What do I do if my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms Return?

“I had a lot of hand pain that was waking me up throughout the night due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I purchased the Carpal Solution, followed the directions and after the fourth night my pain was completely eliminated. Since I use the computer daily as part of my job, I am going to purchase some additional Carpal Solution Therapy Pacs to have on hand when symptoms flare up. It is great to have a reliable therapy available, which I can depend upon. ”

Patti —Mortgage Broker —Texas.

CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) is a syndrome not a disease, if the conditions that led to the carpal tunnel syndrome (usually active hand use) are not eliminated, CTS symptoms will likely reoccur over time. Carpal Tunnel returns even after a “successful Carpal Tunnel Surgery”. That is one of the major reasons why the Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure is a absolute last resort. Who wants to undergo surgery with all the risks, downtime and potential complications for a syndrome that reoccurs? Also, steroid injections only work for 50% of peopel with CTS and the effect only last a few months. Routine steroid injections is not a good idea, so steroids are only a temporary stop-gap at best. Long-term exposure to corticorsteroids has led to joint deterioration and accelerated arthritis in animal studies. With arthritis at near epidemic levels in older adults steroids and not a good idea for a reoccuring chronic condition like CTS.

Most people find that after completing the Carpal Solution Therapy Six Week protocol that their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will go into remission for two to seven years. However, with people who use their hand intensely or have physiological conditions, like say a Thyroid condition, there symptoms will return more quickly and they will need to do the Carpal Solution Therapy Prevenative Program to keep their hands healthly. The good news is that you can stay active and work and play as much as you need to or want to do. People call us every day and say they love the Carpal Solution because if gave them their lives back.

If after completing the Six Week Protocol, your symptoms return more rapidly, application of the Carpal Solution for two to four nights a month has proven effective in controlling repetitive stress related CTS symptoms in most patients that actively use there hands. This approach also works for people with a physiological condition that brings Carpal Tunnel Syndrome back more quickly.

For the majority of people suffering from repetitive stress hand injuries, the Carpal Solution offers a non-invasive method to fight back without the complications of oral medication or the risks of invasive surgery. The Carpal Solution works for 97% of people and offers a money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose in giving it a shot. Neurologists call it the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You will likely call it your Carpal Tunnel Cure. A natural treatment is the best way to treat a chronic reoccuring condition of any kind, The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Treatment with a 97% success rate represents an ideal way to stay active and leave your worries behind.

Active hands for life —it is a wonderful concept!

“Fantastic product! I now have feeling in my thumb and forefinger (which I referred to as my dead fingers for years). I had been told by several doctors over the years that my only recourse was to have an operation which I would not give in to. No doubt, I made the correct decision over the years. I am telling everyone I know and come in contact with about the Carpal Solution.”– Billy, 3M Factory Worker. Wisconsin

“Fourteen nights in a row with sound sleep. It required a little more time with my left hand, but over a three week period both hands were feeling better. I am so pleased with this product.”– Jann, Sales Professional. Des Moines, Iowa

“I wore the Carpal Solution for fourteen nights. My left hand is now fine, it is remarkable, but my right hand may still require surgery, I will keep doing the six week protocol and then make a decision…”– Linda, Cashier – Indianapolis, Indiana