Motorcycle Hobbyist Riding without Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful treatment! I am amazed at how well The Carpal Solution works! I’ve suffered from CTS in both hands for several years and when I think about all the hand pain and lost sleep – now gone with the use of this amazing product-I really wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you.

motorcyclist cures carpal tunnel with the carpal solutionRecently, I started motorcycling with my husband and we are really enjoying doing this together. However, motorcycling can be very challenging to the wrists and hands and I wouldn’t have been able to ‘handle’ it at all before the discovery of the Carpal Solution. In the past, any activities that involved a lot of hand and wrist action would cause me terrible pain when I tried to sleep at night. Wrist braces helped a little but not much.

Now, it is so nice to wake up in the morning with clear, cool and not-numb hands! Thank you very much, I will highly recommend the Carpal Solution any chance I get. If you would like me to write a testimonial for your web site– well I guess I just did, and you may feel free to use it.

Sincerely, Nancy Rossiter – California.

People who ride motorcycles, dirt bikes, compete in motocross or motorcycle racing often experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The constant griping of a vibrating handle that is often a life line between life and death is what will cause Carpal Tunnel for motorsport enthusiast. Those who experience a high incidence of the Carpal Condition also applies to people who love to ride All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) or snowmobiles. The constant gripping of a vibrating handle with high intensity for hours at a time will bring on the on set of this nerve racking condition no matter what type of handle one is gripping. The same is true of construction workers who are intensely gripping vibrating power tools for hours at a time.

with the carpal solution you can ride a motorbike as much as you want without the worry of an accident related to cts

Whatever the cause, when CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) it can be very disconcerting to the motorsport enthusiast of even a person who rides bicycles of any kind. This would include: mountain bikers, mountain biking, road bikers or road biking, cyclocross riders or just riding a beach bike for fun. Once you loose the feel of the wheel due to numbness and tingling in your hands and fingers, you loose the feel for the road, the trail or the snowmobile track and that can not only be frustrating, but also very dangerous when traveling at almost any speed. As the speed increases the potential for danger and accidents also increases. The good news for those who have a hobby riding these type of vehicles or an addiction to pushing the envelope on motorized bikes or ATV’s of any kind, is that you can readily get control of you hand numbness, the tingling fingers and pain associated with Carpal Tunnel with the Carpal Solution Therapy. Neurologist call the Carpal Solution, “The Best First Line of Defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.” With the Carpal Solution Therapy you do not have to give up the sport you love or the activity you depend on.

all types of riders can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome

Whatever your reason for riding, take heart, like Nancy and tens of thousands of motorcyclists, snowmobile riders, and riders of All Terrain Vehicles, with the Carpal Solution Therapy you can ride as much as you need to or want to ride without worry and without danger of accident. Get Started today with the Carpal Tunnel Therapy that Neurologists call the best first line of defense for carpal tunnel syndrome. Most patients, like Nancy, just call it their Carpal Tunnel Cure!

woman demonstrating how to use the carpal solution to get a full nights sleep

You will be amazed at how much better you perform on your bike with a sound night’s sleep and no more worries about hand pain.

Do not put off your proactive therapy–start getting back to your active biking life today.

Worn during the night while you sleep, The Carpal Solution has been used by over 81,000 people in over 40 countries and continues to get a 97% success rate among patients.

Neurologist call the Carpal Solution a better first line of defense for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Patients simply call it: “My Carpal Tunnel Cure!”

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