Do I have to rest from Work to Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I have Carpal Tunnel and need to be able to work. I cannot afford the downtime to rest or recover from a surgical procedure. Do I have to rest from work to cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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How To Stop Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

This is a new type of Carpal Tunnel Treatment. Used by over 60,000 People to avoid surgery.

Cock-Up Splints for Carpal Tunnel

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Carpal tunnel pain relief

The agony associated with carpal tunnel syndrome is difficult to quantify and no one can tell you how much pain and numbness is too much.

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage for Carpal Tunnel

We can help you understand the complex coding and insurance forms to obtain reimbursement for this reliable new therapy. Learn more.

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not an immobilizing carpal tunnel wrist brace

Not an Immobilizing Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace or Night Splint The Carpal Solution is not an immobilizing brace technique. It operates with a completely different mechanism. Immobilizing braces and night splints are constructed of rigid plastic and are restrictive and uncomfortable to wear. They cause muscle atrophy

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment that works

If you are like most carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, chances are that you have encountered difficulties in your treatment protocol. Discover a treatment that works.