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Golfers are often surprised to learn that the tingling fingers, numb hands or aching thumb or wrist pain is a result of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Hobbyists generally think that CTS is a disorder that affects those who do intense repetitive activities all day long at work, such as computer keyboarding. Most of us do not think that our leisure activities or hobbies could result in sufficient repetitive stress to induce a chronic syndrome like Carpal Tunnel.

In fact, in many cases physicians are finding that hobbies can play a major role in contributing to this repetitive strain induced hand and wrist condition. Tennis Enthusiasts, Skiers, Windsurfers, Needlepoint Hobbyists, Knitters and Quilters, Gourmet Cooks, as well as avid Golfers frequently find enjoyment of their sports and hobbies are curtailed by the tale, tale signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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carpal tunnel and golf. There is now a solution

A lot of golfers are unsure what to do when they first start feeling the symptoms and limitations of Carpal Tunnel. Surgery just seems too extreme, with the downtime, unreliable outcomes, long rehabs, permanent loss of grip strength, loss of range of motion and other risks. Plus, surgery could ruin a golf season if not a life time hobby.

The widely published dangers of heart and gastrointestinal complications associated with long-term use of oral pain and anti-inflammatory medication gives one pause before they start down that road for a chronic condition like Carpal Tunnel.

Restrictive day wrist splints interfere too much with an active life style for golfers, are embarrassing and lead to muscle atrophy. The cock-up night splints are uncomfortable, interrupt sleep and neither the day splint or the night splint are therapeutic – they are only immobilizing devices. But most sports enthusiasts – especially golfers are committed not to give up the sport they love because of their hand discomfort.

So what can you do? With a chronic syndrome like Carpal Tunnel, it is important to find a reliable natural therapy that is safe, cost-effective and convenient and results in no downtime. Carpal Solution Therapy was developed by a physician working with his wife and patients with these objectives in mind.

Most golfers are not sure what to do when Carpal Tunnel Strikes. Click on the arrow in the picture below to watch an interview with a musculoskeletal specialist, Dr. Michelle Robin, discussing Carpal Tunnel and hear real people talk about how they got relief.

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A better way to treat carpal tunnel for golfers and improve your handicap

The Carpal Solution is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

The Carpal Solution is a gentle stretching therapy that is applied to your hand before retiring to bed. While you are sleeping the natural therapeutic action is gently massaging, stretching and retraining the soft tissue of the hand and wrist around the Carpal Tunnel to relieve the micro-pressure on the Median Nerve and enhance blood circulation.

A restoration to normal circulation helps disperse fluid build-up in injured tissue and speed the body’s natural healing process. The key is relieving the pressure on the Median Nerve. Even the slightest pressure on the nerve results in tingling numbness, loss of grip strength, loss of sensitivity and control of the hands and fingers.

Golf is a game of precision that requires serious concentration and scoring depends on the athlete’s feel for the club in hand. For this reason the three words Carpal Tunnel Golf do not mix well. When a passionate golfer experiences a loss of hand and finger sensitivity, weakened grip strength or wrist pain during the normally fluidic swing, the results are usually a disastrous golf shot and frustrating performance. It breaks concentration and results in a loss of the feel for the fame.

This takes away much of the enjoyment of golf and helps an other wise passionate golfer to understand Mark Twain’s characterization of golf as a “pleasant walk spoiled”. Indeed, when one loses the feel of the game and control of his shot, it does ruin an otherwise pleasant outing with friends on the course.

Since there is no downside or complications associated with the Carpal Solution Therapy, golfers can immediately take control of their symptoms as soon as they begin to feel the first twinges of numbness or loss of sensitivity, before Carpal Tunnel becomes chronic and affects their golf-handicap with rising scores limiting their enjoyment of the game. Most CTS sufferers see relief of their worst symptoms within the first week or two and remission after the six week protocol. Get a Carpal Tunnel Treatment that is patented medical technology developed by a doctor, is clinically tested, and works for over 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

A Better Way to Treat Carpal Tunnel For Golfers – Improve Your Golf Handicap

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No More Worries about Surgery – No Steroid Injections – No Rigid Uncomfortable Wrist Braces nor Restrictive Wrist Splints that inhibit movement and cause muscle atrophy and agitate already irritated tissue – No oral anti-inflammatory pain meds with potential gastrointestinal or heart complications.

No Cock-Up Splints that interrupt sleep and annoy partners and only hold your hand in a certain position with no therapeutic action and No more rising golf handicaps due to numb and painful hands and wrists.

Now there is a comfortable gentle stretching Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Therapy you can depend on -The Carpal Solution is different! It is ideal for Golfers because you have no downtime or disturbing complications. The Carpal Solution is a reliable therapy that you can safely and conveniently go back to whenever your symptoms flare-up without the worries of conventional treatment approaches. A golfer would always be well advised to seek a professional medical diagnosis of their symptoms while taking action to control his or her symptoms with a conservative non-invasive device like Carpal Solution Therapy.

Finally, A Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works Naturally with no downtime. A better way to treat CTS! You can even improve your golf handicap.

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Testimonial From An Avid Golfer Who Suffered From Carpal Tunnel

“I am an avid golfer. I play three to four times a week with different groups of friends since I retired early at age 51. This was the life I had dreamed of and worked hard to create during many years on the road managing a sales team. Then a few months ago, I started to get a numb sensation in my hands at night. At the time my golf handicap was down to a 9 – something I take a lot of pride in – But, I started to lose control of my golf game. I went from routine rounds in the mid 80’s to scores in the low to mid 90’s on eighteen holes. It was really frustrating, especially as I let my teammates down in a couple of tournaments.

I saw a doc who told me I had to have surgery if I wanted to correct the problem. After talking with a few friends who had less than desirable outcomes, I knew surgery was not the way I wanted to go. Besides, the downtime and long rehab, not to mention the potential permanent loss of grip and range of movement of the wrist that often happens – just made it out of the question for me.

So, I started looking for alternatives. A friend told me about The Carpal Tunnel Solution and how quickly and seamlessly he had gotten relief from Carpal Tunnel just wearing this comfortable little device at night. He said you hardly noticed it was on your hand after about fifteen minutes of putting it on and you just take it off in the morning after a sound night’s sleep and go about your regular activities. The muscle use is actually good for your hand his doctor told him. So, I read about it on the web and watched the video. The doc on the video helped me to get it and the testimonials were convincing – they certainly were not actresses. It sounded pretty good and I decided to give it the ol’ fighting try.

Well, the result was surprising, after the first week, I was sleeping soundly through the night. After two weeks I was getting the feeling back and the numbness was almost gone. By the third week I was beginning to believe that this was the answer to my chronic hand and wrist discomfort. After the fifth week I forgot that I had Carpal Tunnel and quit using it. I know you are supposed to follow the full protocol – don’t tell Dr. Morgan, but now I just have some extra Carpal Solution that I use if I feel a little flare up coming on. Within a night or two of wearing the Carpal Tunnel Solution, I can put any reoccurring twinges under control. It is great to have a therapy that works without complications and no worries!

Oh, and about my golf handicap, well is it coming right back down again to a 10 from a 14! I am confident I will get back to my 9 with a little more work and the help of the Carpal Tunnel Solution!”

Marv – Boca Raton, Florida

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 81,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Watch Professionals Discuss Their Experiences Using The Carpal Solution Therapy Pack.

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