11 years of carpal tunnel wellnessJust yesterday, I talked to a man who used the Carpal Solution 11 years earlier named Cosmo. Cosmo was born in Italy and immigrated to the united states as a young man. He is fluent in Italian and loves Italian food and Italian sports cars.

Cosmo told me how he was symptom free for 11 years after completing the Carpal Solution Six Week Therapy Treatment. He thought his symptoms were never coming back, but just last month, after 11 years, his symptoms started coming back. He ordered another Six Week Therapy Treatment Package and got his symptoms under control again, probably for another 11 years.

Here is Cosmo’s Experience: 11 years ago, Cosmo’s symptoms were so bad, the numbness in his hands and pain in his wrist had proceeded to his shoulder and electrical-like shocks were shooting up his forearm. He was dropping cups, forks and knifes at the dinner table and was losing grip strength. It was getting embarrassing – and the sleep loss was becoming torturous.

unnamedHe was eager to get it all under control. At first the Orthopedic Specialist thought he needed shoulder surgery. They sent him to a Neurologist for a nerve conductivity study and the Neurologist confirmed a serious case of CTS and surgery was scheduled in three weeks. They told him that the nerves in his hand were shot and that he needed Carpal Tunnel surgery urgently before he got permanent nerve damage. They told him that his job as an insurance adjuster with long hours of driving and working at the computer keyboard had likely led to this condition.

Cosmo did not like the idea of surgery, but was eager to get rid of the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. He went online and did some research and found the Carpal Solution Therapy. He liked the fact that the Carpal Solution was developed by Doctors and that so many people had gotten their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms under control without the risks and downtime of surgery. He also learned in his research that Carpal Tunnel comes back even after a successful surgery and the surgery is only successful 50 – 60% of the time. He knew, intuitively that repeat surgeries for the same condition were not a good idea. It turns out that second surgeries for Carpal Tunnel have even a lower success rate of 30–40% based on patient surveys.

The Carpal Solution seemed so simple – almost too good to be true, but with a money back guarantee, convincing video testimonials, no risks and no downtime – he figured, “What do I have to lose!” So, he call the 800 number and ordered the Carpal Solution Therapy. He was surprised how knowledgeable the representatives were and he also learned that he could get reimbursed by his health insurance for the out-of-pocket cost of the Carpal Solution. He decided to order it and get started with this natural stretching therapy developed by doctors.

applying-the-carpal-solutionThe Carpal Solution was easy and comfortable to use. You just customize the fit of these unique stretch bands with adhesive strips before you go to bed at night. You set the appropriate tension for your size and shape of hand then go to bed. It only takes 15 – 20 seconds to put on once you have read the instructions.

Cosmo found that within two weeks of using this natural treatment, his worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms were gone. He was sleeping through the night. His shoulder pain was gone. The electrical-like shocks stopped shooting up his forearm. The pain in the wrist was gone. He still had some tingling in his fingers and numbness at the tips of his fingers.

When he had his pre-surgery appointment with his surgeon, the surgeon was surprised to hear he had gotten better without surgery in just three weeks. They said they had never heard of this Carpal Tunnel Treatment, known as the Carpal Solution Therapy, but they were interested in learning about it.

Cosmo went on to finish the Six Week Treatment protocol suggested by the doctors who developed the Carpal Solution Therapy and all of his symptoms went into remission. The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel were gone. Cosmo was cured of Carpal Tunnel, at least, that’s what he thought. 11 years of remission is as close to a cure as anyone can expect with this chronic syndrome.

Unfortunately, the reality is there is no permanent cure for CTS. For most people CTS comes back. The key is to find a wellness program like the Carpal Solution Therapy that allows you to control the symptoms without the risks and without the downtime of surgery or the long-term problems associated with repeated steroid injections. Even rigid braces and wrist splints cause muscle atrophy and while these rigid devices sometimes relieve some discomfort in the beginning, they will make Carpal Tunnel worse in the long run. The constant pressure of the rigid brace on the soft tissue of the hand injures the soft tissue and makes Carpal Tunnel worse.

carpal-tunnel-in-italyCosmo’s experience represents a new “Carpal Tunnel Wellness Record” for patients using the Carpal Solution Therapy. Thanks for sharing Cosmo. I am confident that you experience will inspire a lot of people and help them to try the Carpal Solution Therapy and put the guarantee to the test.

Tell us how long you go without Carpal Tunnel Symptoms after the Carpal Solution Treatment, perhaps you will set a new record of 12 or 15 years of being Carpal Tunnel Symptom free.

Our goal is to help you achieve a state of Carpal Tunnel Wellness for as long as possible without resorting to the risks, downtime and costs of a Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure.

The Carpal Solution Therapy puts Carpal tunnel in remission for most people for 2 to 7 years. We now know that CTS can go into remission for up to 11 years after using the Six Week Therapy.

11 years of Carpal Tunnel Wellness with one six week treatment. That does seem too good to be true, but it is true. Cosmo is a real person living in southern California enjoying Carpal Tunnel Wellness, Italian Cuisine and admiring fast cars. Doctors say the Carpal Solution is the closest thing you can get to a Carpal Tunnel Cure.

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