Power Lifting Champion Cures Carpal Tunnel without Surgery

Wearing a Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace for Weightlifting – Wins Bronze Metal

Power Lifting Champion Cures Carpal Tunnel without Surgery

I’m an amateur power lifting athlete (but competing at the international level) so when I got the carpal tunnel diagnosis and was told that the only solution was surgery I was devastated.

Initially I simply tried to push through, had physio, did some stretches, etc. But, it got to a stage when my hand would go numb so often at night, that I couldn’t sleep – the only thing that would relieve the numbness was getting up and walking around. This obviously was a nightmare and started affecting my training as well. But the numbness kept getting worse and after consulting numerous doctors and physios I nearly resigned myself to the fact that I would have to have the surgery – I even started looking into private options as I wasn’t sure I could wait for months to have it done via public health channels.

I compete in bench-pressing so my hand is absolutely indispensable. When I was told I needed the surgery, I was also told that this would mean no lifting at all for 6 weeks and that my wrist afterwards probably wouldn’t be as stable as before which overall meant the end of lifting for me. And that was happening right before the Nationals, with something like 2.5 months to go before the World Competition.

Still, I kept scouring the internet in hope of finding something that would at least alleviate the problem and I stumbled across the carpal solution. I won’t pretend, it all looked too good to be true – all the reviews etc. The treatment seemed too simple and I was pretty sure it was all a scam.

But I was DESPERATE so I decided to try. In the first two weeks nothing changed but I carried on with the treatment every night (I ended up using it every night for 6 weeks, not for 2 as recommended) and by the end of week three, I noticed a difference.

By the end of week four I started having nights when I would sleep through, with no numbness at all. My physio as well as my GP who referred me for the surgery, were just as amazed as I was. Seriously, I simply could not believe that it was helping but the difference was undeniable! By the end of week 6 my hand was fine! I carried on with the treatment every other night for 2 more weeks and ever since I use it just once a week but I’ve had no issues whatsoever for the last 3 months! It’s unbelievable.

So “The Carpal Solution” really saved me just in time for my competition prep. I could not have even competed without this amazing stretching therapy.

There are not too many times in life when you can compete in a worldwide competition in your sport at the highest level with an opportunity to place. It means so much to me. So many years of work paid off and even Carpal Tunnel did not derail my run at performing at my best.

Power Lifters Depend on The Carpal Solution

I wish more people could try The Carpal Solution Treatment instead of surgery. I’m forever grateful to First Hand Medical for saving me from the surgery and allowing me to continue competing, I have since won bronze at the World’s Championships 🙂

Thanks again, I keep telling everyone how amazing this stretching therapy is!

Miriam R.
Power Lifting Champion
Vancouver, Canada

Weight Lifters and Power Lifting leads to a High Incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

People who lift weights become addicted to the endorphins, muscularity, physical well-being and self-mastery that accrues with disciplined resistance training. This sport requires so much personal discipline to reach one’s peak performance, that any interruption can be extremely unsettling and even depressing. Unfortunately, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often interrupts a weigh lifter’s disciplined work outs and can set them back significantly.

Lifting weights of any kind, and especially power lifting puts enormous force on the hands, joints, muscles and other soft tissue that holds the bones of the hand and wrist together. The soft tissue that cushions and binds the bones allows the hands to work in harmonious synchronicity to achieve amazing results. With the forces involved, with such repetition and frequency, it is really not too surprising that weight lifters and powerlifters have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So, Does Weightlifting Cause Carpal Tunnel? Yes, It can be a powerful contributing factor to the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Lets get more into the general causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome physiologically:

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Still most people are in a quandary about how Carpal Tunnel gets started. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome onset occurs when the soft tissue is injured and puts off inflammation. The inflammation gets trapped because in the Carpal Tunnel Space there is not a lot of extra space, everything is packed in there very tight. The trapped inflammation puts pressure on the Median Nerve causing a variety of possible Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. The pressure from the trapped inflammation also puts pressure on the blood vessels restricting circulation. It also restricts lymphatic fluid exchange, which is the body’s way of disposing of toxins from injury. These restrictions in full blood circulation and lymphatic fluid exchange shuts down the body’s healing processes. The injured tissue loses it flexibility and becomes more rigid and contracts creating even more pressure on the Nerve. This is why Carpal Tunnel will progress and become worse and worse if not treated.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a Cyclical Condition

Carpal Tunnel is known as a cyclical condition for several reasons:

  1. The symptoms comes back even after successful treatment – Even after a successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Most people are led to believe that surgery is a permanent fix. Not so, That’s right, most people are surprised to learn that: Carpal Tunnel Returns for over 90% of people even after a successful surgery within 8 years. Second Surgeries have a much lower success rate.
  2. Once you break the cycle of pain and numbness – by dispersing the trapped inflammation, you body’s natural healing takes over, full blood circulation is restored, lymphatic fluid exchange becomes fully functional to clear toxins from the injury and your Carpal Tunnel Condition can go into remission for years once your body’s healing processes are restored.

How Does One Break the Carpal Tunnel Cycle of Trapped Inflammation?

Interestingly, the key to breaking the cycle of this chronic syndrome is quite simple. It just takes gentle consistent stretching applied for 8 hours each night for two weeks and 8 hours every other night for four weeks for most people. This amounts to over 220 hours of gentle consistent targeted stretching in just 6 weeks.

Most people think, “Seriously, you expect me to believe that a little stretching of my hand around the Carpal Tunnel is going to cure this chronic syndrome that is causing me so much stress?” “Seems to good to be true.” And you know the old adage: “If is seems to good to be true that it is too good to be true.”

Natural healing often defies logic. The body possess incredible ability to heal itself if we unblock the pathways to healing.

Consistently doing small things right is one of the great precursors to success in any endeavor.

Consistency In Action: Is It The Hidden Driver For Success https://blog.iqmatrix.com/consistency-in-action

It is the same with breaking this chronic carpal tunnel cycle. Applying targeted passive stretching consistently over 6 weeks yields somewhat incredible results. But when one stops and thinks about it – Recognizing the body’s remarkable ability to heal itself, it is really not that surprising.

The good news is you do not have to take any risks or spend 220 hours in 6 weeks performing stretching exercises. This would be daunting.

The Doctors at First Hand Medical have developed a stretching treatment kit that works for most people by wearing disposable treatment devices each night during sleep. You simply put on these comfortable little devices before bed, set the tension with an intuitive ingenious method that is customized to your size and shape of hand and go to bed just like normal. The Carpal Solution Devices then gently stretch your hand during sleep in three targeted areas.

The Carpal Solution provides over 220 hours of gentle consistent stretching at three key trigger points during the six-week treatment program.

Overtime the Trapped Inflammation begins to break up and your body disperses it and disposes of the toxins. The Full Blood Circulation and Full Lymphatic Fluid Exchange restores flexibility to the injured tissue. The full healing processes restored and the Cycle of Carpal Tunnel Pain is Broken.

Once Carpal Tunnel Syndrome goes into remission naturally – it can stay in remission for up to 12 years. For most people it will come back when the perfect storm of events that brought on carpal tunnel syndrome in the first place, reoccurs. For most people it is 2 – 8 years depending on a wide variety of factors and underlying potential Carpal Tunnel Causes.

When it comes back you simply repeat the Six Week Treatment Program and put Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in remission again for years.

How long does it take to break the Carpal Tunnel Cycle?

Carpal Solution Home Treatment Kit Number 1 Doctor Recommended

The time it takes to break the Carpal Tunnel Trapped Inflammation Cycle can vary widely. There are over 20 different factors that can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most people have multiple factors that contribute to their Carpal Tunnel Condition. When you do the statistical calculations, that amounts to over 200,000 possible combinations of contributing factors. That is why there are such a wide variety of outcomes. However, we have helped over 200,000 people overcome Carpal Tunnel and avoid Surgery altogether. So, we have seen it all and recognize the major categories of how people respond.

Most people get over their worst symptoms in 3 weeks and achieve complete remission in 6 weeks. Then it can go away for years.

Some people start feeling better the first night of treatment. Some people take up to five weeks before they feel any improvement. But, once your body’s natural healing process get started, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms regress quickly for most.

Some people have more persistent symptoms and have slow steady progress over 10 weeks. (about 8% of people) At the six week point these people are usually 40 – 70% better, but need to proceed to get their symptoms in complete remission. The goal is complete remission of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome so the cycle is broken and Carpal Tunnel can go away for years. If you do not achieve complete remission CTS can return more quickly. The Doctors have developed protocols you can do at home to accelerate your recovery if you fall into this group of “Persistent Carpal Tunnel Symptoms”.

Some people get worse before they get better (about 3% of people). These individuals are inclined to give up and say it is making it worse and want to quit. However, it is important to repress the instinct to quit. Sometimes, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms worsen for a week or two due to the generation of increased inflammation due to stretching the injured soft tissue. In these cases the doctors recommend a slightly slower protocol of every other night for the first two weeks combined with icing 3 times a day for twenty minutes each time to dampen the inflammation response. Also, going to a low carb diet, like a keto diet, can help to curb inflammation response of your body and benefit your overall health including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The experts on Carpal Tunnel at First Hand Medical have developed a protocol to help these individuals get through this transition period where the injured soft tissue puts off inflammation as part of the process of becoming more flexible. You can mitigate the pain and accelerate your natural healing recovery process by following the Doctors’ suggestions.

So, if you start to get worse, don’t panic, call us and we can help coach you through this short transition period.
Once you are completely better, you will be so glad you persisted through this brief transition period and put Carpal Tunnel behind you naturally.

Weight Lifters and Power Lifting Enthusiast have lots of questions about Carpal Tunnel:

  • Can You Get Carpal Tunnel From Lifting Weights? Yes, People doing Weightlifting, Power Lifting, and Olympic Weight Lifting – all experience a higher incidence of Carpal Tunnel than the population at large. This has been discussed above in detail.
  • Carpal tunnel prevention for weight lifting. There is a Carpal Tunnel Prevention Program that works for weight lifting as well as any profession. If you think you are at risk for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or you are starting to experience symptoms or your friends and colleagues around you are getting Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and you want to avoid the downtime and restrictions – You can purchase the Carpal Solution Preventive Treatment Package and begin using the Carpal Solution 1 night or 2 nights per week to prevent the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Once Carpal Tunnel is in full remission and your body’s healing pathways are open, you may only need to use it once every month or once every six weeks while you are doing intense activity like training for a World Championship in Power Lifting. Then, when the intense activity subsides, and your symptoms are in complete remission you won’t need any preventative treatment at all.
There is a Natural Treatment That Weight Lifters Use to Prevent and Cure Carpal Tunnel
Order The Carpal Solution Natural Stretching Treatment Today
  • Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace for Weightlifting – As Miriam described, the best Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace for weightlifting is wearing the Carpal Solution Night Time Stretching Treatment. You should stay away from the rigid wrist splints altogether. These rigid braces and splints lead to muscle atrophy, injure soft tissue and make Carpal Tunnel Syndrome worse in the long run. Using a Velcro wrap type of brace with no rigid backing while lifting can be helpful in supporting the wrist while lifting, but stay away from any kind of splint.
  • Carpal Tunnel Weight Lifting Glove – Wearing a padded glove the insulates your hands from the intense pressure common with lifting weights can be a good idea. Although competitive lifters are restricted in what they can use as gloves. Sometimes weight lifting gloves can create hazards with slippage, so be careful and get advice from experienced lifters before you just buy any weightlifting glove.
  • Carpal Tunnel Brace for Weightlifting – Again, Carpal Tunnel Braces for Weightlifting are best not used while lifting. These rigid braces and wrist splints lead to further injury of the soft tissue around the Carpal Tunnel. These splints also lead to muscle atrophy in the hand which can lead to instability and weakness of your grip strength. The best Carpal Tunnel Brace for weightlifting is using the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching brace during sleep. Miriam experience above should guide your thought process on bracing for Carpal Tunnel and Weightlifting.
  • Can I Lift Weights with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Yes, but you need to be proactive about treating your Carpal Tunnel and follow Miriam’s example using the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Treatment to keep your natural healing processes at full strength, so your body can recover after an intense session of lifting and exercise.
  • Can I Lift Weights after Carpal Tunnel Surgery? As Miriam explained above after her consult with her Carpal Tunnel Surgeon in Canada, You can lift weights after surgery once your hands are completely healed. This usually takes about 8 to 12 weeks that you should not be lifting weights. If you start too soon you will likely create more scar tissue which will lead to more complications and an early return of your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

Also, Your hands will most likely be less stable than before surgery, because the biggest ligament of the hand, the Transverse Carpal Ligament is severed during surgery, it scars back together, but it is never quite as strong as it was before the surgery. So, if you did elect to have surgery, your long-term plan should be to do more reps with less weight and less resistance. After surgery you will be more susceptible to reinjury from lifting weights.

You need to wait at least 12 weeks after Carpal Tunnel Surgery before lifting weights again.
  • Is Working out bad for Carpal Tunnel? Exercise is good for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome prevention and overall health. However, the intense gripping and repetitive nature of resistance training and weightlifting can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if it is not managed properly. People who are committed to working out can utilize the Carpal Solution as a preventative treatment to avoid getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at all. Like they say: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This would apply to Carpal Tunnel and weightlifting, a preventative plan using the Carpal Solution can be very effective even once you have recovered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome naturally. Using the Carpal Solution Treatment between once a week and once a month can be an effective prevention program for weight lifters who cannot afford downtime from their work-out routine.
  • Can lifting weights cause wrist pain? Yes, most people who lift weights, lift weights frequently with increasing weight and intense discipline. So, the repetitive stress, the frequency and intense force can easily lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Weight Lifters, Power Lifters and CrossFit Enthusiasts and Trainers – all categories suffer from a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Much higher than the population at large.
  • Carpal Tunnel Olympic Weightlifting? Yes, no surprises here. Olympic Weightlifting and Power Weightlifters also have a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The good news is it can be treated effectively at night during sleep with a stretching treatment that jump-starts your body’s natural healing, so you recover and are able to keep training without downtime, scar tissue and permanent weakness of the grip strength associated with carpal tunnel surgery. With the Carpal Solution Natural Treatment you can also avoid cartilage loss and potential doping issues (always a concern for competitive Olympic amateur athletes and professional athletes alike) that can be associated with steroid injections, another common carpal tunnel treatment.

Whether you Lift Weights Competitively or For Fun & Fitness – Don’t let Carpal Tunnel Slow You Down.

Whether you are a competitive Power Lifting Champion like Miriam or just a regular fitness freak who lifts weights to stay fit or a Computer Coder or a Dentist, there is no reason to panic and feel desperate and depressed when Carpal Tunnel presents itself.

Take a few deep breaths, relax and call the experts at First Hand Medical. We can help you. Take the Risk-Free Trial with the Carpal Solution Nighttime Stretching Kit with the money-back guarantee. You can do this and we are your partner to make sure you heal without resorting to Steroid Injections or Carpal Tunnel Surgery with all the risks downtime and potential scar tissue and complications.

The Carpal Solution is the best first line treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For 97% of people it is the only treatment you will every need to manage Carpal Tunnel for Life.

Order The Carpal Solution Natural Stretching Treatment Today
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