Carpal Tunnel Pain Worse After Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Does Carpal Tunnel Surgery fail? And what are your treatment options after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

With a Thyroid Condition, is Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recommended?

There are over 17 different factors that can contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thyroid issues are a common contributing factor to CTS. Learn more here.

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What is the risk of infection with Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Any time you submit to a surgical procedure there is a risk of infection. It is considered as one of the major risks associated with any surgery. But what about Carpal Tunnel surgery?

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Our most popular article on Carpal Tunnel surgery. If you want information or you are considering surgery, this is a great place to start.

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Video

Considering surgery? Watch a video of surgical nurse Kathy speaking on the subject of Carpal Tunnel surgery and learn from her story on the risks, complications, and also the alternatives to surgery.

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Alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Surgery

There are a few clinically documented alternative to Carpal Tunnel surgery, but which ones work? And what are the costs?

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Recovery Times After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

What are the recovery times after surgery, and how long do you have to wait until you have full use of your hands without discomfort?

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What Is The Cost Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

What is the cost, both financially and physically, of Carpal Tunnel surgery?

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Risks and Complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Any surgery has potential risks and complications? But what about surgery for Carpal Tunnel?

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Symptoms After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

What are the some of the symptoms you can expect after undergoing Carpal Tunnel surgery? And do the risks outweigh the percentage rates of success?

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