Carpal Tunnel Can Interrupt Your 10,000 Hours To Greatness

There has been an age old conflict about what is more important work ethic or talent when it comes to elite performance. The myth is that it is all about talent. The questions have been poised: “How long and how much work it takes to excel at an endeavor?” “Will talent shorten the time required for elite success?”

Malcom Gladwell introduced a compelling concept in his bestselling book: Outliers. Based on studies of people and the habits of those who had achieved an elite level of performance in sports, music, computer programming, etc. – Gladwell concludes “it’s an extraordinarily consistent answer in an incredible number of fields”:

“… you need to have practiced, to have apprenticed, for 10,000 hours before you get good.”

The Outliers Book
achieve greatness four hours a day

The evidence is strongly on Mr. Gladwell’s side.

Hard work and determination over many years is what it takes to be great at something.

Studies have shown that talent may shorten the time frame a little, but not enough to matter.

The fact is, a lazy person with talent will never become great.

So, when you factor in the hours of practice every day for years needed to become proficient at a sport, or performing on a musical instrument or in weight lifting or in computer programming, as a hair stylist or as a chef; it is not hard to see why Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can become an issue for those that utilize their hands intensely and want to become great.

For instance, many athletes get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Golfers, baseball players, tennis professionals, and racquetball players all experience a higher incidence of Carpal Tunnel than the rest of the population. The gripping of a racquet, bat or club with forceful twisting motion focuses intense pressure on the base of the hand right over the Carpal Tunnel.

baseball players suffer from carpal tunnel
chef cures carpal tunnel

It has been found that this principle of expert performance after 10,000 hours does not only apply to the highly visible fields of athletics and music performance, but also to almost any profession.

These would include: Chiropractic Care, Hair Styling, Court Reporters, Jewelers, Artists, Chefs, Plumbers, Electricians, Pilots, Dentist, Dental Hygienists, Veterinarians, Pet Groomers, etc. – All Professions that have a high incidence of CTS.

How determined are you to become an expert quickly?

the redsocks“It is a “Catch 22”, if you do not put in the hours you can’t become great, but if you put in the hours you will get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thankfully I found the Carpal Solution Treatment. It keeps my hands strong and ready to play, no worries!”

Farm Club – Professional Baseball Player who hopes to make it to the “Show”.  Pawtucket, Rhode Island

If you are not working full time at your passion, you must do what you do for 2 or 4 hours every day for about decade without interruption to reach greatness.

Interruptions can be costly and likely will require more time than 10,000 hours.

Perhaps 12,000 hours or 15,000 hours, if there are long bouts of downtime to rest from repetitive stress and injury.

practice two hours a day to achieve greatness

Repetitive stress can be confusing for people because the effect accumulates over time. It is human nature to expect an injury to come from high impact and extreme stress. Most people are caught by surprise with repetitive stress injuries and fatigue injuries. All of a sudden their hands are aching and sore and they are losing their grip strength or waking up multiple times each night with numb hands and losing sleep. These are all common symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The person often wonders, “Why is something that I have done since I was a child with ease, like swinging a bat, now causing such pain and is so hard to do?” The accumulative effect of repetitive stress builds up over time and then suddenly, it becomes a chronic syndrome like Carpal Tunnel (CTS).

Once you feel pain doing the thing that you love – you stop loving the endeavor. It is a fact.

eight hours a day to greatness

When CTS strikes, resting alone is not enough to get over it.

You need proactive consistent stretching therapy.

So, How can you keep your hands healthy when you’re on the path to greatness?

You don’t have the luxury of rest and downtime.

Surgery for Carpal Tunnel has a lot of risks, downtime and expense.

The Downtime is unacceptable for those on the path to greatness.

Sometimes rehabilitation and muscle recovery can take up to one year.

Often with Surgery there is permanent loss of some grip strength. Not worth the risk for someone who depends on their hands to reach their full potential.

There are some proven techniques developed by Doctors working with determined people like you.

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