Mr. Alan Ward – Master Occupational Therapist

Expert Occupational Therapist Explains Best Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options to Avoid Risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

master therapist talks about how to cure carpal tunnel syndrome

Mr. Alan Ward is a Master of Occupational Therapy with a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Utah Medical School and over 15 Years of experience helping people recover from all types of occupational ailments including chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

As a hand and forearm specialist and an expert in applying splints and braces to facilitate natural healing, Mr. Ward quickly recognized the potential to solve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms naturally with the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment Kit.

Mr. Ward is Co-Founder and Vice President of Precision Rehabilitation – Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy in Blanding, Utah.

Watch a video of Medical Hand Specialist, Mr. Ward by clicking on the arrow in the image of him above. Here Mr. Ward speaks as a medical expert in therapy of the hand and forearm. He explains the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and best practices for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment Kit. Mr. Ward states that most patients can avoid the downtime and risks associated with Carpal Tunnel Surgery by utilizing the Carpal Solution Treatment Regimen during sleep at home. With a Masters in Occupational Therapy and over 15 years of experience treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with the Carpal Solution Treatment Program, Mr. Ward has deep medical expertise and practical medical know-how working in the trenches with patients daily. Over 15 years he has seen almost every possible scenario with the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Precision Rehabilitation has been the premier provider of Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) services in the Southeastern Utah area since 2007. Our skilled team of therapists is knowledgeable and compassionate.

The Team of professional therapist specialize in diverse areas of practice and are always working to deliver high-quality Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. We serve patients in a wide variety of rural healthcare settings. We offer direct patient care in our own clinics as well as contracting our services through other rural health agencies. Our top-notch therapy staff can be found improving lives at all of the following Utah locations/agencies:

• Precision Rehabilitation PT and OT outpatient clinics in Blanding, Monticello, and the Moab Hand Therapy Clinic.

• Inpatient PT & OT services at Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding, and San Juan Hospital in Monticello.

• Utah Navajo Health Systems PT&OT outpatient clinics in Montezuma Creek and Monument Valley.

• PT & OT Home Health Services for Rocky Mountain Home Care, Zion’s Way Home Health, and CNS Home Health (Servicing Moab*, Monticello, Blanding, Bluff, Montezuma Creek, Aneth, Mexican Hat, Monument Valley, and the areas that surround these communities).

• Canyonlands Care Center* in Moab.

• Grand County School District*.

• Home-based treatments in Moab*.

*OT only

there is a natural cure to severe carpal tunnel pain

Alan Ward has been providing Expert Occupational Therapy Services in southeastern Utah since 2005. He provides Occupational Therapy in a variety of settings including hospitals (San Juan Hospital and Blue Mountain Hospital), outpatient clinics (Monticello, Blanding, Montezuma Creek, and Monument Valley), and for Home Health patients throughout most of San Juan County.

Alan’s outpatient Occupational Therapy clinics specialize on rehabilitating disorders of the hand and forearm, with deep expertise in custom splinting and bracing rehabilitation technology. He has been a leader in developing alternative treatments like the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment Kit to help patients heal naturally and avoid the downtime and risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. He also focuses his expertise on rehabilitating function in the activities of daily life. He helps patients regaining function in everything from the basics like dressing/grooming/self-care, to higher level skills like driver re-entry and community access skills.

He is often involved in assessing home environments for fall risks and consulting with patients/families on ways to do some basic modifications that will greatly improve safety and independence for a loved one who is ill or disabled. He loves working with the people in Southeastern Utah and enjoying the community with his wife and six children.

Mr. Ward Recommends the Carpal Solution Treatment Program as the best first line of treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

He said: “I recommend the Carpal Solution to my patients without reservation. It is the best first step for patients suffering with carpal tunnel symptoms.”

“Carpal Tunnel can present in a wide area of symptoms which could include: wrist pain, hand pain, numbness in the hand and fingers, loss of grip strength, loss of fine motor skills, loss of sensitivity in the finger tips, clumsiness with hands, chronically cold hands, itching palms, thumb pain, finger pain, and even shoulder, forearm and neck pain. These symptoms often confuse doctors who do not work with Carpal Tunnel on a regular basis.”

When a Medical Expert in Occupational Therapy recommends the Carpal Solution to patients without reservation, saying, it is the best first line treatment, you know you can trust it. After prescribing the Carpal Solution successfully to patients for 15 years, Mr. Ward has deep experience and expertise in the successful treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

As a trained expert occupational therapist with significant success treating thousands of patients over the last 15 years, Mr. Ward can speak with authority on the subject of Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis and Treatment. He is a trusted medical expert you can rely upon for expert medical advice on the subject of hand and forearm ailments like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Mr. Ward said in an interview,

“We always try to use the least invasive procedure or treatment with a proven track record of success for any ailment. That is recognized generally in Medicine as the best practice to follow. This minimizes the risk and downtime for the patient and it usually minimizes the cost and potential complications to which the patient might be exposed. Our goal as Occupation Therapist is to help people recover as quickly as possible in a way that is sustainable and gets people functioning again at a high level with the least disruption to the patient’s normal activities.”

“The Carpal Solution Treatment fits our ideal model as a profession in Occupational Therapy. There is no downtime. The Carpal Solution has no serious potential complications. It is safe for the patient to use without worries about complications or scar tissue formation, like they commonly experience with carpal tunnel surgery. The Carpal Solution has a minimal cost for the patient and is reimbursed by health insurance.”

“The fact is, the Carpal Solution Stretching Treatment works as well as almost any therapeutic treatment that I utilize.”

“We provide the Carpal Solution directly to our patients from the Clinic and get the reimbursement from the patient’s health insurance directly to us. The Carpal Solution is a win for the patient, a win for the health insurance provider (they save the costs of steroid injections and surgery with rehabilitation) and it is a win for us as an Occupational Therapy Clinic. We make a reasonable profit and have the satisfaction of knowing that we are giving the patient the best treatment option available for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with the least cost and the least disruption to their normal life.”

Carpal Solution Product Fanned out with description developed by Doctors

Dr. Jerome Grossman stated:


“In medicine few clinicians are as connected and aware of patient issues as Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist. These medical experts are charged with making sure patients recover completely and regain complete functionality after surgery or after an injury. We the medical experts at First Hand Medical value the contributions of dedicated clinicians, like Mr. Alan Ward. He is relentless at finding what is best for his patients and delivering the best practice in standard of care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

“We all take our hands and arms for granted until we lose function. Once the function is lost, panic often sets in, because it is nearly impossible to carry on without fully functioning hands. The chronic sleep loss can also make ordinary life torturous.”

“Having successfully treated thousands of carpal tunnel patients, Mr. Ward has proven to be a trusted medical expert as an Occupational Therapist Specializing in Hands and Forearms. He knows his medical specialty well.

Also, I might add, that providing best in class occupational therapy and Carpal Tunnel Treatment to underserved populations in our culture, like the work Mr. Ward does on behalf of Native Americans, is truly inspiring to us all.

Thank you, Mr. Ward for your contribution in this important field and for helping people to heal naturally from chronic carpal tunnel syndrome without having to resort to the risks and downtime of Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

We at First Hand Medical applaud your dedication to such important medical objectives.”

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