Hair Stylist Finds Natural Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Avoids Surgery

Marcee is a Hairstylist in the Kansas City, Missouri Suburbs.
Watch Her Tell Her Carpal Tunnel Story.

“The Surgeon told me to change my career and schedule surgery, because Carpal Tunnel Syndrome would just come back if I continued doing hair for a living.”

“I love my job as a Hairstylist and I have invested way too much of my life into this career to change now. It seemed callous and kind of made me mad for him to say that to me.”

“Then my Doctor recommended the Carpal Solution. Within 2 -3 days of starting the treatment, I experienced an 80% improvement in my hands. The Carpal Solution was an answer to my prayers!”

Marcee suffered for over 14 years with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tried everything, nothing really worked until her doctor recommended the Carpal Solution Treatment.

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Hair Stylists and Barbers Have a High Rate of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Few professions involve more consistent and intense hand use than Hairstylists, Barbers and Beauticians. All the gripping, twisting, clipping, combing and brushing for hour after hour, day after day, puts a lot of strain on the body. It can be brutal on the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Gripping a hair blower and a curling iron at the same time with each hand can be one of the most challenging maneuvers for the hands and wrists.

Not surprisingly, all this abuse, year after year, leads to one of the highest incidences of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among professions.

For the hair professional dealing with Carpal Tunnel presents some unique challenges.

The common symptoms of CTS are: hand numbness, loss of fine motor control, loss of feeling and sensitivity in the fingers, weak grip strength and regularly dropping objects.

These beauty technicians love their craft. There is probably nothing more embarrassing than dropping a hair blower, a curling iron or a brush for the hair professional. It can deal a blow to one’s credibility. Losing control of one’s hands and fingers can be depressing and affect self-esteem.

After a person has spent their life time developing their skills as a stylist and building their reputation and clientele, it can be financially devastating to deal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Hair Stylists generally have an extremely loyal following of clients who depend on their skills and insights to achieve the look and style the clients are after. However, Carpal Tunnel can cause the loyalty to waiver and come into question. The last thing a hair professional wants is to lose the trust and confidence of their clients.

Since CTS is a nerve disorder, worry and frustration can aggravate the syndrome and cause irritability and loss of patience. Not exactly good for public relations.

Finally, a Hair Stylist greatest asset is his or her reputation with their clients, their client’s friends and the community at large. Losing the feeling sensitivity of your hands, the fine motor control and regularly dropping things can compromise the perception of the hair professional in her public image.

Fortunately for Hair Stylists and Barbers, Doctors have developed a better first line of Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Many call it the “Best Carpal Tunnel Treatment.”

doctors have developed a carpal tunnel cure

It is a night time passive stretching treatment that works while you sleep in the comfort of home. No Downtime!

Most people get relief of their worst Carpal Tunnel Symptoms within 6 Weeks and Complete Remission within Six Weeks. Then the symptoms go away for 2 – 7 years for most.

The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people

the carpal solution offers a money back guarantee

There is no reason to go on suffering and losing earnings at work. You can get relief like Marcee.

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The Carpal Solution allows Hair Professionals and Cosmetologists to stay Active and Keep doing their magic….

….Styling beautiful and unique looking hair styles that dazzle the eye and enhance personal confidence.

You can benefit from the experience of Hair Professionals like Marcee and others who struggled for years with wrist pain, hand pain, hand numbness, sleep loss and dropping the brushes and curling irons.

They felt out of control with the loss of feeling sensation and marginal fine motor skills.

They wasted so much time and money suffering and trying all kinds of treatment options for CTS that did not work.

Take the advantage and learn from these women from your profession. Go straight to “Go-To Carpal Tunnel Treatment” for the Cosmetology Field: The Carpal Solution – and save the aggravation and money. Keep your career on track with no downtime.

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“When you have invested so much time, money, advertising and built your reputation as a Salon Owner, It is really frustrating to put everything on hold to rehab from Carpal Tunnel Surgery.”

Jenna – Salon Owner. Denver, Colorado.

a dentist can
a dentist can

Don’t let financial crisis hamstring your career.
Get the Carpal Solution today.

All professions in the cosmetology field have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They are all so active with their hands.
These include:

Hair Stylists
Hair Dressers
Hair Colorists
Make-up Artists

Nail Technicians
Even Desairologists

The good news is the Beauty Professional now has a “Go-to treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” with no downtime and no risks – and at a minimal expense. The Carpal Solution is also reimbursed by health insurance.

For a hand/wrist condition that comes back even after Carpal Tunnel Surgery, having a simple easy treatment that you can do at home during sleep is by far the best way to treat and manage Carpal Tunnel.

Whenever you have flare-ups you can turn to the Carpal Solution Treatment with confidence knowing tomorrow is going to be another great day at work.

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“I love doing hair. I have regained my confidence at work now. Thanks to the Carpal Solution, The wrist pain is behind me. I don’t worry anymore about my hands and wrists. I can work as many hours as I need to work. My client list keeps growing.”

“The Carpal Solution saved my Hair Styling Career. Thank You!”

Lauren. Bridgeport, Connecticut

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