery and seemingly endless rehabilitation visits. In hind sight I did not need to go through all of that had I known about the Carpal Solution. I wish my Doctor would have recommended it in the first place. I wonder why he did not know about it.

In reviewing the Carpal Solution Treatment, I rate it an enthusiastic 12 out 10 !!!! The Carpal Solution has been a game changer for me.

Everyone with Carpal Tunnel symptoms should try the Carpal Solution before they do wrist splints, injections or surgery. It has no side effects and is so easy to use this treatment at night when I sleep. It is comfortable to wear and really has no downside.

You will be glad you tried the Carpal Solution first and end your suffering early. I wish I had known about it.

First Grade Teacher
Arlington Heights, Illinois

What is the Carpal Solution and Why is it so effective in treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome even when Surgery Fails?

First of all Carpal Solution was developed by doctors working directly with patients based on firsthand experience in the trenches of medicine. These doctors are able to see what works and what doesn’t work when treating purple tunnel syndrome. Knowing that carpal tunnel surgery has one of the lowest success rates in medicine, the doctors were eager to find a better way to treat this chronic syndrome without exposing patients to the risks and potential complications that are commonly associated with carpal tunnel surgery.

As mentioned above Carpal Tunnel Surgery fails 40 to 50% of the time on first surgeries. On second surgeries The failure rate is more like 60 -70%.
Carpal tunnel syndrome reoccurs even after a successful surgery for over 85% of people within six months to eight years.

It’s not that the surgeons are incompetent. It’s just that the procedure for carpal tunnel surgery requires cutting the transverse carpal ligament and then hoping that it grows back together with more space. Most of the time the ligament grows back with the same space in the Carpal Tunnel. However, once the ligament is severed it relieves the pressure on the nerve and stops the cyclical syndrome for up to eight years. Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Sometimes scar tissue formation, which is always present with any surgery, can cause complications and even make less space in the carpal tunnel post-surgery. When this scar tissue invades the carpal tunnel during the post-surgical healing process, CTS is even worse after surgery. Thank goodness this occurs less than 10% of the time.

Still, it is important to find an alternative to carpal tunnel surgery when one considers the facts above.

The Carpal Solution Treatment provides consistent gentle stretching therapy around three key points on the palm of the hand for eight hours each night during sleep.

The stretching combines over a six-week protocol to provide over 224 hours of gentle consistent stretching treatment. Like many things gentle pressure; consistently, accurately and firmly applied can achieve miraculous results with people in natural healing processes.

The Carpal Solution Treatment restores flexibility to injured soft tissue. It also restores blood circulation to normal levels in the hand and wrist. These two phenomena relieve the pressure on the nerve and distribute and disperse lymphatic fluid allowing your body’s natural healing to take over. The carpal solution jump starts your body’s natural healing process through this consistent gentle targeted stretching program.

The Carpal Solution Treatment works even after a Failed Surgical Procedure

The Carpal Solution is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

The carpal solution is a home treatment system developed by doctors that works for over 97 percent of people. It will likely work for you too
Order The Carpal Solution Today!
The carpal solution promise

Most people get better from their worst symptoms within 2 to 3 weeks and then receive complete remission of their syndrome within six weeks with the Carpal Solution Treatment. This is consistent with what is typically expected by medical professionals when treating soft tissue injuries like ankle sprains or plantar Faciatis. Soft Tissue injuries take 6 weeks to heal generally speaking.

It is impossible to achieve this type of consistent gentle stretching for over 224 hours in a six week time frame with any other type of treatment.

Like Shelly explains above, you can take confidence knowing that the Carpal Solution was developed by doctors and has been used by over 80,000 people to relieve their carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and put carpal tunnel syndrome in complete remission. In this way people are able to avoid the risks, the scar tissue, and the potential complications and downtime associated with Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

This is why neurologists state that the Carpal Solution Treatment is the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Even after a failed surgery, The Carpal Solution Treatment stretching regimen is the best treatment option to put the worries of carpal tunnel syndrome behind you. Unlike surgery, the Carpal Solution doesn’t carry any risk and presents no threat of complications. So you can try it without any worries and take confidence that it works for a high percentage of patients. The carpal solution is also reimbursed by health insurance and can be paid for using a health flex spending account. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. What surgeon is going to match that type of guarantee?

The carpal solution is a home treatment system developed by doctors that works for over 97% of people. It will likely work for you too!

Watch a Video of a Professional Musician Telling Her Carpal Tunnel Journey in Santa Monica, California

Watch Patients tell how symptoms got worse after Carpal Tunnel Surgery until they found a natural cure.


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