Alternative Medicine For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

conventional medical techniques for treating carpal tunnel syndrome

The conventional medical techniques for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have one of the lowest rates of satisfaction in medicine. The conventional approach usually begins with your family doctor recommending a rigid immobilizing wrist splint or hand brace he or she tells you to purchase from the local pharmacy. These rigid braces and splints are the wrong way to treat Carpal Tunnel and often result in muscle atrophy. The rigid hand braces or wrist splints sometimes help relieve some of the symptoms in the early going by preventing movement, but this is short lived and in the long run Carpal Tunnel Syndrome almost always gets worse within a few months of using the rigid braces.

When Carpal Tunnel gets worse after using the splints and rigid braces, the next step most medical practitioners will recommend is to have a steroid injection. These work to relieve symptoms of Carpal Tunnel about 50% of the time, but only last for about two months on average. Steroid injections are somewhat controversial and medical text books recommend having no more than two such injections in any one joint. Animal studies show that routine exposure to these type of Corticosteroids lead to deterioration of the soft tissue in the joints and early onset of Arthritis. Most people prefer to avoid these injections because they are only a short term fix and have potential long term consequences. The short term benefits of steroid injections do not warrant the risks involved.

The next step is to visit a Nuerologist for a Nerve Conductivity Study. These involve another co-pay and cost over $1000 if a person does not have health insurance. Some people describe the conductivity study on the Median Nerve as extremely painful and say they would never undergo this test again under any circumstances. Others say it is no big deal. It depends on the person and their reaction to the test. A Median Nerve Conductivity study is required by all insurance companies before they will allow any person to consider Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery has a 50 to 60% success rate and has many potential complications.

As you probably know, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes back even after a successful surgery for most people within a few years. This is why Neurologist say surgery is a last resort and why they call the Carpal Solution Therapy the best first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

If you can treat this dreadful repetitive syndrome naturally, you are in a much better position than repeatedly exposing yourself to the risks of steroid injections and surgical procedures.

Surgery is routine for Surgeons and they become accustom to the risks and tend to minimize the risks of surgery. It is only natural, because it is human nature to minimize the risks a person deals with on a daily basis.

There are well documented risks of any surgical procedure. These are divided into two categories Life Threatening Risks and Specific Risks pertaining to the type of surgical procedure :

Life Threatening Risks of Any Surgery:

  1. Reactions to Anesthesia
  2. Infection
  3. Blood Clots
  4. Excessive Bleeding which can require blood Transfusions resulting in blood pressure cycling and
  5. Stress on the heart.

It is not hard to understand why people are frustrated with the conventional medical treatment approach for treating Carpal Tunnel. when one understands the protocols, prognosis of the conventional methods and the risks involved. There is a better alternative for CTS.

Below you will find a Video Interview with Dr. Perrone, DDS.

Dr. Perrone discuss how Carpal Tunnel Syndrome nearly ended her Dental Career.

She talks about symptoms and treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and you will hear patients talk about their success controlling their Carpal Tunnel Symptoms with The Carpal Solution.

Specific Risks of Carpal Tunnel Surgery:

  1. Permanent loss of grip strength is common with Carpal Tunnel Surgery.
  2. Permanent Tenderness at the point of incision is also common.
  3. Some people experience permanent loss of Hand Dexterity and Fine Motor Skills.
  4. Extended rehab periods are common. Rehabilitation runs from six weeks to over a year for some patients to regain functionality of their hands and wrists.
  5. Scar Tissue Development which can increase pressure on the nerve and make CTS worse after surgery than it was before.
  6. Permanent Nerve Damage can occur if the scalpel touches the Median Nerve which runs just under the Transverse Carpal Ligament, causing permanent nerve damage. Damage to the tendons, muscles and other soft tissue that run just under the Transverse Carpal Ligament.
  7. The need for a repeat surgery is common even after a successful Carpal Tunnel Surgical Procedure, because there is no permanent fix for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
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choosing the right treatment for carpal tunnel

Most often the healthcare system suggests wearing a rigid uncomfortable wrist brace which compresses the soft tissue around the narrow passage of the wrist while the rigid metal irritates the already inflamed injured tissue complicating the condition. There can be some reduction in wrist pain as the wrist and hand is held in a neutral passive position. However, the rigid splints limit movement and almost always result in muscle atrophy as well. Splints make sense for immobilizing broken bones and sprained ligaments while they heal, but these rigid devices really make no sense for repetitive stress disorders or for soft tissue conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Trigger finger.

When symptoms worsen, the conventional health system offers injections of “natural steroids” in an attempt to reduce inflammation. While these steroids are naturally produced by the human body – there is nothing natural about the overwhelmingly high doses which are injected. The steroid doses injected are over 100 times the levels that the body is capable of producing. So, these injections are anything but “natural”.

The medical community generally agrees that steroid therapy is a poor way to treat chronic syndromes involving inflammation, but do allow for one or at maximum two injections as a short-term stop-gap in an effort to try to break the cycle of inflammation or buy some time to prepare for more invasive procedures. Sometimes Steroid injections do not help at all, other times they help a lot in reducing the symptoms for a month or two.

pain medication for carpal tunnel can lead to kidney damage

Most CTS sufferers find that sooner rather than later, the path outlined above leads to surgery. Many practitioners have concluded that the earlier steps serve no purpose and recommend surgery directly. Unfortunately, Carpal Tunnel Surgery has no better prognosis than the previous steps. People often cite the problems with surgery is that they have many weeks of down time, long rehabilitations and often they still have linger CTS symptoms. Finally, many sufferers of the condition have to face repeat surgery after all the expense, downtime, rehab, discomfort and hassle associated with the first surgery.

This is why many people are looking for alternative medical treatment options for getting their Carpal Tunnel condition under control. The Carpal Solution Therapy is proving to be one of the best ways for Carpal Tunnel sufferers to get control of their symptoms with no downtime, no complications, no oral pain meds and no risks associated with Surgery.

The Carpal Solution is a simple stretching device that when applied consistently at night over a Six Week Protocol relieves the worst symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in a few weeks and puts the syndrome in remission in Six Weeks.

Then it stays in remission for six months to two years. This is an alternative treatment that was developed by a doctor for his wife who was suffering from CTS. He knew the poor prognosis for recipients of Carpal Tunnel Surgery and was determined to find a better way. His gentle hand massages every night were working well, but taking up a lot of time and wearing thin on his patience, so he began working on the Carpal Solution.

Working with leading edge Medical Device designers, Dr. Morgan developed the Carpal Solution from hypoallergenic, medical grade elastic foam tape. The Carpal Solution utilizes the same medical principles as those employed by Keri Walsh’s trainer in the Beach Volleyball event in the Olympic Games in Beijing. Most people watching this event wondered what this black tape on Keri’s shoulder was about. It is an alternative to oral pain medication and steroid injections and allowed her to compete without side effects and without dulling her competitive senses or restricting her movement with traditional rigid braces.

No More Worries about Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery – No Steroid Injections – No Rigid Uncomfortable Wrist Braces nor Restrictive Wrist Splints that inhibit movement and cause muscle atrophy- No oral anti-inflammatory pain meds with potential gastrointestinal or heart complications.

No Cock-Up Splints that interrupt sleep and annoy partners and only hold your hand in a certain position with no therapeutic action. Now there is a comfortable, flexible stretching Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Therapy you can depend on -This is different!

Discover a safer alternative to Carpal Tunnel Surgery that actually works

The Carpal Solution alternative to surgery is Self-Applied Before Retiring to Bed in Three Easy Steps

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Before Carpal Tunnel Syndrome begins to affect your overall health, blood pressure and good spirits due to chronic sleep loss or before it affects your perception as a valued employee at work, or compromises your important relationships due to seemly unexplained irritability, be proactive about your hand health and restore your hands to their normal functionality and return to a full night of sound sleep with Carpal Solution Therapy.

Finally, A Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works Naturally  with no downtime or disturbing complications.

You can’t go wrong with the Carpal Solution Therapy

A better way to treat CTS!

The Carpal Solution is the Next Best Thing to a Carpal Tunnel Cure.

The symptoms go away for a year or two and when they come back, you have a reliable all natural treatment you can depend on to manage this somewhat persistent condition. The key is learning how to manage the symptoms with the least interruption to your busy life and no complications to your overall health nor impact on your earning power.

It allows people to get back to their active life styles with No Downtime, No Risks and No Complications.

The Carpal Solution has been used by over 100,000 people in over 30 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Watch Professionals Discuss Their Experiences Using The Carpal Solution Therapy Pack.

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dr pollard discusses curing carpal tunnel with carpal tunnel gloves
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