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The vast majority of carpal tunnel braces on the market immobilize the wrist and hands to prevent or restrict movement. Medical experts and researchers are at odds about whether these stiff braces do harm or good. However, the balance of evidence suggests that stiff splints will reduce pain due to movement, but are ineffective in providing any therapeutic relief to resolve chronic inflammation, an underlying cause of CTS.

The consensus is that these rigid braces and splints in fact worsen the painful numb symptoms of the hand and wrist in the long run. Rigid hand braces and wrist splints result in muscle atrophy over time which can greatly complicate recovery from repetitive strain injury. Once the muscle has atrophied, you have to rebuild the muscle without injuring the tissue once again. This can be a tricky maneuver, that requires a lot of physical therapy and icing.

Also, conventional rigid hand orthotic devices actually compress and further compact and irritate already injured compacted tissue that needs to be gently decompressed instead of compressed further.

People often wonder: “Of all the different braces for Carpal Tunnel, which one actually works?”

Fortunately, there is a comfortable flexible brace that works for over 97 percent of carpal tunnel sufferers. It has been used by over 81,000 people. The Carpal Solution has won high plaudits from patients, physicians, and the distinguished Eureka Medical Expert Advisory Board, who evaluated and awarded the Top Home health care Device to the Carpal Solution Orthotic.

Application is easy, and you can wear the Carpal Solution in your sleep without discomfort and without disturbing your partner. Basically, this soft brace provides a gentle carpal tunnel massage of the soft tissue at the base of your hand while you sleep.

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With improved blood circulation in your hand, wrist, and forearms, and increased flexibility of the soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel, you will experience significant relief of the more acute symptoms of CTS in just a couple of weeks and complete remission by following the Carpal Solution regimen over a period of six weeks.

Patients report that they gain grip strength back within just a few weeks of using the unique Carpal Solution passive stretching and exercise brace. As the muscle in the hand recovers fluids disperse and pressure on the nerve is eliminated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome slips into remission and you get on with your work, sleep and play as if you never had CTS.

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Please review written customer reviews and the video customer reviews from real people who have suffered with CTS for a few months and others for up to ten or fifteen years before they found the natural relief they sought with the Carpal Solution. You will find these testimonial here at, or at our YouTube video channel called: MyCarpalTunneldotcom.

Of course, it’s always important to work hand-in-hand with your physician when treating an ailment of this kind. The Carpal Solution is an ideal resource for patients frustrated by standard treatment options and searching for an effective, FDA-registered, clinically tested, non-invasive method to tackle the problem. Don’t wait until your CTS develops to the point that you can’t work or sleep–Order Today and regain your peace of mind.

neurologists recommend The Carpal Solution over wrist braces as the first line of defense against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your hand function and restful sleep are much too important to put off doing something about them. You can order the Carpal Solution and get the relief you need, while you wait for your doctor’s appointment to confirm your self diagnosis. Check out the rest of for advice, info, and ordering help call:

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Doctors Advice on Carpal Tunnel Stretches treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Solution Passive Stretching Exercise System allows people to get back to their active life styles with No Downtime, No Risks and No Complications.

Watch a Video on on this unique Carpal Tunnel Brace works to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while you sleep. Heat tracking before and after treatment video .

Patient Success is over 97%!

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Complications from Splinting, Wearing Wrist Splints and Application of Carpal Tunnel Braces

There are a host of potential complications that can result from the use of conventional Carpal Tunnel Braces and Wrist Splints that you find in a pharmacy or a medical supply shop. Wearing these devices immobilize the hand and wrist and can reduce symptoms in the first couple of weeks, but when used for more than a few weeks the potential complications include:

  • Muscle Atrophy,
  • Joint Stiffness,
  • Loss of Muscle Flexibility,
  • Chronic Pain from the Wrist Splint and
  • more severe complications like Infection and
  • complex regional pain syndrome.

This is why the Doctors of First Hand Medical recommend staying away from splinting with wrist splints or bracing with rigid braces for a chronic syndrome like Carpal Tunnel. The early relief of some carpal tunnel pain due to movement creates a false expectation of long-term improvement.

Using a flexible Stretch Taping System like the Carpal Solution Home Treatment Kit avoids all the above complications and jump-starts your body’s natural healing. The Flexible Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Brace restores blood circulation and restores flexibility to the injured soft tissue allowing your body to heal naturally.

References to scientific studies and clinical studies documenting the potential complications from Rigid Carpal Tunnel Braces:

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Excessive immobilization from continuous use of a cast or splint can lead to chronic pain, joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, or more severe complications (e.g., complex regional pain syndrome).

Complications of a Cast or Splint – Basic Nursing Training Course

Long-term use of a cast or splint often leads to Increased Stiffness in Muscles and Joints, muscle atrophy and even infection.

confused by conventional treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome braces make it worse
Discover a safer alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery that actually works

The Carpal Solution alternative to surgery is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

How does the Carpal Solution Brace work?

The Carpal Solution gently stretches simultaneously at three key points on the palm surrounding the carpal tunnel during sleep. Consistent gentle stretching action applied for 6 to 8 hours while the hand is relaxed and supported, decompresses and retrains the soft tissue around the carpal tunnel relieving pressure on the Median Nerve.

Carpal Solution Therapy combines this patented gentle soft tissue reshaping method during sleep with active use during the day. This results in an ideal rhythmic therapy for rapid relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms with no muscle atrophy or down time. The hand rehabilitates through normal use once pain is relieved. This is a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that works for over 97% of those suffering with CTS symptoms.

Some people call the Carpal Solution a “Passive Stretching Exercise Taping System” others call it “A Carpal Tunnel Cure”, Neurologists call it the “Best First Line of Defense Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”, whatever you may want to call it, you will be glad you found it and were able to get your Carpal Tunnel Condition under control with a safe, all natural stretching therapy that is convenient and cost effective and works in just a few weeks without having to leave your home. There is no need to worry any more. Get Carpal Tunnel Relief while you sleep with the Carpal Solution.

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The Carpal Solution has been used by over 150,000 people and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

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The Carpal Solution has been used by over 150,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Watch Professionals Discuss Their Experiences Using The Carpal Solution Therapy Pack.

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