How to Stop Carpal Tunnel Pain without Surgery?

Article Authored by Medical Expert: Doctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC, Musculoskeletal Expert

Question by Clarice
Office Administrator in a Construction Company
Athens, Georgia

Answer by Doctors from First Hand Medical:

Carpal Tunnel Pain and Numbness can be excruciating causing anxiety, worry and sleepless nights. It is so difficult to function when you are not getting enough sleep at night and your hands are painful, slow and clumsy during the day.

In fact, Carpal Tunnel often interrupts the most important restorative sleep known as REM sleep. When we go into REM sleep, our bodies go into a state of semi paralysis, so we don’t act out our dreams during this deep stage of sleep. It is when a person with Carpal Tunnel goes into deep REM Sleep that their hands wake them up. CTS prevents sufferers from getting this most important stage of sleep.

After several days going with restricted REM Sleep, people get irritable and find it hard to concentrate.

Carpal Tunnel Pain and Numbness can be excruciating causing anxiety, worry and sleepless nights

As a side note, Intelligence agencies report that sleep deprivation over several nights in a row is the most effective type of torture to inflict on captives when trying to get important information. They have found this type of mental torture is much more effective than inflicting physical pain or injury.

In the case of Carpal Tunnel, when you combine this type of mental torture associated with REM Sleep Deprivation with intense hand pain, annoying numbness and the inability to function at your normal pace at work – the anxiety can be more than most people can tolerate.

So, before you get to the end of your rope with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms – most people are determined to know “How to Stop Carpal Tunnel Pain without resorting to Carpal Tunnel Surgery. It is surprising to many people that some simple steps can be taken to prevent the suffering associated with Carpal Tunnel and put this calamitous condition into complete remission for years at a time.

Neurologists, the nerve experts in medicine, suggests that the best first line treatment for treating Carpal Tunnel is to utilize The Carpal Solution Treatment. It is a home therapy developed by doctors working with patients. It provides gentle consistent stretching of the soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel during sleep.

Over the Six Week Protocol you receive 224 hours of gentle targeted stretching. This restores circulation, and flexibility to the injured soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel. The pressure on the Median Nerve is removed through this simple, but effective passive stretching therapy. The key to the effectiveness is the ability to achieve the appropriate stretching tension consistently for 8 hours each night.

Neurologists recommend the carpal solution

Patients and their Doctors love the fact that there is no downtime, no risks and no potential complications with the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment.

There is no need to worry about Carpal Tunnel Surgery either when you have a natural treatment that is so effective.

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If you are suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, do what the Nerve Experts recommend.

Order the Carpal Solution Treatment and put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in complete remission Naturally.

Your worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms go away within 2 – 4 weeks and complete remission is achieved within 6 weeks.

Then CTS goes away for 2 – 7 years for 97% of People.

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No Downtime, No Risk and No Complications.

The Carpal Solution Puts You in Control.

It is a Home Remedy That Works!

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