Numbness In Fingers or Tingling Fingers

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) to the hands and wrists accumulates slowly and subtly, often over a period of years. Patients who suffer from RSI, or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), may not realize just how injured they are until they start experiencing later-stage symptoms, such as numbness in the fingers or constant, chronic tingling and pain in the extremities.

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Oftentimes, these symptoms are precursors to potentially worse symptoms, such as fine motor skill loss, sleeplessness due to pain, and fibromyalgia.

Moderate to severe CTS can often awaken patients multiple times during the night with pain, soreness, numbness, or tingling. Many physicians prescribe “immobilizing” braces for CTS, but these stiff splints can compress tissue further, lead to muscular degeneration, and cause discomfort and sleeplessness while offering only slight relief from the pain associated with movement.

Numbness In fingers and tingling fingers are common symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A new kind of approach to carpal tunnel syndrome treatment has been gaining ground with family physicians, surgeons, hand therapists and orthopedic specialists who are fed up with the poor results their patients receive with the conventional CTS treatment methods.

The breakthrough musculoskeletal methods are known generally as soft tissue therapy in the medical profession.

It involves rehabilitating inflamed, sore joints, fascia, muscles, tendons, sheaths and other connective tissue in the body by gradual reworking, stretching, shaping and strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

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You can also order a remarkably easy-to-use and clinically documented soft tissue brace that works, called the Carpal Solution.

braces for CTS can compress tissue further leading to muscular degenerationPatients with CTS have reported typing speeds slowing from 100 words per minute to less than 10 words per minute

What the Carpal Solution does is slowly modify and reshape hand and wrist musculoskeletal tissue by means of a gentle pulling action applied at three strategic trigger points through the night while the person is sleeping and the hand is relaxed.

The Carpal Solution is a breakthrough product in self-applied soft tissue therapy.

It allows the CTS sufferer to benefit from soft tissue massage therapy in the comfort and convenience of his own home on his own schedule.

It is disposable, portable, hypoallergenic, relatively inexpensive when compared with other CTS therapies, and clinically proven.

The Carpal Solution slowly modifies and reshapes hand and wrist musculoskeletal tissue
discover for yourself the full benefits of this powerful therapeutic approach to treating CTS

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