Is there a Preventative Maintenance Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a Chronic Cyclical Condition – Keeping It Under Control with Preventative Maintenance is an Effective Treatment Approach.

Article Authored by: Doctor Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH – Clinical Professor and Expert in Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine

Question by Samantha, Jacksonville, Florida

Great question Samantha! Since Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is reoccurring no matter how you treat it, it can be useful to do Maintenance Treatment or Preventative Treatment.   There is no permanent cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It comes back even after a successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery for 85% of people within 6 months to 8 years. Even if you go for 15 years without Carpal Tunnel Symptoms it can still come back.

Once someone has experienced the devastating consequences of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, such as chronic sleep loss, dropping and breaking things, shooting pain or just annoying constant numbness with the loss of fine motor skills; they do not want to go through that depressing experience again.

The simplest things like buttoning your pants or holding a fork can become difficult maneuvers that result in embarrassment or losing the simple joys of life like sharing a meal with friends.

eating with a fork can be difficult with carpal tunnel
putting on makeup can be painful with carpal tunnel

Getting ready for work in the morning can take twice as long. Putting on makeup or shaving become difficult tasks. You cut yourself more frequently when saving and the makeup gets smeared as you try to apply it. You lose the precision or fine motor skills that you used to take for granted. It gets really frustrating.

Most Find Their Symptoms go away for 2 -7 years after using the Six Week Carpal Solution Treatment

So, most people after following the Carpal Solution Six Week Treatment Protocol find that their worst symptoms go away within 2 -3 weeks and they get complete remission of CTS within 6 weeks.   No more symptoms.   Often people think they are cured from Carpal Tunnel.   The symptoms go away for most people for 2 – 7 years.

even shaving can be hard with carpal tunnel20% of CTS Sufferers Find They Have More Persistent Symptoms

However, for about 20% of people they find that their symptoms come back more quickly. This is due to hand use patterns with work or hobbies or it can result from physiological conditions like those listed under Carpal Tunnel Causes in the FAQ section of this website.   Or it can be the result of both physiological conditions, like a thyroid condition, and repetitive stress from intense hand activity.

If you find your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms return more quickly than 2 – 7 years, don’t lose hope or get depressed. You can keep your symptoms completely under control without giving up your active lifestyle.   You should use the Carpal Solution One Year Preventative Maintenance Treatment.

The Doctors designed the One Year Treatment Pac to be worn one night per week for a year.   It contains 56 disposable devices, so you can actually go longer than a year or have a couple to spare.

Most people find that once their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms are under control, they can use the Carpal Solution Devices just once every two or three weeks. Others find once a month or once every 6 weeks is sufficient to keep their symptoms under control.   Everyone is different and you need to find what works best for you.

the carpal solution for the left hand
the carpal solution for the right hand

There is no need to resort to repeated surgical procedures with the downtime, risks and potential complications. The Carpal Solution is the safe natural treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that you can depend upon. There is no downtime because you wear these comfortable stretching devices at night during sleep. It is like Camelot everything where even the leafs are blown into nice little piles by the wind at night while the kingdom sleeps. Carpal Tunnel Symptoms are kept at bay by treating your hand with gentle natural stretching while you sleep. What could be more convenient than treating a chronic condition while you sleep.

discover a carpal tunnel treatment with less risks and recovery time than surgery

If you are in a profession with a high incidence of CTS, you can use the Carpal Solution Treatment as a preventative to avoid every getting this terrible hand / wrist condition.

“The Carpal Solution gave me my life back. I felt like my life was over due to the pain, sleep interruption and inability to do the simple things of life. I am so glad I found the Carpal Solution!”

“I love the Carpal Solution Treatment! As long as I breathe, I will be using this wonderful product. At first I had to use it every night. Now I only use it once every three weeks and no more pain, no more symptoms! I can work long hours during tax season with no stress and no limitations.”



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