Carpal Tunnel Therapy – Soft Tissue Stretching Treatment

Authored by Medical Expert: Mr. Alan Ward, MSOT, Master Occupational Therapist, Expert in Splinting and Bracing of Hands and Forearms

A remarkable new kind of therapy is allowing people to obtain relief from pain and suffering associated with repetitive stress and soft tissue injuries without the complications of oral medication, or risks of steroid therapy and invasive surgery. Because, the methods for diagnosing, monitoring and tracking soft tissue injury and healing have not been well developed, the conventional medical world has been slow to recognize and endorse soft tissue therapy. However, conventional medicine have also been slow to develop treatment regimens that are effective for soft tissue, bone and joint pain that are acceptable to well informed healthcare consumers.The old Doctor’s adage: “Take these and call me in the morning” illustrates the path of conventional medical practice, which has gone terribly wrong in the case of treating soft tissue, bone and joint pain. The recent findings on the cardiovascular side effects resulting from long-term use of Cox-2 Inhibitors, such as Viox, have shocked the FDA, prescribing physicians and the major pharmaceutical companies. Also stomach complications associated with long-term use of most oral systemic pain medication make them not a viable alternative for long-term treatment of pain. These finding make it especially urgent to find alternatives therapies that work.

Today, there is an undeniable body of evidence that specifically designed soft tissue therapy directed at well known sources of pain or injury can have remarkable results for patients suffering from these type of disorders.

A common example of well known soft tissue impairment is repetitive stress induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. CTS affects over 75 million people globally. It is growing most rapidly in industrialized countries where repetitive stress in assembly line manufacturing is common. However, as the information age accelerates across the globe, it has been found that long hours of keyboarding has become a leading contributor to repetitive stress and CTS. In countries like the US where information technology has taken hold, chronic CTS diagnosis is growing at a rate of 10% per year. CTS is the leading cause of lost time at work in North America.

Repetitive hand and wrist action often results in subcutaneous tissues becoming injured and swollen. These tissues include fascia, muscle, ligament, tendon, sheaths, retinaculum and peripheral nerve and blood vessels. In restricted passages of the body, swollen soft tissue can become compressed together creating intense pressure. Adjacent soft tissue can adhere together when compressed under these conditions over a prolonged period.

The Median Nerve passes through a narrow tunnel created by bones and the carpal ligament at the base of the hand where it meets the wrist. This passage is known as the Carpal Tunnel. When the Median Nerve is compressed and impinged against inelastic body parts by the surrounding soft tissue in this restricted space, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome results. CTS sufferers deal with intense pain, numbness and lack of feeling in the hand, fingers and thumb, sleep loss and hand dysfunction—all of which inhibits hand activity at work, home and during recreation.

While Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a big problem, the conventional medical treatments have left most CTS sufferers less than content with the outcomes. Carpal Ligament Release Surgery is a great case in point, it has a less than 60% success rate. It begs the question: Who is going to take on the risks of surgery with such a low probability of success? Only somebody that is desperate. Indeed there are over 300,000 Carpal Release Surgeries performed every year in North America. Many CTS sufferers are not armed with the facts regarding the odds of a good surgical outcome. Often if repetitive stress hand activity is continued the surgery has to be repeated within two or three years. For most healthcare consumers this is not an acceptable methodology! Now there are reliable alternative for most soft tissue hand injuries and CTS sufferers.

Breakthrough example of Soft Tissue Therapy: Dr. Morgan, a dedicated physician and an ingenious inventor, developed a unique new soft tissue therapy to help his patients and loved ones manage their pain and gain control over their debilitating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms. His idea is to set up a way to decompress the injured soft tissue by exerting gentle pressure consistently applied over several weeks. He had developed the general idea for this therapy, but with managing his busy practice he lacked the time to devote to professional product development. When Dr. Morgan’s wife developed an increasingly painful case of chronic CTS, he was motivated to action. The result is the Carpal Solution.

Dr. Morgan’s remarkable invention is designed to be worn at night while the person is sleeping. It generates gentle pulling action at three key points on the palm of the hand around the Carpal Tunnel. Dr. Morgan states, “This gentle stretching action consistently applied over six to eight hours during sleep, decompresses the soft tissue in and around the carpal tunnel and relieves the pressure on the Median Nerve.” It is the ideal way to treat your hands with a proven and non-invasive Carpal Tunnel Therapy that is natural and has no downtime, risks or complications associated with conventional CTS treatments. Watch a video of Dr. Perrone speaking on Carpal Tunnel Therapy and then continue with the article below.
dr perrone discusses curing carpal tunnel

Dr. Morgan states that: “Soft tissue therapy is a gentle and gradual, but effective process. Even though patients usually experience relief from their symptoms in a few days, it is important that the full six week protocol is followed. It requires two weeks of wearing the Carpal Solution every night, followed by four weeks of wearing the device every other night.”

Independent studies confirm over 97% high satisfaction with the Carpal Solution by consumers using this unique therapy at home. This kind of high consumer satisfaction confirms the ease with which the Solution can be self-applied at home.

The Carpal Solution represents a new class of medical products that allow proactive healthcare consumers to self-diagnose and self-treat at home while seeking a confirming diagnosis from their physician to assure that they are not missing any important contributing factors or related complications. Dr. Grossman, Chairman of the Advisory Board at Eureka and Director of Healthcare Delivery at Harvard’s Kennedy School states, “Breakthrough home health care products like the Carpal Solution will be key to solving some of the major problems associated with the health care delivery systems around the world.” Eureka Medical’s expert Medical Advisory Board awarded Dr. Morgan and First Hand Medical their Top Home Healthcare Award in 2004 for the Carpal Solution.

You can take control of your carpal tunnel symptoms today with reliable soft tissue therapy.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 50,000 people and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

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