Numbness and tingling in hands

When numbness and tingling in hands and wrists won’t go away, it may indicate inhibition of the median nerve in the narrow carpal tunnel at the base of the hand near the wrist.


Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Our most popular article on Carpal Tunnel surgery. If you want information or you are considering surgery, this is a great place to start.


Why a Six Week Carpal Tunnel Treatment Protocol?

Why a Six Week Carpal Tunnel Treatment Protocol? Article Authored by Medical Expert: Doctor Clyde E. Morgan, DC, Musculoskeletal Expert Soft tissue injuries, like sprains and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome require six weeks to heal in most cases. The Carpal Solution Treatment has been carefully developed by leading Doctors and Medical


Everything you need to know about The Carpal Solution

Doctors have developed a better way to treat carpal tunnel The Carpal Solution stretching hand brace relieves wrist pain, hand numbness and finger tingling of Carpal Tunnel in just a week or two: It works for 97% of people. The only clinically documented over the counter treatment for CTS. Registered with