Dentists Treat Carpal Tunnel With No Downtime

“I worried that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome would end my dental career.”

“Life would be very different for me and my family without my income.”

“The Carpal Solution is my Solution! This natural stretching treatment seems simple and too good to be true, but it saved my dental practice.”

Dr. Marielaina Perrone practices Dentistry in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas.

Dentistry is a Profession with a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel

Nothing is more frustrating for a Dentist, than to spend 4 years in dental school, 5 years advertising and setting up a practice, and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in their education and setting up their dental office, only to have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome threaten their career.

It is not that surprising that Dentistry is one of the professions with the highest incidence of CTS, when you think about what Dentist do all day with their hands. Using all of those small instruments with force – patient after patient – day after day – creates a lot of repetitive stress in the hands, fingers, forearms and wrists.

Dentistry requires precise movement in a very tight space. One slip and a patient can be seriously injured with the sharp instruments focused with such force in a tiny location in the mouth. There are more nerve endings in the mouth than almost any other part of the body, so pain can be intense for the patient.

The loss of fine-motor-skills is a common symptom of Carpal Tunnel. For a dentist, it can be devastating to try to perform precision work without fine motor skills in their hands. This creates stress and elevated stress can also aggravate a nerve disorder like CTS.

Once a dental professional has made the investment in their education and practice – downtime and long rehabilitation can create a financial crisis.

a dentist can

All specialties in the dental field experience high rates of CTS:

Oral Surgeons

Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Hygienist
Dental Assistants and
Dental Technicians

dentist give a five star review of the carpal solution

“I am not sure if I could continue with my career in dentistry at this point without it. Everyone should know about this.”

Dr. James Blong, DDS

Read Dr. James Blong’s full carpal tunnel story here

Periodontal Surgeon Cancels Surgery Saves Career with Carpal Solution Treatment

“I scheduled Carpal Tunnel Surgery two different times and cancelled it due to doubts about how it might affect my profession as a surgeon.”

“With the Carpal Solution, I don’t worry about my career being ended prematurely any more due to Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. I can work all day with no hand pain, no hand numbness, and no loss of grip strength.”

“The Carpal Solution Treatment Saved my Periodontal Career!”

Dr. Alice Moran Periodontist – San Clemente, California


“As a medical professional, I like the presentation of the Carpal Solution Technology on the website.  It makes sense!”

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The Carpal Solution Treatment allows dentists to do what they do best….

…making beautiful healthy smiles!

With the Carpal Solution Treatment there are smiles all throughout the dental suite.

  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Technicians
  • Dental Assistants
  • Happy Patients
Order Your Six Week Carpal Tunnel Treatment Now

The Carpal Solution was developed by doctors and has a 97% success rate

the 28 devices included in the six week carpal solution therapy pac

It is applied at night during sleep, so there is no downtime.

*28 Disposable Tape Devices

There is no other way to get 224 hours of gentle targeted stretching in a Six Week Period.


Most people get control of their worst symptoms in a 2 – 3 Weeks and complete remission of the syndrome within 6 Weeks.

Then it goes into remission for 2 to 7 years.

When CTS comes back, you know what to do.

Repeat the Six Week Protocol.


“If you are experiencing hand pain and numbness and worry about Carpal Tunnel curtailing your career and limiting your income, you should get started using the Carpal Solution and stop worrying!”

Dr. Perrone


“The Carpal Solution can be used as a preventative treatment at the first sign of hand pain, clumsiness or numbness, before you have full on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

Dr. Moran

“As a Dental Tech, I have had a lot of colleagues who have to limit their work hours and even leave the profession because of Carpal Tunnel. I love what I do and the flexible hours I can work and still earn good money. I use the Carpal Solution as a preventative treatment once or twice a week and I never get the numbness or clumsiness in my fingers that I used to get often. With the Carpal Solution Tape, I can treat myself at home while I sleep and work as much as I need to without concern.”

Jackson, Mississippi

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