Waiter – Bassist Musician Cures Carpal Tunnel Pain in San Diego, California

waiter cures carpal tunnel“I am a semi-professional potter and bassist, and long-time waiter. Obviously, I rely on my hands for my very lively-hood. Last October I began to notice a strange numbness in my right thumb, which gradually progressed to hand, wrist and forearm pain. After conferring with my Uncle, an orthopedic surgeon, it was apparent that I was experiencing the beginnings of a sneaky and scary condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He had me wearing a rigid brace at night, with little to no effect.

Then, after doing a search on the internet, I found your product and decided to order the Six Week Therapy Pac right away. After just a few nights, my numbness started to diminish, as well as hand pain. I am now four weeks into the therapy, following the suggested regiment, and my symptoms are virtually gone. Only after a busy shift at the restaurant and in the evenings before bed do the symptoms tend to come back a little. When the symptoms begin to intensify, I wear the device two nights in a row, rather than every other night, and by morning my hand feels great again.

I recently celebrated my 39th birthday, and feel that this device you have invented is the best birthday present I could have given myself.

You have given me new hope for the future, as while I may not be able to continue these activities at quite the same level of intensity as before, I am still yet able to enjoy them nonetheless.

I have been telling everyone I know about this excellent product, and have discovered that many people also suffer from this painful condition. I hope that they too can find the relief and happiness that I have experienced.

Thank you so much for creating this unobtrusive and pain relieving device!”


Ted M. – Potter, Musician and Professional Waiter Gets Natural Carpal Tunnel Relief – San Diego, California – CA

“Fantastic product! I now have feeling in my thumb and forefinger (which I referred to as my dead fingers for years). I had been told by several doctors over the years that my only recourse was to have an operation which I would not give in to. No doubt, I made the correct decision over the years. I am telling everyone I know and come in contact with about the Carpal Solution.”
– Billy, 3M Factory Worker. Wisconsin

“Fourteen nights in a row with sound sleep. It required a little more time with my left hand, but over a three week period both hands were feeling better. I am so pleased with this product.”

– Jann, Sales Professional. Des Moines, Iowa

“I wore the Carpal Solution for fourteen nights. My left hand is now fine, it is remarkable, but my right hand may still require surgery, I will keep doing the six week protocol and then make a decision…”

– Linda, Cashier – Indianapolis, Indiana