Video Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

There are a lot of videos available on YouTube showing Carpal Tunnel Surgery.   Honestly, unless you like a lot of blood and gore, you really do not want to watch these Surgery Videos.   They tend to make most people feel quite squeamish. Instead, we have provided a video of a pleasant and professional Surgical Nurse telling you about what you can expect from surgery in a serene outdoor setting in Southern California.

Surgical Nurse Kathy states, “We surgical nurses are all “chickens”, we all try to avoid surgery at all costs, because we know all the things that can go wrong. We see this every day in the surgery suite at the hospital I work at.”

carpal tunnel surgery videoThe diagram to the left illustrates the general idea of Carpal Tunnel Surgery sufficiently for most people.  We feel it is graphic enough. We will leave the rest of the details of the surgical procedure to your imagination or YouTube, whatever you prefer.

So, below you will find a pleasant video of an experienced nurse speaking about her experience with Carpal Tunnel Surgery – a better option we believe.

If you still want to see the carnage, search under YouTube for Carpal Tunnel Surgery. You will have many options to choose from.   

Surgical Nurse Kathy speaks on Carpal Tunnel Surgery in the California Sunshine with a gentle breeze on her patio.

Much more pleasant than a graphic surgery video.

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