When Carpal Tunnel Surgery Fails? What Treatment Can One Do?

when carpal tunnel surgery fails, what are my options?

I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery and my hand pain, tingling, wrist pain and numbness became worse after surgery.

What can I do now?

What Treatment can be done after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Question by: William
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Answered by Doctors At First Hand Medical:

Unfortunately, too many people are asking this question. Carpal Tunnel Surgery fails based on patient surveys about 40% of the time on first surgical procedures and about 60% of the time on second surgeries. Also, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms returns for most people, even after a successful surgery, within a time frame of 6 months to 8 years. This is why Surgery for CTS should be a last resort.

So, great question William, you are not alone. Many people consider it a failure of surgery when Carpal Tunnel comes back after the procedure, but that is the nature of this chronic hand condition. The symptoms come back even after a successful surgery for over 85% of people.

Because Carpal Tunnel is a chronic syndrome, that keeps coming back, it is even more important to identify a natural treatment that has no risks and no complications associated with using it and no downtime.

Ideally the treatment should be convenient and something that you can do at home when you have time. Of course, it also must have a high success rate.
Doctors have been working with patients to develop a treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that meets all of the above criteria.

It is called the Carpal Solution Treatment and has been used by over 100,000 people to control Carpal Tunnel at home and avoid a surgical procedure.

People even use The Carpal Solution after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery, where the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms get worse after surgery and have had remarkable success with the Carpal Solution Treatment.

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Watch Linda Tell Her Carpal Tunnel Journey

steroid injections for carpal tunnel

Consider the experience of Linda, a Retail Merchandiser who is constantly scanning bar codes and working on a computer. She also loves to Garden and is an avid Knitter. All of these activities result in a high incidence of CTS. Linda was diagnosed with severe Carpal Tunnel in both hands. The Surgeon rushed her into surgery and post-surgery her symptoms got worse in both hands.

The Surgeon tried everything to try to help her with steroid injections, evaluating and treating her neck and back, etc. Finally, he threw up his hands and gave up saying he could not help her.

A second Surgeon, believed he could help her by doing a second Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Linda was desperate and was ready to try anything to get her life back.

However, her husband was concerned about doing another surgery. He went online and found the Carpal Solution Treatment and ordered it for Linda.

Within Six Weeks she was delighted her left has was completely better and her right has was 80% better.


She continued with this natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment and now Linda is completely cured even after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

So, you see there is hope even after a failed Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure.

If you are suffering with Carpal Tunnel and are unsure where to turn. We can help you. Ninety Seven percent of people can put their worries and their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms behind them in just a few weeks.

Neurologist recommend the Carpal Solution Treatment as the best first line treatment for CTS. Patients say it is their go to Carpal Tunnel Cure.

There is no need to go on suffering and worrying. The Carpal Solution Treatment is clinically documented and works for 97% of people.

Most people put their worst symptoms in remission with 2 -4 weeks and complete remission in 6 weeks with this natural stretching treatment that is done during sleep. Then Carpal Tunnel goes into remission for a time frame of 2 – 7 years for most people.

When it comes back you simply repeat the Six Week Doctor’s Protocol and CTS goes back into remission for another 2 – 7 years.

The Carpal Solution Natural Stretching Treatment represents a breakthrough in the treatment of this chronic hand condition. People can treat themselves in the comfort and convenience of home during sleep.

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Neurologist recommend the Carpal Solution Treatment as the best first line treatment for CTS. Patients say it is their go to Carpal Tunnel Cure

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 100,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Watch Patients tell how symptoms got worse after Carpal Tunnel Surgery until they found a natural cure.


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