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With a Thyroid Condition, is Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recommended?

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What is the risk of infection with Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Video

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Alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Recovery Times After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

What are the recovery times after surgery, and how long do you have to wait until you have full use of your hands without discomfort?

What Is The Cost Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Risks and Complications of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Symptoms After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Success Rate

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Avoid surgery with an all natural treatment

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Does Carpal Tunnel Return After Surgery?

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Wait Times For Elective CTS Surgery In Canada

Wait times in Canada for a patient suffering with CTS to see a hand specialist now exceed 16 weeks in some providences. Doesn't it make sense to explore other options while you wait?

carpal tunnel syndrome surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery is an invasive medical procedure designed to provide patients with relief from long-standing inflammation and pain associated with CTS. Get an overview of the procedure here.

Fixing carpal tunnel relief without surgery

Is it possible to fix Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery? If so, what success rates have people experienced?

Carpal tunnel release surgery

Some surgeons advise their patients to change their careers or hobbies and schedule surgery, because the likelihood of relapse is so high after surgery. So why do so many consider this the only option for Carpal Tunnel relief?

What if my cts symptoms return after surgery?

What happens if you have surgery and your CTS symptoms come back? Can you have surgery again or try other options?

Laser surgery for carpal tunnel?

What is cold laser therapy and laser surgery for Carpal Tunnel? Does it have a higher success rate and lower risk than traditional surgical methods?