Needlework Hobbyist and Graphics Artist Gets Carpal Tunnel Relief – St. Paul Minnesota

“Hello My Fellow Stitch-a-holics,

I do all kinds of needle work – crochet, needlepoint and knitting and even sewing. You could say I am an addict. I just love expressing myself through stitching and patterns. I know I do it too much and recently combined it with doing some big graphics projects at work – I am a graphics artist. My hands started waking me up at night- numb and tingling. At first I thought I was just sleeping on them in a funny position, then they started aching more and causing pain along with the numbness. I was diagnosed by my doctor with Carpal Tunnel and told to get some braces and prepare for eventual surgery. I could not get used to the idea of surgery on my hands for a repetitive stress issue. I mean what if it comes back again. I cannot give up my work or my hobby. These things are too big a part of me. Besides, what are you going find to do with your time and for a job, where you do not use your hands?

So I started looking for another method to gain control of my hand condition. I found the Carpal Solution on the internet and it sounded too good to be true, but I really wanted to find another way and they had a money back guarantee and some impressive video testimonials from real people, so I decided Carpal Solution Therapy was the best path forward. The logic on the website really makes sense to me. After the first week, I was sleeping soundly through the night. That had not happened in months.

After two weeks my worst symptoms of numbness and achiness went away. The thing I liked most was there was no downtime. I simply wear the device at night, in the privacy of my home, and wake up feeling better. It is like Camelot where all problems are fixed at night while you sleep. Anyway, I am back crocheting, and stitching away and working my magic on the computer without any limitations. It has been a couple of months and I am just so thankful. I wanted to share it with others like me who might be suffering and worrying about surgery needlessly. This Carpal Solution Therapy works. Check it out at

All The Best!”

Janie – Needlework Hobbyist and Graphics Artist Gets Natural Carpal Tunnel Relief – St. Paul, Minnesota

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nurse-hands-carpal-tunnel-syndromeThe results were incredible! My symptoms were present for several weeks before being treated. My hands, shoulders and right side were in pain, inhibiting many of my common job activities. After using the Carpal Solution for a few days, I felt the relief I was hoping for. By the end of the six week Carpal Solution protocol, my symptoms were resolved and I was able to return to my job activities which had previously aggravated my symptoms…”

– Sharon, Nurse.

“I have tried the old wrist brace, plus resting my hands and wrists forever with no success. After wearing the Carpal Solution for three nights, the complete numbness that I have had in both hands (especially at night) completely disappeared. In addition, my aching, almost non-functioning wrists felt like new ones. I am sending all of my friends to the local pharmacy!

– Ceil, Pianist/Organist for 40 years,
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferer for 6 years.

“My symptoms were present for three-to-four months before trying the Carpal Solution. I tried occasional adjustments of my wrists by my chiropractor. After the first night using the Carpal Solution, the pain in my left arm was gone. My hand had more strength. And the occasional clicking in my wrist subsided.”

– John, Insurance Agent.

Most of my pain was located in my right arm and shoulder, caused by the strain of using a computer mouse (pointing and clicking) for extended periods. The restorer worked completely and quickly. I have not had any further trouble with pain.

– Terri, Bookeeper.

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Click here for more User Experiences on the Carpal Solution

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Your hands are key to an active and full life of working, giving, entertaining, serving and playing.

Don’t keep curtailing your activities and hoping that your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms will go away.

Chances are that over time they will get worse not better unless you get started today with the all natural Carpal Solution Therapy.

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Neurologists are experts on the central nervous system. These nerve experts say that the Carpal Solution is the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but most patients call it a Carpal Tunnel Cure. The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms. It will likely work for you too.

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