Carpal Tunnel Wrist Splints

Authored by Medical Expert: Mr. Alan Ward, MSOT, Master Occupational Therapist, Expert in Splinting and Bracing of Hands and Forearms

The Carpal Solution is a unique soft tissue wrist support that massages injured tissue around the Carpal Tunnel gentling stretching it in three different directions. This gentle spreading action relieves subtle pressure on the median nerve and delivers potent relief from the pain, numbness, tingling, and discomfort resulting from the combined action of thousands of relatively small Repetitive Stress Injuries, (or RSI) which often is a major contributor to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Normal blood circulation is restored when the pressure from swelling is relieved with the Carpal Solution and the body’s natural healing at the cellular level is allowed to carry on again.

Many people suffering with CTS have had their doctors recommend rigid wrist splints. This has been the conventional wisdom for some time that when some one experiences Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, they should be put in a wrist splint to immobilize the hand and stop pain from movement. The fact is that wrist splints can relieve some of the pain from movement, however, the rigid constant pressure of the hard splint against the inflamed and injured soft tissue at the Carpal Tunnel aggravates the delicate and injured fascia tissue and also results in the muscle in your hands and forearms melting away from not being used.

These rigid devices also are strapped tight against the skin compressing it around the inflamed and swollen tissue and inhibiting free blood circulation. Without free blood flow the natural healing process and dispersion of excess lymphatic fluid causing the swelling is prevented. The end result of using rigid splints is to complicate the recovery from CTS and actually make the debilitating condition worse in most cases. Most muscular skeletal specialist now recognize that the rigid wrist splints are a poor therapy for Carpel Tunnel sufferers.

The Carpal Solution wrist therapy operates in a vastly different way to the immobilizing wrist splints and rigid hand braces. Users apply the disposable soft tissue stretching brace at night, and the product tugs on the hand in three different key trigger points to gently massage swollen and inflamed soft tissue. Mild CTS sufferers can find relief from their worst symptoms such as hand numbness, finger tingling, and hand discomfort in as little as a week or two, but need to recognize that soft tissue reshaping process requires the full six weeks to put the condition in remission. Even though the worst CTS symptoms go into remission early in the process it is important to follow the full medical six week protocol, just like with antibiotics and other medical protocols, if you do not complete the course you will like have more rapid and repeated episodes.

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Muscular skeletal specialists know well that when retraining soft tissue that four to eight weeks of careful stretching and massage is required for lasting results.

The Carpal Solution is unparalleled in its treatment efficacy. First Hand Medical has conducted vigorous, scientific clinical tests to measure the efficacy of Carpal Solution therapy, and the results are compelling. Over 95 percent of patients report relief. Considering that carpal tunnel wrist surgery itself delivers only around 40 percent satisfaction, this is a marvelous figure indeed.

At, you can learn much more about the challenges and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and browse some compelling testimonials from real sufferers. You will also find a logical well presented thought process for guiding you through your recovery from CTS. The video content on Natural Carpal Tunnel Relief is especially compelling. . Please seek a confirming diagnosis of your condition with a knowledgeable physician or orthopedic hand specialist as early as you can and start using Carpal Solution Therapy today while you wait for your appointment.

Be proactive about your hand health. This is the only pair of hands you will get in this life. Start using the Carpal Solution now to get your hands and wrist back to normal in just six weeks and get back to restful sleep without complications.

The Carpal Solution is all Natural and it works!

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 50,000 people and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

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