How to Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Taking Pain Meds, Corticosteroid Injections and Wrist Splints have me feeling like a Drug Addict.

I have Carpal Tunnel and I just seen my Orthopedic Surgeon who gave me a very painful shot of Corticosteroid, which hurt for 3 days after, and I am STILL having tingling and numbness in hand, thumb and index finger. My right is the worst. I have it in both hands. Right is my dominate hand. I am a writer and painter. I have had a nerve conductivity study. The surgeon said he is going to give me another Corticosteroid Injection in three months. That is not going to happen.

Then he said, he will recommend surgery in 6 months. I have friends and family that have had surgery and they were not happy with it. I have read that it comes back even after a surgery. I saw that the Carpal Solution Treatment is covered under insurance? Is that legit? I would love for someone to call me and discuss this treatment with me.

I am desperate. I am tired of all the pain meds the Doctors prescribe.

They recommended a wrist splint and have me taking Nuerontin, Lodine and even Vicodin. They also have me taking muscle relaxers. I am starting to feel like a drug addict. I know these things are not good for me.

I want to be HEALED from Carpal Tunnel – not just cover-up my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms with pain meds. The wrist splint does not seem to be doing anything to improve my hand’s condition.

I live in Florence, Mississippi and I gave you my cell number and email address. Please call or write and let me know what I can do. Thank you!

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Florence, Mississippi

I want to be HEALED from Carpal Tunnel and not just cover up my Carpal Tunnel Symptoms with pain meds

Answers by Doctors at First Hand Medical:

You are thinking about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the right way. You need to unlock your body’s natural healing power which is blocked by the same pressure that is causing the pinching action on the Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel.

It usually takes six weeks for your body to heal injured soft tissue when its healing power is unleashed. The healing process usually eliminates your worst symptoms in just a few weeks with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and then you are completely healed within six weeks.

As you already know, oral pain medication is not a good way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Anti-inflammatory medication can help in theory, but until you free up blood flow to your hand and wrist with full circulation, little if any of the active ingredients in oral pain meds can find their way to the injured soft tissue.

Also oral pain meds have a lot of serious side effects. Many are habit forming and are only reasonable treatment options for short term pain.

Pain Medication is a poor treatment choice for a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a chronic condition that requires effective stretching treatment for Six Weeks for natural healing to work.

CTS comes back even after a surgical procedure for over 85% of patients. So, applying pain medication is not a good way to treat a condition that comes back.

Pain meds do not even cover up the pain from Carpal Tunnel because the active ingredients cannot get to the injured tissue, since circulation is blocked.

The Doctors at First Hand Medical have worked with patients for years to find the best way to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The good news is:

These Doctors have been successful in developing a treatment that jump starts your body’s natural healing.

It is called the Carpal Solution Treatment and it is a home therapy that you can order and do from the comfort and convenience of your residence. You wear the Carpal Solution Stretch Taping System during sleep. Over the course of 6 Weeks it provides over 224 hours of consistent gentle stretching action. There is no other way to duplicate this type of passive stretching regimen. The devices have been carefully designed to generate just the right amount of tension in three key places on the palm of the hand around the Carpal Tunnel.

The Carpal Solution has been FDA registered and is clinically documented to work for over 97% of patients. It is the only over-the-counter treatment that is safe and effective. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and is reimbursed by health insurance. There is no financial risk and no health risk associated with the Carpal Solution. It is the best way to heal the injured soft tissue around your Carpal Tunnel.

So, if you are looking for the way to heal Carpal Tunnel, rather than cover it up with pain medication?

Order The Carpal Solution Six Week Treatment Program and access the natural healing process that the Doctors at First Hand Medical have been providing to their patients for over a decade.

It is the best first line treatment for CTS because there is no downtime, no health risks and no health complications. Natural healing can be accessed easily and conveniently and applied during sleep.

The Carpal Solution is the best first line treatment for controlling carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Rigid Wrist Splints and immobilizing hand braces are a poor way to treat Carpal Tunnel. These devices sometime help in the beginning, but overtime these rigid devices result in muscle atrophy and make the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel worse than they were in the begin. With muscle severe atrophy it can be more complicated to treat this chronic hand condition.

Corticosteriod injections can relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms for a month or two in about 50% of patients. These natural occurring steroids seem safe, but clinical studies have demonstrated joint deterioration with regular exposure to this natural steroid. Medical text books recommend no more than two injections in any one joint. Even though these steroids are natural, when injected the dosage is 1000 times the levels generated by the body naturally. This is why they can have dangerous consequences with repeated exposures at these dosages.

The Carpal Solution is the best treatment to stimulate natural healing and it works for a high percentage of patients. Over 97% of patients are able to avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery and get better without the risks and downtime.

carpal tunnel can be treated at home with a safe and natural stretching taping system

Watch videos of people who cured their carpal tunnel without surgery, medication, downtime, or risk.

Order the Carpal Solution Natural Stretching Cure

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