Many conditions like Trigger Finger, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, gout and arthritis involve swelling and inflammation of the soft tissue of our bodies. The ligaments, fascia tissue, muscle and tendons that hold our bones together and control movement can swell due to physical stress, repetitive use, injury, and even experience inflammation from water retention or other metabolic conditions such as autoimmune disorders. The results of the swelling and inflammation is that it often can impinge the nearby nerve, tendon, muscle or bones causing pain and discomfort and restriction of movement. Getting control of the inflammation combined with stretching usually relieves the majority of the pain and often can eliminate the condition altogether in the case of repetitive stress disorders like trigger finger and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) and Soft Tissue Injuries like Trigger Finger and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are often cyclic in nature. Once the tissue is injured, the inflammation from the injury compresses blood vessels and restricts circulation limiting the body’s natural ability to disperse the lymphatic fluid which causes the swelling. Repetitive stress activities and often metabolic conditions continue to cause the injured tissue to swell.

To break the cycle, it is essential to reduce the inflammation with a concentrated and sustained dose of proven anti-inflammatory and allow the body’s natural healing process to proceed through full circulation. Once the natural pattern is back the blood can effective disperse the lymphatic fluid which causes the swelling before it builds up again to levels that constrict blood flow.

Hands and fingers are a defining characteristic of the human condition. How we work, how we serve others, what we do for recreation and hobbies are all dependent on active use of our hands. Be proactive about your health and well being! Take control you your repetitive stress injuries today with proven natural Botanical Pain Relief.—Active Hands For Life —Imagine the possibilities!

What Is the Botanical Pain Reliever and Why Is It Safer Than Taking Oral Pain Medication or Cortico-Steroid Injections?

The Botanical Pain Reliever is a proprietary blend of carefully selected pure botanical ingredients with proven natural anti-inflammatory action. It has proven to be especially effective in treating repetitive stress disorders such as Trigger Finger, DeQuervain’s Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but can also help reduce inflammation due to metabolic conditions. This proprietary blend is cold pressed and cold processed to avoid degradation from heat of the pure botanical active ingredients. It is free of all petroleum products, there are no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances, no mineral oil, no parabens.

The Botanical Pain Reliever is generally good for skin health. It has been shown to soften and nourish skin and retard certain skin disorders. All components of the kit that come into contact with your skin are latex free and are hypoallergenic. You can use the Botanical Pain Reliever with Confidence!

Why is the Botanical Pain Reliever so effective and different from other anti-inflammatory meds?

The primary reason the Botanical Pain Reliever is so effective is that a person is able to apply proven natural anti-inflammatory agents that have been carefully blended directly on the hand or wrist and allow it to penetrate continuously for 6 to 8 hours during sleep when the hand and wrist are in a restful restorative state. The unique botanical blend and focused application method puts the concentrated natural anti-inflammatory pain relief right where it is needed instead of exposing the whole body to a low level of anti-inflammatory action through the stomach and digestive system which can result in multiple side effects and gastrointestinal complications. The limits of applying conventional over-the-counter anti-inflammatory meds through the digestive systems is not only the side effects, but the concentration of anti-inflammatory which the wrist, hand and fingers will see is limited and diluted throughout the whole body. For chronic conditions like repetitive stress disorders, the Stomach, brain, kidneys, heart and other important organs are all exposed to continuous levels of medication which have proven to be detrimental over time.

Other topical treatments involve messy creams that easily rub off during the night or when you use your hands it makes them slippery. So applying a proven natural anti-inflammatory in a concentrated form directly to the injured finger, thumb, hand or wrist for the whole night protected by a specialty designed hypoallergenic medical grade glove is a much better approach.

So, the keys are:

    1. Focused Application at the Target Area of Pain,
    2. Proven Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agents,
    3. Extended Exposure Time at a Consistent Effective Concentration, and
    4. Safe Natural Relief without Complications. These are the reasons why the Botanical Pain Reliever is so effective where other over-the-counter and prescription pain medications have come up short and have had serious complications. This really works to reduce inflammation!

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Botanical Pain Reliever – All Natural Topical Anti-Inflammatory

The Botanical Topical Pain Reliever is a remarkably effective way to control pain from inflammation naturally. It stops pain and swelling at the source without complications and with no potentially dangerous side effects that occur with oral pain meds that affect the whole body. After the documented heart complications and deaths associated with the long-term use of Viox and the gastro-intestinal issues that have been identified with the long-term use of most other common oral anti-inflammatory meds, like ibuprofen – More and more people are actively seeking natural remedies for pain relief that are validated by doctors and work without the complications.

The Botanical Topical Pain Reliever is doctor recommended and has worked for many people with Trigger Finger, Gout, persistent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms, Arthritis, and other auto-immune disorders. Inflammatory disorders are cyclical in nature. Once they start they are difficult to control because the swelling actually restricts circulation resulting in more swelling. When inflammation is successfully reduce and lymphatic fluids dispersed with the Botanical Pain Reliever, the body’s natural healing process takes over and keeps it under control.

The key to this powerful therapy is applying concentrated, soothing, anti-inflammatory relief focused on the specific part of the body that is feeling discomfort and needs relief, rather than treating the whole body with an oral pain reliever at a dilute dosage. Oral pain relievers affect all vital organs of the body with sometimes devastating consequences when used on a long-term basis for treating chronic pain. There are no complications with natural Botanical Pain Reliever. The deep penetrating pain relief seeps into the joints over six to eight hours during sleep and provides lasting relief from pain due to inflammation. It is safe, natural and effective.

Try it today! It is a better way to eliminate pain , discomfort and disperse inflammation without side effects!

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What About Other Over-The-Counter and Prescription Pain Medication or Steroid Injections?

Many other anti-inflammatory meds are quite effective if applied at sufficient concentration for an extended period of time, but the application through the digestive system or directly to the blood stream dilutes the effect of the anti-inflammatory action and limits the concentration that can be applied to the hand or wrist because of the damage that can be done to other organs of the body, like the stomach, heart, kidney and brain. The medical community have found recent news reports on Viox, for instances, to offer a profound lesson in the limitations of oral pain medication. This case illustrates what can go terribly wrong when systemic pain meds are applied to treat chronic pain conditions with distribution through the body’s digestive and circulatory pathways.

What is the Probability of an Allergic Reaction while using the Botanical Pain Reliever?

Less than one tenth of one percent of people will develop an allergic reaction. In the unlikely event that you develop an allergic reaction on your hand wrist or arm while using the Botanical Pain Reliever, you should stop using the product and see your physician. In most cases simply ceasing to expose the skin to any allergen will reduce and quickly stop the reaction. Your physician can guide you in managing any allergic reaction that may occur.

What is included in the Botanical Pain Reliever Kit?

  • 4 oz. Bottle of Concentrate Pure Botanical Pain Reliever – Proprietary All Natural Botantical Mixture – Tested, Proven, Safe, and Natural Anti-Inflammatory Emollient. Cold Pressed and Cold Processed to preserve the natural anti-inflammatory agents with no degradation from heat. Cold processing takes much longer, but preserves the active ingredients naturally.
  • 8 Specialty Designed Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic, Non-Latex, Reuseable (8 mil thick) Nitrile Gloves with Specialty Extended Cuff
  • Multiple sizes of Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic, Non-Latex Extra Wide Elastic Forearm Sealant Bands to allow you a custom snug fit without restricitng circulation.
  • Detailed Instructions of how to achieve concentrated targeted topical exposure to the Proprietary Botanical Pain Reliever right where you need it for six to eight hours while you sleep with no mess, no complications and easy clean up of your hands in the morning before you go about your day.
  • What is not included: No Latex, No Rubber Proteins, No Petroleum Based Solvents, No Mineral Oil, No Parabens, No Preservatives, No artifical color, No Artifical Fragrance, No Complications Associated with Oral Pain Medication, Systemic Pain Medication nor Corticosteroid Injections.

Just Safe, Natural, Concentrated and Focused Inflammation Relief in your Hand and Finger where you need it.

I have used over the counter Pain Creams without much effect, what is the difference between the Botanical Pain Reliever and Pain Creams?

Most people find that pain creams are messy to apply, rub off onto their clothes and bedding and lack the exposure time needed for deep penetration. Most Pain Creams are mixed with synthetic thickening agents which can cause side effects and allergic reactions, dilute the concentration and limit the transport rate through the skin barrier. Often the surface agents in creams cause burning sensations or tingling warmth or cooling sensations on the surface of the skin which distract sufferers from the discomfort for a short time with an alternate sensation, but generally offer little or no real anti-inflammatory pain therapy. With over-the-counter pain creams, you just do not get concentrated anti-inflammatory action in a native form delivered for a long enough period to the joints and soft tissue to break the cycle of chronic pain and discomfort due to inflammation.

The Botanical Pain RelieverTM on the other hand provides an all natural proprietary botanical blend of active ingredients that are in their native fluidic form. These ingredients are cold processed and are readily transported through the skin to provide high concentration of natural proven anti-inflammatory action for the whole night, right where you need it in your fingers, wrists and hands. The unique application technology that is employed with the The Botanical Pain RelieverTM Kit allows you to assure that the active ingredients are applied in sufficient concentration for a long enough time to have a significant effect on your hands, wrists, and fingers. There are no surface agents that cause temporary tingling and burning on the surface like the creams. There are no preservatives or fragrances added – Just the pure Botanical Actives applied in a way that allows full activity and extend exposure time.

Real User Experience –

“I am a seamstress and quilter and use my hands intensely at home and work. After about ten years I developed Trigger Finger and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I found the Carpal Solution online with my favorite search engine Google and it put my Carpal Tunnel under control quickly and without any downtime or complications, just like they say.

Then I found out that First Hand Medical was offering an all natural Botanical treatment for Trigger Finger. After the success with the Carpal Solution, I did not hesitate to try the Botanical Pain Reliever.

It also, worked quickly and as advertised. Within three weeks of the nightly treatments, my finger was back to normal and I still am able to use it intensely as ever. When I have flare ups, I just use the Botanical Pain Reliever for a couple of nights again and the painful clicking goes away. My whole hand feels better after a couple of nights with the Botanical Pain Reliever, even my skin feels softer and more supple on my hands.

First Hand Medical has totally awesome products. If you have Carpal Tunnel or Trigger Finger, give them a try. You will not be sorry!. Thank You First Hand!”

Connie – St. Louis, MO

“It has always seemed strange to treat my whole body for pain in my finger and expose my stomach, heart and brain to the affects of oral pain meds when the pain is just in my hand.” Said one satisfied customer. “The Botanical Topical Pain Reliever puts the medication in a concentrated form right where I needed relief – my hand.” “I had a bad case of trigger finger that would not go away. I tried topical over-the-counter treatments, natural oral pain relievers, extended rest and even my favorite over-the-counter anti-inflammatory med – Advil, but nothing would get the painful clicking under control.” “I depend on my hands for my work, which involves a lot of computer time. When a friend recommended the Botanical Pain Reliever, I was desperate and though it sounded too good to be true, I decided to give it a try.” It took about a week wearing the gloves with the botanical balm every night before I started to feel the effect. After two weeks my trigger finger went completely away and has not come back in over three months. I am a now a believer. I have peace of mind, knowing that even if I have flare-ups later, I can get them under control with no complications in just a few weeks of treatment. That is a great feeling.”

Bill Customer Service Manager – Boston, Massachusetts