The worst thing you could tell a golf enthusiast is that he has a chronic hand – wrist condition that could result in a loss of grip strength, loss of feeling in his fingers, thumb or hands and is accompanied by aching wrists. Unfortunately, avid golfers experience a high incidence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, doubtlessly because they use their hands and wrists so intensely with every stroke of the club.

Golf and Carpal Tunnel do not mix well. When faced with the nagging symptoms of this debilitating disorder, most golfers do not have a clue what to do or where to turn for help.

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So, what can a frustrated and concerned golfer do when faced with the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Condition. Well, the key thing to keep in mind with CTS is that it is a “syndrome” that must be managed and not a disease that can be cured. Even after invasive surgery with the risks and downtime, the symptoms often linger or come back within a year or two. So, it is important with this disorder to find a safe, convenient, natural therapy that does not result in downtime or permanent loss of grip strength. Carpal Solution Therapy fits this criteria. There is no downtime from golf, and no risks of complications.

When a golfer loses grip strength, there goes his golf game and power for driving the ball for distance, not to mention accuracy going wacky.

The Carpal Solution offers relief from your worst symptoms and gets you back to a sound night’s sleep in days and results in remission of your symptoms over the Six Week Protocol. Carpal Solution Therapy is different from other over-the-counter CTS treatments. It was developed by a doctor working with his wife and patients with Carpal Tunnel. It is not a stiff restrictive wrist brace. Worn during sleep, the Carpal Solution gently stretches and reshapes facia tissue in and around the Carpal Tunnel and relieves pressure on the Median Nerve.

It allows sports enthusiasts to get back to their active life styles conveniently without surgery – eliminating long rehabs and potential high risk complications such as infection, nerve damage, permanent loss of grip strength and loss of range of motion (which is common), wrist weakness and scarring.

The Carpal Solution is a Better First Line of Defense for CTS. What delights golfers about the Carpal Solution is that it is so simple and convenient. It allows them to control their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms conveniently and cost effectively relying on their body’s natural healing, in the comfort of one’s own home.

Depending on the skill of the golfer, he or she may have as few as 68 strokes or as high as 125 strokes per eighteen hole round of golf. If one requires more than 135 strokes to complete a round then they should spend more time on the driving range, with the golf pro and on the putting green before they go out for another round during times of busy play. In a typical outing a good golfer will usually have between 150 to 200 high intensity swings at the ball between warming up on the driving range, in a practice bunker before a round, then taking practice swings before a shot and possibly the odd mulligan after a bad shot in a friendly round.

It is not hard to see the repetitive stress that the hands and wrists are exposed to in the game of golf.

Carpal Tunnel can escalate a golf score quicker than a bad back.

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