Can Carpal Tunnel Be Cured Without Surgery?

Question by Ellen in Tuscon, Arizona

may the carpal tunnel cure be with you

Answer by Doctors at First Hand Medical

Great question Ellen. Here are some facts about the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that all who are suffering should be aware of:

  • Surgery does not cure Carpal Tunnel for over 90% of people.
  • Carpal Tunnel comes back even after a successful surgical procedure.
  • 1st Surgeries are successful for about 50% to 60% of people.
  • 2nd Surgeries are successful for about 35% to 40% of people.
  • 3rd Surgeries are strongly discouraged in Medical text books.
  • Steroid Injections relieve Carpal Tunnel Symptoms for 60% of people for about 2 Months
  • Steroid Injections are suitable in emergencies for pain relief, but in the long run they can lead to joint deterioration.
  • Medical Text Books say to limit treatment of any one joint to no more than two Corticosteroid Injections in a life time.
  • Rigid Wrist Splints help relieve discomfort due to movement in the beginning,
  • However in the long run Splints and rigid Hand Braces lead to muscle atrophy and make CTS worse.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery does not offer a permanent Fix for CTS.

The key for treatment of a chronic syndrome that comes back for most people even after surgery:

Manage the Condition with the best natural treatment available

So, what is the best natural treatment available for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Here are some solid criteria to apply to any treatment you come across:

First, you want a treatment that is developed by Doctors working with patients based on real experience under the guidance and watchful eye of experienced Doctors.

Second, it needs to be a credible treatment that works for a high percentage of people:

  • Solid Clinical Documentation,
  • Good Patient Reviews,
  • FDA Registration and Monitoring
  • High Success Rate
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommended by Medical Professionals

Third, you want a natural treatment that does not carry with it a lot of risks and has no little or no downtime.

Finally, the ideal treatment should be affordable, reimbursed by health insurance and convenient to use.

To make life easier, as experts in the field of treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Please permit us to offer some suggestions:

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Neurologists recommend the carpal solution
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There is no reason to go on suffering and putting your life on hold because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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Here is what Medical Professionals have to say about the Carpal Solution Treatment

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